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Nats 2002 Top 8 - Sam Kissajukian Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Rob Nadebaum Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Nathan Russell Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Dante Rosati Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Daniel Clifton Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Ben West Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Ben Fleming Sunday Players
Nats 2002 Top 8 - Andrew Grain Sunday Players
Justin West, Australia's Hero Sunday Players
The Judging Staff Sunday Players
The Top 4 Sunday Players
Rob Nadebaum - Off to Worlds Sunday Players
Daniel Clifton with Plaque Sunday Players
Dante Rosati with Plaque Sunday Players
Justin West and Trophy Sunday Players
7th Place - Nathan Russell Sunday Players
6th Place - Andrew Grain Sunday Players
5th Place - Ben Fleming Sunday Players
4th Place - Rob Nadebaum Sunday Players
3rd Place - Daniel Clifton Sunday Players
2nd Place - Dante Rosati Sunday Players
1st Place - Justin West Sunday Players
Final - Justin after Just Winning the Match Sunday Players
Final - Justin West Having To Split a FoF Sunday Players
Final - Dante Decides to keep a 5 spell opening hand after mulliganing twice Sunday Players
Final - Dante shuffling after Mulliganing Twice Sunday Players
Final - Still Shuffling Sunday Players
Final - Dante decides whether to Mulligan Sunday Players
Final - Dante not worried by the Deathdealer Stare Sunday Players
Final - Justin Giving Dante a Deathdealer Stare while shuffling Dantes Deck Sunday Players
Final - Dante v Justin - Shuffling Before Game 1 Sunday Players
Final - Dante Rosati Sunday Players
Final - Justin West Sunday Players
3rd Place Playoff - Daniel Clifton Sunday Players
3rd Place Playoff - Rob Nadebaum Sunday Players
3rd Place Playoff - Rob v Daniel Sunday Players
West v Russel (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Nathan seems happy agains Justin West (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Justin West confers with Andrew Pirie (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Rosati v Grain (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Can we start? (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Dante Rosati pondering just as hard (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Andrew Grain ponders his quarterfinal (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Sam Kissajukian. (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Rob Nadebaum (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Kissajukian v Nadebaum (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Fleming (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Clfiton (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Clifton v Fleming (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Never - We're victorians! (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Roll a Die? (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Flip a Coin? (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Team Heaven & Team Deathdealers owned the 2002 Nationals Sunday Players
Sol Keronen takes on Andrew Bailey Sunday Players
So, how do you became a repeat champion? Sunday Players
Russell v West, these two would meet again in the quarter final Sunday Players
Players meeting Sunday Players
Players meeting - Rear Sunday Players
Nathan Rickuss - the hanging judge Sunday Players
Johnston & Haddy Sunday Players
Glenn Shanley against Bronwyn Bruce Sunday Players
Dante & Rob, durins swiss - they would meet again the semis Sunday Players
Compost - The sideboard card of the tournament (Round #10) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Melbourne (B.West, Henry & Cook) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Adelaide (Copus, Yasuda & Adams) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Brisbane (Parry, Dunn & Royle) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Newcastle (Steele, Mychaels & Wright) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Rod Ho, Jake Hart & Ben Seck Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Sydney (Collins, Merry & Dickonson) Sunday Players
Team PTQ - Canberra (Lightfoot, Gall & Batum) Sunday Players
Side Events at 10-31 Sunday Players
Side Events at 10-29 Sunday Players
Lindsay & David prepare for the team sealed PTQ (Boston) Sunday Players
Corney v Muir - Why do I have nothig but land (Round #11) Sunday Players
Justin Muir (Round #11) Sunday Players
Andrew Corney (Round #11) Sunday Players
Sam Kissajukian (Round #10) Sunday Players
Danesh Jogia studies Justin West (Round #10) Sunday Players
Bruno Lam - lost in the shuffle (Round #9) Sunday Players
Daniel Clifton (Round #9) Sunday Players
Bruno Lam (Round #9) Sunday Players
Merlyn and his magic (Round #8) Sunday Players
I'm losing - time to make bad jokes (Round #8) Sunday Players
Merlyn gives Kim a tough Fact of Fiction to ponder (Round #8) Sunday Players
Chris Foggin oversees Kim Brebach (Round #8) Sunday Players
Minga Wong looks for answers in his sideboard (Round #7) Sunday Players
Andrew Grain goes for the win (Round #7) Sunday Players
Glenn Shanley. Only 1 other person has competed in every Australian Nationals Saturday Players
The player meeting - 94 players... Saturday Players
Head Judge Mark Brown lays down the law Saturday Players
Bronwyn Bruce and her 2 flunkies Saturday Players
The pink hat of doom Saturday Players
The drafting tables, ready for Draft #1 Saturday Players
Rob Nadebaum - Draft #1 Table #9 Saturday Players
Ben Seck - Draft #1 Table #5 Saturday Players
Is the looter worth splashing for??? Saturday Players
The pink hat will protect me Saturday Players
Getting ready for round 1 Saturday Players
Daniel Drew's Blue-White finally comes togeather Saturday Players
Foggin & Fool Saturday Players
Ben Seck (Round #2) Saturday Players
John Werner - Deep in thought (Round #2) Saturday Players
Ben Seck - Complete with "The Pink Hat" (Round #2) Saturday Players
John Werner (Round #2) Saturday Players
Rites - Demoralize. Breakfast of Champions (Round #3) Saturday Players
Ka-boom!!! (Round #3) Saturday Players
Andrew Pirie consults with Mark BrownDale Aitken Saturday Players
Lindsay Heming Saturday Players
Dr David Low reaches into his box of side event tricks (Side Events) Saturday Players
Simon Henry gets the nod from Dave Low (Side Events) Saturday Players
Keiren Otten happy with his sealed deck (Side Events) Saturday Players
Joe Connolly (Round #3) Saturday Players
Justin West (Round #3) Saturday Players
Ready to sideboard (Round #3) Saturday Players
Exchange Students, are we ready.... (Round #3) Saturday Players
Rod Ho & Nathan Russell give a reporter food for thought (Round #4) Saturday Players
It's a forest!!! (Round #4) Saturday Players
Hey Rod, I don't have any creatures (Round #4) Saturday Players
Mono red all the way. Jake Hart in action (Round #5) Saturday Players
About to serve an ace - Adrian Rimmer (Round #5) Saturday Players
Aven fisher - weapon of choice for Adrian Rimmer (Round #5) Saturday Players
Foggo shares a joke Saturday Players
Dr. Evil - Mr Dale Aitken Saturday Players
Dante Rosati & Nathan Russell face each other (Round #6) Saturday Players
Cool Hand Dante (Round #6) Saturday Players
The doctor of style - Nathan Russell (Round #6) Saturday Players
Dean Ellis is ready to go Friday Players
We are the judges - resistance is futile Friday Players
Warren thinks that it's just like playing the piano Friday Players
Warren Brewer the final qualifier Friday Players
Vargs books his ticket for Saturday Friday Players
The 'togs were out in in force on Friday Friday Players
The ever smiling Scott Smith Friday Players
Sven constructs his deck in the grinders Friday Players
Sol Keronen wins. Friday Players
Snap!!! Friday Players
Scott Hunstad on his way to winning a grinder Friday Players
Sam's 4 Horsemen Friday Players
Sam Kissajukian - Started playing 6 months ago Friday Players
Not that safe...... Friday Players
Peter Pohlman - I think I'm safe Friday Players
Lenny with a win Friday Players
Lenny Collins knocks Mel Parry out of contention Friday Players
It takes all shapes and sizes Friday Players
I can't believe I just got beaten by a 15 year old Friday Players
Warren Brewer - the last man to qualify Friday Players
Peter Pohlman hold off Warren Brewer with a CoP Friday Players
Cattle Call Friday Players
Ben West registers with Andrew Varga Friday Players
And we are under way in the grinders Friday Players

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