The Avoided (Worlds Edition)

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By Josh Bennett

Our scienticians have once again compiled the undrafted cards from the seven-man tables and delivered them to you in list form, for your perusal and enjoyment. We hope you enjoy them, because the brainiacs that brought them to you aren't cheap.


turf wound

4 Turf Wound
4 Wandering Stream
4 Vigorous Charge
4 Phantasmal Terrain
3 Crown of Flames
3 Tainted Well
3 Reviving Dose
2 Scouting Trek
2 Holy Day
2 Teferi's Care
2 Heroes's Reunion
Saproling Infestation
Shivan Harvest
Sway of Illusion
Orim's Touch
Llanowar Elite
Llanowar Vanguard
Whip Silk
Shimmering Wings
Aura Mutation
Barrin's Unmaking
Sterling Grove
Protective Sphere
Searing Rays
Tinder Farm


falling timber

9 Falling Timber
6 Shriek of Dread
5 Insolence
4 Heroic Defiance
3 Escape Routes
2 Sunscape Familiar
2 Surprise Deployment
2 Razing Snidd
2 Pygmy Kavu
2 Sisay's Ingenuity
2 Malicious Advice
Honorable Scout
Exotic Disease
Steel Leaf Paladin
Sleeping Potion
Keldon Mantle
Warped Devotion
Mogg Jailer
Maggot Carrier
Multani's Harmony


tahngarths glare

7 Tahngarth's Glare
5 Divine Light
5 Last Caress
4 Tranquil Path
4 Minotaur Tactician
4 Index
4 Shimmering Mirage
3 Bog Gnarr
2 Dwarven Landslide
2 Jaded Response
2 Soul Link
2 Squee's Revenge
Urborg Elf
Shield of Duty and Reason
Strength of Night
Necra Disciple

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