Battle of Wits Strikes at GP LV

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By Jon Chabot

Generally, Grand Prix Trials are not known for giving out surprising new archetypes. Players prefer to hide their "Tech" until the money event. Well, James Klein decided to break out with an archetype that no one really expected.

The decklist speaks for itself...

4x Battle of Wits
4x Brainstorm
2x Arcane Denial
1x Capsize
4x Counterspell
4x Disrupt
1x Forbid
3x Force of Will
4x Impulse
3x Interdict
2x Intuition
2x Mana Leak
4x Miscalculation
1x Misdirection
1x Mystical Tutor
4x Opt
2x Powersink
4x Thoughtlash
4x Tinker
1x Treachery
4x Academy Rector
1x Clear
1x Dismantling Blow
1x Embolden
1x Ray of Distortion
2x Seal of Cleansing
4x Swords to Plowshares
4x Tithe
1x Wrath of God
4x Choke
4x Crop Rotation
2x Gaea's Blessing
4x Land Grant 
4x Oath of Druids
2x Sylvan Library
1x Verdant Force
1x Coffin Purge
4x Cremate
4x Entomb
1x Nether Spirit
1x Skeletal Scrying
2x Vampiric Tutor
3x Crater Hellion
1x Urza's Rage
4x Absorb
1x Goblin Trenches
1x Iridescent Angel
1x Pernicious Deed
1x Psychatog
4x Fire/Ice
1x Spite/Malice
 4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Crumbling Sanctuary
1x Cursed Totem
4x Grim Monolith
1x Mangara's Tomb
1x Masticore
1x Nevinyrral's Disk
1x Phyrexian Processor
2x Scroll Rack
4x Urza's Bauble
1x Bad River
1x Flood Plain
4x Grasslands
2x Bayou
1x Plateau 
3x Savannah
2x Scrubland
1x Taiga
4x Tropical Island
1x Tundra
3x Underground Sea
4x City of Brass
4x Gemstone Mine
4x Adkar Wastes
2x Brushland
4x Yavimaya Coast
4x Costal Tower
4x Elfhame Palace
1x Sandstone Needle
1x Salt Marsh
4x Treva's Ruins
4x Fairy Conclave
4x Treetop Village
1x Dustbowl
4x Rishadan Port
4x Wasteland
3x High Market
1x Keldon Necropolis
1x Kjeldoran Outpost
1x Kor Haven
1x Rath's Edge
3x Terminal Moraine
1x Thawing Glaciers
1x Snow Covered Island
1x Snow Covered Plains
1x Snow Covered Forest
1x Snow Covered Swamp
1x Snow Covered Mountain

3x Skeletal Scrying
2x Arcane Denial
2x Standstill
3x Hydroblast
1x Obliterate
4x Pyroblast

When informed of the deck, Brian Kibler and "Baby Huey" Jensen, felt the need to rush over and watch the teetering pile of cards stacked high upon the table. While it failed to secure him any byes, the deck did remarkably well, scoring a 3-3-2 overall record (28th place) and getting him a great deal of attention.

Kurtis Hahn, (founder of the 5-color movement) remained unavailable for comment.

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