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By Toby Wachter

Since Urza Block rotated out of Standard in November, Constructed Magic has been a much happier place. Broken combo cards such as Yawgmoth's Bargain, Replenish, and Yawgmoth's Will all left, along with plain broken stuff like Masticore and Treachery. As a result, old standbys such as Blue/White control were once again viable in the new, slower environment. Additionally, Fires established itself as the dominant aggro deck to respect.

The Standard portion of today's event was held on June 30th, 2001. Mark that down on a calendar somewhere - it's the last day of order before the impending Apocalypse. Tomorrow Apocalypse will be legal for Constructed play, and it will shake the very foundation of Standard. Today was the last hurrah for the environment we grew accustomed to over the past few months. Perhaps there is some sort of closure that can be drawn from the decks that were successful today? Consider the five decks that went 5-1 or better.

One of the big stories to emerge from United States Nationals was that Fires had established itself as the dominant deck of the format. Today was no exception, with two Fires decks showing up in second and third place. Christiano Pereira's "Hunter" variant of the decktype was quite interesting, as he played Aura Mutation maindeck- something that hasn't been popular since Pro Tour Chicago. He also ran a maindeck Blood Oath.

What about Counter-Rebels? This was the other environment defining deck of the past few months. It's interesting to note that the deck has evolved away from controlish elements, and more towards an aggro theme. The Rebel decks to run 6-0 and 5-1 today did not use Wrath of God in the maindeck. Jorge Gonzalez used Reverent Mantra for board advantage, while Dawton Possato ran Parallax Wave. Non-Rebel Blue/White was also present, as Juan Ruetter piloted a classic style Millstone deck to a 5-1 record for the day.

So what do we learn from this? If anything, these decks are typical of what Standard has looked like for the past few months. Everyone who went 5-1 or better today played one of these three environment defining decks. This suggests that the metagame is settled into a specific pattern where you can expect the same decks to constantly do well. Does this sound boring? Don't worry, Apocalypse will make some of these decks obsolete, and create entirely new archetypes.

Dawton Possato

Sideboard (15)
2 Worship 3 Gainsay 2 Dominate 1 Millstone 2 Disenchant 2 Wrath of God 2 Tsabo's Web 1 Mageta, the Lion

Jorge Gonzalez

Juan Reutter

Eduardo Sella

Christiano Pereira

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