Bring Your Own Block Recap

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler


  W L
Deadguy Red (w/burn) 5 1
Survival-Ghoul 4 2
Draw-Go 2 1
Ancient Red (w/l.d.) 9 6
Fires of Yavimaya 1 2
Counter-Phoenix 1 2
Tradewind/Awakening 1 2
Humility-Post 1 5
Squirrel Prison 0 3


Alex Shvartsman 3 0 Deadguy Red
Dave Price 3 0 Ancient Red
Ryan Fuller 2 1 Ancient Red
Mike Long 2 1 Ancient Red
Noah Boeken 2 1 Deadguy Red
Jon Finkel 2 1 Draw-Go
Trevor Blackwell 2 1 Ancient Red
Darwin Kastle 2 1 Survival
Bob Maher 1 2 Humility-Post
Yoshikazu Ishii 1 2 Fires
Ben Rubin 1 2 Counter-Phoenix
Zvi Mowshowitz 1 2 Tradewind-Awakening
Chris Pikula 1 2 Survival
Gerardo Godinez 0 3 Ancient Red
Kai Budde 0 3 Squirrel-Prison
Gary Wise 0 3 Humility-Post

Dave Price and Alex Shvartsman chose to play different mono-red decks, but they both went 3-0 in BYOB. Shvartsman is on quite a roll now, having also gone 3-0 in Duplicate Limited. Several invitees have pointed out that most of Alex's Magic success has come outside the United States and the Invitational is indeed on foreign soil. Shvartsman even managed to deck Gary Wise when Wise had three Chills and a CoP: Red in play by Wastelanding all Wise's Outposts. Price attributed his own success to three different matchups against red decks. After sideboarding, the King of Beatdown had 4 Balduvian Hordes in his deck and they were amazing. Mono-red went 14-7 overall, quite a good record. Everyone but Gerardo Godinez (the only one to play Tempest, Visions, and Alliances) went at least 2-1.

The decks not to play in this format clearly include Humility-Post and Squirrel Prison. Bob Maher and Gary Wise went a combined 1-5 with that lone win coming when Maher beat Wise in the mirror match.

Interestingly, only 2 decks of the 16 were built entirely from one block: Zvi Mowshowitz's Tradewind-Awakening (1-2) and Ben Rubin's Counter-Phoenix (1-2). Next up is Solomon draft, a format some players dread and others look forward to. Stay tuned to find out what Mark Rosewater has in store for these players next.

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