Brock and Damian Speak (Kind Of...)

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By Sideboard Staff

Brock Parker in action against William JensenSideboard Staff: So, how was the tournament for you?
Brock Parker: The tournament went well. I got lucky in some matchups and the deck played out well.
SS: Why did you decide to play The Solution?
BP: Because I did well with it at Denver and didn't like the Dark Domain deck that my friends were playing.
SS: How do you think you will do in the Top 8?
BP: I'm not sure. I think I may have a few good matchups, but I really don't know how things will go.
SS: Did anything happen to you interesting?
BP: Not really...
SS: All right, thanks!

Damian Brown-SantirsoSideboard Staff: So, how was the tournament for you?
Damian Brown-Santirso: Good.
SS: What made you decide to play Mexican Lobotomy?
DB: Because Lobotomy is a card that I wanted to run 4 of in my main deck, but I wanted something more aggressive than Go-Mar.
SS: How do you think you will do in the Top 8?
DB: I think I have a good chance of winning.
SS: Anything interesting happen to you?
DB: Multiple times, neither my opponent nor I had any cards in hand, and I ripped a Crosis off the top.
SS: How lucky! Well, good luck in the Top 8!

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