Bubble Match Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on November 30, 2013

By Josh Bennett

Heading in to Round 9 there were a handful of Top 25 Ranked mages playing for their tournament life at 6-2. It's nerve-wracking enough to play an elimination match, but imagine having to square off against these Titans. Here's a quick look at their matches.

(3) Reid Duke vs. Conal Klein

Reid Duke

Duke had a slick Black-Blue deck featuring multiple Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Klein was with Blue-White-Red fliers backed with powerful spells and the oft-dismissed Spellheart Chimera. After Klein took game one, Duke went to his sideboard and brought in a splash of Reaper of the Wilds and a pair of Shredding Winds. In the deciding game, Klein came out fast while Duke was choked on mana, but Duke matched answers for threats and took control of the game. Soon the match was his.

Day 1 End Bosses 1 - Righteous Challengers 0

(9) Tom Martell vs Peter MacDougall

Tom Martell

In game one, MacDougall kept a speculative hand that needed a forest and never got there. The second was much harder-fought. Martell blunted early agression and was soon safe behind Keepsake Gorgon. Still, MacDougall had stopped on just four lands, so his hand was pure gasoline. A fifth land let him have Arbor Colossus, but Martell had the trump: Hunt the Hunter for his Centaur Battlemaster, making it an 8/8 to kill the Colossus. The oversized Battlemaster soon ran roughshod over MacDougall. Afterwards Martell confided that in his haste to close out the match he'd given his opponent an out. "He'd discarded Portent of Betrayal game one, I thought I was safe at 14, but if he'd had Portent, Savage Surge and a land, he could've stolen the game. I even stupidly attacked with Baleful Eidolon to make sure the path was clear."

Day 1 End Bosses 2 - Righteous Challengers 0

(2) Josh Utter-Leyton vs. Nicholas Perrin

In the first game, Perrin worked over Utter-Leyton with a pair of unblockable creatures, forcing him well onto his back foot. By the time Utter-Leyton had removed them he was down to just three life. Perrin had no trouble pushing through the last few points. Utter-Leyton flipped the script in the second game, with his powerful late-game spells locking his opponent out of the game. Then came the decider, and Perrin curved out beautifully, and just as Utter-Leyton was threatening to stabilize, Aqueous Form snuck in a lethal attack.

Day 1 End Bosses 2 - Righteous Challengers 1

(17) Paul Rietzl vs. Ricardo Evangelho

Paul Rietzl

The first game was short and sweet, after a turn-four Daxos of Meletis for Rietzl flipped up Evangelho's Sealock Monster on turn 5. Game two was a much longer affair, and led to this exchange between Rieztl and Turtenwald:

"Yeah... I beat Elspeth."


It was true. Rietzl's board was just a Wavecrash Triton with Observant Alseid and Nimbus Naiad. Evangelho had Cavalry Pegasus, Travelling Philosophers, Triton Fortune-Hunter with Aqueous Form, and Lagonna-Band Elder, then tapped six for the mighty planeswalker. He chose to destroy all creatures with power four or greater. Rietzl responded with Battlewise Valor on Evangelho's Fortune Hunter, then untapped and bestowed a second Nimbus Naiad on the Alseid so he could push past the one flying blocker and kill Elspeth. Evangelho didn't make it easy on Rietzl, drawing both Sealock Monster and Prognostic Sphinx, but by then it was too late.

Day 1 End Bosses 3 - Righteous Challengers 1

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