Damian Brown-Santirso Interview

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By Mark Wraith

Most of you will be unfamiliar with this Uruguayan player, but his deck came second in the Masters Series. Before you rush to email us that this he wasn't even in the Masters, let me point out that it was being played by Jay Elarar. Damian himself played his deck in the Gateway event, but lost in the round of eight.

Damian and Jay go back to PT Chicago, where they were amongst the only players playing Blue Skies, an unpopular deck in a field filled with Fires. Damian had some suggestions for improvements to Jay's deck, he says, but most of them were ignored. Not so for this event.

Jay came to Barcelona intending to play a Blue-Black deck, that was in the opinion of most players who have seen it, less than good. However, the day before the Masters, Damian showed him a Red-Green deck, and after playing a few games with it, Jay decided to play it himself. The addition of Kavu Chameleons in the main deck and a changed sideboard gave it an advantageous match-up against Go-Mar, which was the most popular deck in the Masters.

Damian himself has had less success on the Pro Tour than Jay, with only two Top 64s to his credit. However, he recently made Top 8 at Grand Prix Rio. "One problem is that there aren't very many good players in Uruguay. In fact there is only me and Scott Richards who are any good at all."

To counter this disadvantage he is a regular on IRC where he can be seen Netdrafting almost every day under the name DamianB. "I like to practice drafting a lot. After all, my Constructed decks are already good enough."

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