Day 1 – Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on July 16, 2011

By Event Coverage Staff

With many thanks to our Japanese Coverage colleagues, who have painstakingly worked their way through all three hundred and fifty eight decklists, to bring you this translated fact-pack:

Deck Type Number
Valakut 80
Mono-Red 43
UW-Control 33
Tempered Steel 27
UB-Control 22
Caw-Blade 21
UB Tezzereter 18
UR Twins 16
UBW Control 10
BR Vamp 7
Mono-Green Eldrazi 7
WG Beatdown 7
Boros 7
Birthing Pod 6
UR Ascension 6
Mono-Black Vampires 5
Mono-Black Control 4
UBR-twins 4
Green Elves 3
UWG Beat 3
Allies 3
RUG Big Mana 3
Puresteel 2
GWB-Vengevine 2
UG Eldrazi 2
RUG Twins 2
GUW Control 2
Fresh Meat 1
UWR Twins 1
Mass Polymorph 1
RUG Big Mana 1
Emeria 1
UW-beat 1
Infinite Life 1
Mono-Black Poison 1
Green Big Mana 1
RG Big Mana 1
Grand Architect 1
Green-Poison 1
Green-Blue Poison 1
Colorless 1
UBR Ascension 1
GW Eldrazi 1
RG-Vengevine 1

Come back tomorrow as our quest for the best decks in Standard continue!

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