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Posted in Event Coverage on September 10, 2005

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Friday, September 9: 11:18 am - The Dutch Nationals 2005

Welcome to the coverage of the Dutch National Championship 2005.

Say hello to the judges of the 2005 Dutch Nationals.

The Netherlands may be a small country, but many Pro Tour regulars come from this place. This might actually be one of the toughest Nationals in the world. To found this statement, here's a list with some of the best players that will be competing for this year's title:

Julien Nuijten - The current World Champion who just won Grand Prix Mexico, is this the man to beat?
Frank Karsten - This man needs no introduction, he is regarded as one of the best players in the world at this moment!
Rogier Maaten - A former Dutch Champion who has the highest current composite rating (2110). He currently shares the 15th place in the Player of the Year Race.
Kamiel Cornelissen - Kamiel is the Dutch player with the most Pro points on his name (239)… need I say more?
Jelger Wiegersma - Another top player, 210 life time Pro points is nothing to brag about (ehhh, actually it is).
Bram Snepvangers - Anyone with 195 Pro points on his name is taken seriously… very seriously indeed! Bram is well known for the creative decks he usually plays.
Jeroen "The Rock" Remie - The ruling Dutch champion with 150 Pro points in his baggage.
Tom van de Logt - A former World Champion (2001) with 120 Pro points beneath his belt.

I could go on for a while, but since that will get boring soon, so I'll just mention a few more players with at least 20 Pro points who will be attending this Nationals event:
Ruud Warmenhoven (54), Wessel Oomens (51), Arjan van Leeuwen (37), Jos Schreurs (34), Bas Postema (33), Jesse Cornelissen (24), Roel van Heeswijk (22), Jasper Blaas (22), Sven Dijt (21), Wilco Pinkster (20).

If you think that all the Dutch top players must have been mentioned now, think again. As always there are some great players who won't attend this years Nationals, these are the ones who could have made a big difference in the final result:
Noah Boeken (134), Alexander Witt (81), Victor van den Broek (56), Joost Vollebregt (49)

As you can see, there are many players who have a lot of international experience in this field of 109 players. But these guys are not the only ones who make a good chance of ending high in this tough field. There are many more players who can play a solid game of Magic. If I would have mentioned Julien's name at the previous Dutch Nationals probably nobody outside the Netherlands would have known him. This time it's a different ballgame altogether… he's actually the guy everybody is aiming for to beat!

Friday, September 9: 11:40 am - Round 1: Bram Snepvangers vs. Roel van Heeswijk

Bram Snepvangers, left, vs. Roel van Heeswijk.

This is one of the more interesting matches in this first round with two Pro players. Roel hasn't had a top 8 performance in any GP or PT yet, but that only seems a matter of time and some luck. Bram has 2 PT top 8's and 5 GP top 8's on his name. Roel has brought a mono red aggro deck, Bram is playing a heavily modified mono green deck. He is one of the only players who can bring a deck nobody knows about and have a good result with that too. Roel already knows what deck Bram is playing and he is not happy with this matchup, so Bram seems to be the favorite. Game 1

Bram starts with a mulligan, but Roel has to take two. Llanowar Elf followed by a Troll Ascetic for Bram against which Roel can only bring a Hearth Kami. After beating with the Troll, Mr. Iwamori comes to play. Roel can put a Zo-Zu in play for free, but that hardly seems a good deal against the 5/5 trampling monster. When both creatures attack, Roel blocks Iwamori with the Kami and Zo-Zu. A Might of Oaks ensures that Iwamori can trample a lot of damage and stay alive too. Roel is able to kill Iwamori on his next turn with a Shrapnel Blast, but has no chance to win this game anymore. Next! Game 2

Roel has to take the mulligan once again and isn't too happy with his second hand either. He doesn't want to start with 5 cards so he decides to keep this one. Frostling and Genju of the Spires is a good start though, while Bram can play a third turn Troll. Roel beats Bram down to 10 with a Blinkmoth Nexus and has Magma Jet to apply some more damage. Bram meanwhile keeps his Troll at home to be able to block the Genju and has decided to beef it up with a Blanchwood Armor. Roel is now going for the throat with a Jinxed Choker. When he attacks with a Nexus in his next turn, Bram channels Arashi to kill the flying threat… the looks of disbelief on the faces of everybody watching this match is golden! On Brams next turn the Troll gets another Blanchwood Armor and goes to the red zone. Roel chumps with his Frostling, and Bram plays a Predator's Strike to go for the fatal attack (21 trample damage on the stack). Roel plays a Shrapnel Blast in response, thereby killing his opponent (who was at exactly 5 life at that moment). Game 3

Another mulligan (the 4th) for Roel and Bram starts with a Llanowar Elf enhanced by Blanchwood Armor. Roel plays Hearth Kami. Bram brings Iwamori to play and this time Roel doesn't have a Legend he can bring to play for free. He does have a Shrapnel Blast though, but has to offer a Nexus to kill the Open Fist. Another Blanchwood Armor on the Elf means big beatings for two turns in a row, bringing Roel down to 6 life. Some random cards get played, but we are actually waiting for Bram to find a Predator's Strike. Since he can't seem to find that, it can get interesting after all. Arashi is staring at a red Genju, and so is the Elf who only is 7/7 due to the fact that Bram can't seem to find his fourth Forest (that happens when you play Blinkmoth Nexus alongside your Forests). Bram decides to attack with a Viridian Shaman who gets killed by Guerilla Tactics. Then a Shinen of Life's Roar comes to join the party. Roel doesn't have an answer for that and Bram finds his 4th Forest so he goes in and finishes the job. Bram wins 2-1

Friday, September 9: 12:30 pm - Round 2: Frank Karsten - Wilco Pinkster

In round 2 Frank Karsten takes on Wilco Pinkster. Frank needs no introduction, being on a roll lately and practically making top 8 in every tournament he starts.

Frank Karsten

Wilco is not as well known as Frank, but he is a well respected player in the Netherlands, with plenty high finishes on his resume, the highlight being his win at the largest grand prix ever held (Paris, November 2004). With his strength more in Kamigawa limited Wilco is not looking forward to this match, he can't wait to start cracking boosters in the draft portion. But first he has 2 more rounds of standard to go, playing tooth and nail. Frank is playing mono blue control.

Game 1

Frank wins the die roll and will start. A Sylvan Scrying from Wilco gets Mana Leaked, a second Scrying does resolve at e.o.t. Frank gets thirsty and discards a practicly useless shackles, then he has an Joshi Apprentice. A Reap and Sow to complete the tron gets Leaked and the Elder that resolves can't complete the tron for Wilco. He tries a Duplicant on the apprentice, but that gets an Annul from Frank.

Frank has 6 cards against 3 for Wilco and seems firmly in control. He draws a card in his main phase, and play's 2 free spire golems, ready to start the beats.

Wilco has an answer in viridian shaman, the remaining golem attacks in the air. He then plays a shackles ready to take over the shaman. Finaly Wilco completes his tron, and he tries a tooth and nail with entwine, but Frank has the Hinder to put it on the bottom of his library. The shaman puts Frank on 18, and then changes sides due to the shackles.
With 2 cards in hand for Wilco and Frank drawing 2 a turn things are not looking good for him.

Frank´s attack puts him on 14, another tron part gives Wilco practically infinite mana, and he hardcasts a Darksteel Colossus, which resolves. Another Spire Golem joins his side, he plans to block the colossus long enough to win in the air.

The fist attack from the colossus gets trough, Frank activates a stalking stone before accepting his turn. The score is 12-7 , and with the colossus on the other side he has to be careful now. It takes him a few minutes to decide, finally he attacks with golem, shaman and the stones, the score now 7-5 in his advantage. Colossus attacks again, Franks blocks enough to stay alive, and has the annul for the final attempt from Wilco, an Oblivion Stone. Wilco scoops.
Frank Karsten 1- Wilco Pinkster 0

Game 2

Again no mulligans, and Wilco has the Divining Top this time to improve his draws, and a Boseiju to protect his important spells.

Frank has the apprentice again and Wilco keeps playing tronparts, missing the Powerplant again. But worse than that is the fact he has no green mana, inspite the top he can´t find any again in the next turn. He tries an Oblivion Stone, which gets Annulled.

Then Frank has a very important Boseiju for himself to get rid of Wilco´s, who still can´t find his Forest but has his power plant now. A spire golem for Frank starts attacking, and a Mindslaver for Wilco resolves buts gets Boomeranged and Annulled on the return.
The writing is on the wall when the jushi also attacks, life totals are 20-4 for Frank. Wilco draws, spins his top and scoops, never finding a Forest with a green hand and 3 tooth´s on top of his library. Frank think´s he would have had some trouble if Wilco could have find that forest, having no counters in hand anymore. But it wasn´t to be and Frank keeps on going, now 2-0 in the Dutch championships.

Friday, September 9: 12:52 pm - The state of Standard

The Dutch nationals are being held at an interesting moment, 9th Edition has become legal for a few weeks now and the new metagame is starting to become clear with two National championships (Canada and Japan) behind us.

The Canadian Nationals has learned the world that Viridian Rats is a major force at this moment. Six out of eight decks in the Top 8 and both the winner and the runner-up played this deck! It also showed that BlueTron (aka BlueTooth) still is a tier 1 deck. How it was possible that this tournament was totally dominated by the infectious vermin probably has something to do with the fact that the format was brand new. Everybody sort of knew that the rats would be played and that it was a very competitive deck, but nobody seemed to be able to withstand the overwhelming number of Rat decks that showed up in Canada.

The players for the Japanese Nationals already had learned that Viridian Rats was one of the major decks and could alter their sideboards (and probably main deck in some cases too) accordingly. This resulted in the fact that no single Rat deck reached the Top 8 of that tournament, while there were plenty of those decks around. Therefore the Top 8 of Japan had a much more varied field with 2 mono red aggro decks, 3 Tooth & Nail decks (1 splashing red, 2 splashing blue & white), 2 BlueTron decks and 1 mono blue (Jushi) deck. Finally, the title went to Jun'Ya Iyanaga, playing Mono Red Aggro.

We have to consider that both Top 8's were not compiled by Standard decks alone… half of the matches were played with Kamigawa boosterdraft. Still, it is a clear sign that the Rat-deck is not as dominating as the Canadian Nationals would suggest.

So at this moment the following decks should be considered tier 1:
Viridian Rats
Mono Red Aggro
Tooth & Nail
Mono Blue Control

At tier 2 we have these decks:
Flores Red (burn)
White Weenie
Green Aggro

Now we will take a look at the metagame which currently takes place at the Ducth Nationals.
Viridian Rats: 23
Mono Red Aggro: 20
Tooth & Nail: 16
BlueTron: 14
Mono Blue Control: 10
Flores Red: 5
Green Aggro: 5
White Weenie: 4
Suicide Black: 2
Deathcloud: 2
Green-Black: 2
RG Control: 2
UW Control: 2
WG Control: 1
UG Control: 1

These numbers seem to be accurate with expectations considering the current metagame. Most Tooth decks play at least 1 other color, of which blue and red are the favorites. BlueTron is often seen with a black splash. Interesting detail is that a lot of the Pro's decided to play Mono Blue Control… let's hope not all these guys make it to the top 8 ;-).

Friday, September 9: 1:49 pm - Round 3: Jeroen Remie vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Kamiel Cornelissen

Kamiel Cornelissen takes on dutch powerhouse Jeroen Remie in another clash of titans. Both these players have been at the top worldwide for many years, with Kamiel playing not as much anymore while Jeroen travels the world a lot, having friends in many countries to stay and practice. Jeroen is playing viridian rats, Kamiel brings blue tron to the table.

Game 1

Jeroen starts of with a mulligan , unfortunately his second and third hand are not good enough either, lacking lands. He keeps his 4 cards, playing first.

Kamiel opens with a Serum Visions, Jeroen has a second turn Nezumi Shortfang.
Kamiel discards an Annul to the rat, and plays a Thirst for Knowledge, followed by an Oblivion Stone to get rid of the annoying rat. With a top and another thirst he keeps improving his hand, with a complete tron on the table. Jeroen can't do much more then attack with a Nexus, no match for the Memnarch Kamiel has.

He tries to kill it with a Shaman, but that gets a Condescend from Kamiel.
Another Shaman meets the same faith, this time Jeroen has a response with Rend Flesh, but Kamiel has yet another Condescend! This is enough for Jeroen and he scoops up his cards.

Jeroen 1 Kamiel 0

Game 2

Jeroen keeps his 7 this time, so does Kamiel.

Turn 1 Aether Vial is a much better start , getting even better with a Nezumi Shortfang and 2 Pithing Needle on Oblivion Stone and Triskelion. Kamiel looks for answers wit 2 Thirst for Knowledge and a Serum Visions, while the rat keeps eating at his hand, helped by a Ravenous Rats.

Jeroen Remie

Another visions completes Kamiels Tron, and he plays a Triskelion. Jeroen gets rid of it by vialling out a Shaman. He has many permanents but isn't doing much damage, with only a nexus attacking. Then Kamiel finds a Memnarch , Jeroen tries to kill it with a Naturalize, but Kamiel saves it by bouncing it. He loses a important Culling Scales to the rat but can replay the Memnarch. And follows that with Meloku , stopping the attacks from Jeroen. Memnarch starts stealing permanents, taking the Vial and the Shortfang from Jeroen. He draws another one, looks at the board and Kamiels graveyard, and decides he had enough scooping up his cards. His start was good this game, but he couldn't find enough threats to put pressure on Kamiel, who had plenty of time to stabilize the boards and win with his more powerful legends.

Final result Jeroen Remie 0 Kamiel Cornelissen 2

Friday, September 9: 2:20 pm - Round 3: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Joost van de Mandele

Joost van de Mandele

Pro Tour winner Jelger Wiegersma is this round paired against a local player. Jelger has some problems with his back, so he is permanently seated at table 1. Both players are at 1-1 this moment, so neither of them wants to loose this round.

Jelger is playing BlueTron while Joost has brought Tooth & Nail, splashing blue for Condescends. Because these matchups could get a little boring I have chosen to present the plays in a table for easy reference. Each turn for Joost is highlighted in blue and his plays are on the left side.

Game 1
Joost starts with a mulligan and then these events take place:

    Joost van de Mandele   Jelger Wiegersma
Turn   Spells Additional info   Spells Additional info
1a   Top        
1b         Top  
3a   Sylvan Scrying     ManaLeak  
3b         Serum Visums  
4a   Sylvan Scrying Complete Tron      
4b         Serum Visums  
5a   Mindslaver     Annul  
5b         Top  
6a   Sundering Titan kills only 1 Island      
6b         Solumn Simulacrum  
7a     Titan attack     Solumn block
8a   Talisman of Unity Titan attack   Thirst for Knowledge 13 life
8b         Memnarch Tron Complete
9a   Reap and Sow     Rewind Gain control of Titan
9b     5 life   Mindslaver Titan + Memnarch attack
10b     killed in action     Titan + Memnarch attack

As you can see, the game started quite slow but once it was on a roll on turn 6 the action began to take place. Memnarch was the dominating factor and Joost couldn't do anything about that. On two game 2.

Game 2

Both players keep their hand and Joost may begin once again…

    Joost van de Mandele   Jelger Wiegersma
Turn   Spells Additional info   Spells Additional info
2a   Sylvan Scrying gets Boseiju      
3a   Dosan, the falling Leaf     Condescend  
4a         Thirst for Knowledge  
5a   Condescend 16 life (due to painland)   Thirst for Knowledge  
5b   Condescend 13 life (painland + Boseiju)   Meloku  
6a   Reap and Sow Entwined Tron Complete      
7a   Shifting Borders 6 life (still painland + Boseiju)      
7b         Meloku  
8a   Reap and Sow        
8b     4 Life (Meloku damage)     Meloku attacks
9a   Mindslaver Joost scoops   Annul  
Jelger Wiegersma

Joost started with 2 Coast of Yavimaya which cost him some life. When he searched his deck for the Boseiju (Who counters all counters), the pain would add up real quickly. On his 7th turn, he already had taken 14 damage while Jelger still was standing comfortably at 20 life. When Jelgers second Meloku resolved there was little Joost could do anymore. A topdecked Mindslaver could have made a little difference, but Jelger had the Annul to counter it. No single Tooth & Nail for Joost meant it was an unwinnable match.

Jelger wins 2-0

Friday, September 9: 3:31 pm - Draft 1 Report: Frank Karsten

First Table, first seat. Not an unfamiliar position for Frank Karsten, "The man with the plan". Famously known for "the List", including all cards in the Block and their picking order. This day he is joined on the right by Kamiel Cornelissen and Wessel Oomens, while Godelief Sloot (the only lady in the tournament, by the way) will be feeding Betrayers.

1. Glacial Ray, Kitsune Healer, Sakura Tribe Elder.
2. Cage of Hands, Kami of Fire's Roar
3. The cage sets Frank on a favored archetype of R/W course
4. However, a very Blue-rich booster shows up next. A Teller of Tales is defeated by a Honden of Seeing Winds.
5. Soratami Rainshaper, Sakura Tribe Elder, Painwracker Oni
6. Soratami Mirror Mage. 3 strong blue picks in a row.
7. Floating Dream Zubera, Samurai Enforcers
8. Harsh Deceiver, Matsu Tribe Decoy
9. Floating Dream Zubera
10. Callous Deceiver

Further on, Frank manages to pick up an Uncontrollable Anger, a Battle Mad Ronin, a Silent Chant Zubera and a Tranquil Garden. So far, Frank seems on course for a blue deck, since it is under drafted so far. A second color is as yet undecided between red and white. Hey, Red White and Blue, what else do you expect at Dutch Nationals!

Frank Karsten

Betrayers of Kamigawa:
1. Torrent of Stone, Ninja of the Deep Hours, Iwamori of the Open Fist. Frank hardly blinks before putting yet another first pick burn spell in his pile.
2. Moonlit Strider, Ninja of the Deep Hours, Nezumi Patron. The Soulshift protection Spirit is a fine addition from a rather uneventful booster.
3. Waxmane Baku, Genju of the Spires. Followed up by a rather nice third pick
4. Torrent of Stone, Phantom Wings. And a somewhat insane 4th! The only reason it takes Frank 2 seconds to grab this is because it is the back card in the pack.
5. Split Tail Miko, Terashi's Verdict, Kami of False Hope.
6. Kami of the Vanishing Touch, Veil of Secrecy, Mending Hands. Someone down the line is probably drafting blue, as no quality blue is showing up
7. First Volley, Floodbringer, Scaled Hulk. If forcing a color does not work, fry your opponent!
8. Tides of War, Skullmane Baku
9. Silverstorm Samurai
10. Silverstorm Samurai

Eventually, a tenth pick Ire of Kaminari actually almost makes it into the deck, but the Scour does not. Neither do most other Betrayers cards. All cards that make it are the 4 red burn cards.

Saviors of Kamigawa:
1. Shinen of Flight's Wings, Spiraling Embers, Oni of Wild Places, Arashi, the Sky Asunder
2. Barrel Down Sokenzan, Death Denied, Shape stealer, Akki Underling
3. Shinen of Flights Wings, Akki Underling
4. Spiraling Embers, Sokenzan Spellblade, Kitsune Loreweaver
5. Sokenzan Spellblade
6. Akki Drillmaster, Oppressive Will, Sokenzan Renegade
7. Murmurs from Beyond, Moonwing Moth, Kitsune Loreweaver. Frank seems to have given up on white at this point.
8. Minamo Scrollkeeper, Murmurs from Beyond, Sink into Takenuma
9. Ronin Cavekeeper, Oni of the Wild Places.
1. 10. Shape stealer, Ronin Cavekeeper

Ronin Cavekeeper, 3 in a row. Frank was rather surprised the stealer was still in the booster, this prevented him from having all 3.
Sunder from Within and 2 Evermind's form the last picks. For about 10 seconds, Frank considers playing these on his strong Arcane cards. He is fairly low on beasties though and does not put them in the deck.

Within 2 minutes, all 22 playable's make it into the deck. All he needs to think about is the white splash, if any. Cage of Hand, Waxmane Baku and Moonlit Strider is not enough quality for Frank to make him splash these. Also, the fact he might need more mountains to sacrifice to splashed Torrents, as well as a fairly high early double color needs, such as the Shape stealer and the Minamo Scrollkeeper.

Frank ends up with the following solid deck, devoid of insane super rares, deck:

Frank Karsten

Download Arena Decklist

This deck will take all of Frank's incredible playing skills to make 3-0 and keep his undefeated record so far.

Friday, September 9: 3:57 pm - Draft 1 Report: Julien Nuijten

This draft I will be covering the reigning world champion Julien Nuijten to show how a world champion takes on Kamigawa block draft.

Julien Nuijten

He is sitting on table 2, seat 4 with Didier Deurloo feeding him, and passing to Mark Stals. The first booster doesn't have many good cards with Rend Spirit, Wicked Akuba and Otherworldly Journal as the highlights. Julien takes the black removal. His second booster isn't much better, a Soratami Mirror Mage, Moss Kami and Pull Under are the best options, of which he takes the green dragon. Then he gets a real present in a third pick blue Honden, both a powerful card and a signal that blue is open on his right. He passes another Moss Kami and a wicked Akuba.

Fourth pick is another important decision between Ronin Houndmaster and a Kitsune Blademaster, with the latter getting the nod. Next is a Cloudskater, followed by a Burr Grafter over a Order of the sacred bell. After this there isn't much coming, with Julien taking white cards every booster, a Blessed Breath and Kitsune healer being the highlights.

Betrayers of Kamigawa:
Betrayers starts off with Higure the Still Wind over Moonlit Strider and a Ninja of the Deep Hours. Then another present in a second pick Final Judgment, indicating that cutting of the white cards did work. After this he never looks back and takes the best blue and white cards, Tallowisp, Shimmering Glasskite, Kentaro the Smiling Cat, Kami of the False hope, passing multiple Kami of the tattered Shoji in the mean time. He would regret this a bit afterwards, a few 2/5 walls would have been nice for his deck. After betrayers his deck is reasonable but not great yet, needing a few more good cards.

Saviors of Kamigawa:
Again a shallow booster for Julien, a Moonwing Moth was his best option. Second pick a Shinen of Flight's Wings over a lot of good red cards, Third pick he doubts a bit to hate-draft a Hand of Cruelty but takes a Freed from the Real to go with his Tallowisp. After that a lot of Plow through Reito's gets passed, but he prefers creatures over them, ending up with 2 anyway. Not much exciting happens in the last boosters, except for the Plows that keep coming.

After the draft I ask Julien how he felt, he was reasonably happy, not at all disappointed not to play his first 2 picks, saying he never does. He has enough good creatures, the Final Judgement and Tallowisp with 2 Heart of Light and the Freed as nice tricks, only lacking some quality fliers. I think he should be happy ending up 2-1 in this draft.

Julien Nuijten

Download Arena Decklist

Friday, September 9: 4:50 pm - Round 4: Julien Nuijten vs. Didier Deurloo

Julien Nuijten

Both players are at 2/0/1 and still in the race for the title. Julien is probably the most talented kid walking around here. Didier is a Dutch player who has made many good performances in his Magic career. Julien has an solid U/W deck that has some flyers and some defenders, Final Judgment is his bomb.

Game 1

Julien wins the roll and plays first. Both players mulligan to 6 cards.
Didier plays a turn 1 Genju of the Cedars followed by an Akki Underling. Juliens first play is a Kentaro, the Smiling Cat.
Turn 3 Julien plays Tallowisp. Didier makes first blood with his Genju on turn 3. Julien responses by enchanting Tallowisp with hart of light. They both took some damage. While Julien goes on with defending he plays Ghost-lit Redeemer and searches another heart of light. Didier now has soul of magma. On turn 6 Julien plays his first flying creature named by Shimmering Glasskite. Didier only has ground creatures and that makes Julien favourite to win that match. Didier then plays a nice card named Ghost-lit Nourisher that kills the smiling cat. He is not able to win the race because Julien brought him to 6 life helped by his 2nd flying creature: Moonwing Moth. Now Didier goes all in with every creature except Ghost-lit Nourisher. On the final turn of Julien before his flyers get lethal he plays feed the real enchanting his Ghost-lit Redeemer. This is a very nice play since he is able to block with the guy and gain some life. Next turn its all over and Didier concedes the game. I guess the champ likes enchantments.

Game 2

Didier kicks of and both players keep their hands.
Turn 1 Kami of False Hope for the champ and next there is a Petalmane Baku for Didier. Julien answers with Minamo Scrollkeeper. Now Didier has an very nice card against Julien named Honden of Infinite Rage. After that he got Burning Eye Zubera. Julien puts his first flyer in play on turn 4 named Shimmering Glasskite. Meanwhile the players start talking about rares and Didier got his 1st pick in play named Kodama of the South Tree. Julien make his flying force bigger with Moonwing Moth. While Didier adds an Frost Ogre to his team Julien tells the barns around him that he is not winning the game. Now he uses Heart of Light on his opponent´s creature. Didier makes the South Tree and Ogre go to the red zone and Julien decides to put all his men in front of them. Didier plays Barrel Down, but Julien has Blessed Breath naming red. The South Tree trades and Julien takes 5 from the Ogre. Another Heart of Light for the champ, this time on Frost Ogre. Didier only has the Honden and Matsu-Tribe Birdstalker left. But Didier´s Honden brings Julien down to 4,3,2… while Didier is still on 16 life. One more turn for Julien and he hasn´t got any outs here, so he concedes.
The score is now 1-1

Didier Deurloo

Game 3

Julien was thinking hard about his hand with 2 islands and a Cloud Skater that comes in play on turn 2. Didier has Child of Thorns for the first blood. 2nd turn he has the Green Genju. Julien found his plains and plays Kitsune Diviner on turn 3. Didier attacks with the Genju while Julien is not able to tap it yet. Turn 4 Julien misses a landdrop but has Shinen of Stars Light. Turn 4 Didier has his rare again, yes the South Tree is back. Even knowing that julien is able to tap it, it does not look good for him with only 3 lands in play. He decides to use his Cloudskater. Instead of playing an enchantment. Didier declares his attack and Julien taps the South Tree. Genju comes in and Julien goes to 10 life. Julien finally finds his 4th land and plays Kitsune Healer. Didier finds his 5th land and plays Frost Ogre, that stops the bleeding for Julien for at least 1 turn. In order to get 2 white mana, Julien uses his Cloudskater in his main phase, discarding Shimering Glasskite, playing Ketaro and Ghost-lit Redeemer. This time Didier attacks with the 5/3 Ogre, Julien blocks with the cat. Damage on the steak and Didier sacs his Child of Thorns. But Didier forgot that the Kitsune Healer is able to prevent all damage to a legend, so the cat stays in play. Didier plays Soul of Magma and says go. Meanwhile Julien's Cloudskater brought Didier to 14 life and the champ adds Moonbow Illusionist to his team. On Didier´s next turn he sends his team (Soul of Magma, South Tree and Ogre) all-in. Julien thinks long before blocking knowing that Didier might have a trick, because he still has 5 cards left in his hand. Above all Julien wants the soul of magma out of play, because he has a large amount of 1 toughness creatures in play. Julien decides to triple block the soul of magma. Didier answers with Barrel Down splicing Roar of the Jukai targeting Kitsune Healer, again Julien has Blessed Breath for the kitsune healer, the Soul of Magma kills Julien´s Moonbow Illusionist. Julien takes 6 from the Ogre and is down to 9. But his block worked out after all because Soul of Magma is in the graveyard trading for Shinen of Star´s Light. Julien looks at the clock and there are 6 minutes left in the round. Again the champ has a nice play enchanting Kitsune Diviner with Feed from the Real, which makes him able to tap 2 spirits. Now Didier can only attack the the Ogre. Julien again blocks with his legends that is able to get all damage prevented due to Kitsune Healer. Didier saves his Ogre with Roar of the Jukai and Julien takes the trample damage because of the South Tree ability that triggers, that brings him down to 3. In the champs turn we are out of time and there are 5 turns remaining. Julien plays Torii and attacks. Didier attacks with Genju and Frost Ogre. Julien blocks well but did not expect another combat trick of Didier, this time having Inner Calm, Outer Strength. This results in Didier winning the game.

Final result 2-1 for Didier

Friday, September 9: 5:21 pm - Round 4: Frank Karsten vs. Rudy Meyer

Because we chose to follow Franks draft, it comes natural to report this match. Rudy is a well known player and trader in Holland. Frank has drafted Blue-Red with a lot of flyers and a lot of burn, Rudy play a 4-color monstrosity. Mainly Green splashing 3 black, 3 blue and 1 red card. He has only 2 Tribe Elders so his manabase could become a problem.

Game 1

Rudy Meyer

Rudy starts while Frank had to mulligan. Rudy plays Shuko and a Orochi Ranger who makes place for Ninja of the Deep Hours. Frank can then make his first man, an Akki Drillmaster. Rudy makes a Matsu-Tribe Decoy and the next turn he swings with both men. The Ninja gets blocked, but Roar of the Jukai ensures he stays alive. Frank finally finds his first Island on turn 5 and can bring a Honden of Seeing Winds to the table. Arashi is the next beater for Rudy, while Frank plays Ronin Cavekeeper. The Ronin has to block Rudy's Decoy, so it gets tapped. This means another 8 damage to Frank and a new card for Rudy. The Orochi Ranger comes to join Rudy's team. Frank is now at 5 life and can only play a Minamo Scrollkeeper. This guy blocks Arachi and the Ninja receives a Torrent of Stone. Frank is now at three life and has not found enough answers yet, so we're going to the next game.

Game 2

This time Frank starts and Rudy is the first with a play (Sakura-Tribe Elder). Matsu-Tribe Decoy is next and Frank is still not playing anything. Arashi, the Sky Asunder joins the party and at the end of that turn Frank makes his first play with Murmurs from Beyond splicing Glacial Ray. Torrent of Stone is the card which is denied. Frank then kills Arachi with First Volley splicing Glacial Ray, followed by the same Ray. Rudy is happy with that because he can play Nightsoil Kami, a 6/4 Soulshift 5 beater that can bring back Arashi. Frank has a Ronin Cavekeeper to hold the fort, but Horobi's Whisper clears the path bringing Frank down to 8. Minamo Scrollkeeper and Shinen of Flight's Wings should come to the rescue, but these are ticked by Roar of Jukai (Scrollkeeper survives, but Frank is now down to 2 life). Finally Frank can do something with Soratami Mirror-Mage and a Soratami Rainshaper. The Mirror-Mage keeps bouncing Rudy's Nightsoil Kami, but that results in losing a lot of land. Honden of Seeing Winds must make sure Frank gets enough gas to run the race. Shape Stealer is there to block a hardcasted Ninja of the Deep Hours, but the Ninja survives due to another Roar of Jukai. Frank is now really low on lands (3) but has brought Rudy down to 7 in the meantime. He has to keep his men at home now to do some chump blocking and that spells the end for him. Especially when Jetting Glasskite comes to join Nightsoil Kami it is all over.

Rudy wins 2-0

Friday, September 9: 5:40 pm - Round 5: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Jesse Cornelissen

Jesse Cornelissen

Game 1

I arrive at the table a bit late, Game 1 is already in full action. Jesse has a Thief of Hope, Shinen of the stars light and double Gibbering Kami . Jelger has Kabuto moth , Kami of the False Hope, Sire of the storm, Split tail Miko and Kataki wars wage , and he ads a Rushing Tide Zubera to his board.

A shuriken from Jesse died to de Kataki , a nice convenient answer from Jelger. Jelger keeps attacking with his flyers, putting Jesse on 4 life, needing an answer fast. Jesse attacks with everything, Jelger blocks with Moth and ataki, not having to fear much tricks with the Kami of the False hope on guard. Jesse does some counting and sees lethal damage on Jelgers side so he decides to scoop them up.

Jelger 1 - Jesse 0

Game 2

Jelger opens with Dreamcatcher and Kataki. Jelger ads a split tail Miko, and attacks with all next turn, putting Jesse on 16. He then ads the fat Zubera again.This time Jesse has some more defense with Kami of the Tattered Shoji and a Kitsune Palliator , Jelger has a Moonlit Strider.Kemuri-Onna steals a Konda's Hatamoto from Jelgers hand, he does have a Moonbow Illusionist to add to his growing army. Jesse has an Exile into darkness , with 3 cards in hand to Jelgers 2. Jelger sacs Kataki to the exile.A Patron of the Nezumi gets an Oppressive Will, but does return the Onna to Jesses hand.

Jelgers fliers start attacking again, 12-9 in lives now. Both players stop playing spells, Jesse to get the exile back from his grave, Jelger to prevent this. But Jelger has the advantage, still hurting Jesse. A thief of hope returns the Onna again, and it comes back , taking a land from Jelger and giving Jesse an important life point Then Jelger blinks first, adding Araba Mothrider to his flying army.

Jesse also has a Kabuto Moth, and not a turn to soon to stop the flying army hitting him. He goes to 5 life with the moth still summon sick. The flying army isn't stopped by the moth, Jelger still attacks with both fliers, after all prevention no creatures die and Jesse goes to 4 life. This really has become a game of inches, with Jelger struggling to do the final points, and Jesse hanging in there helped by his Thief of Hope. He has no play and Jelger keeps up the assault, again with the Moonbow and Araba Mothrider , Jesse had enough of this, and shining shoals the damage from the Illusionist to the Mothrider. The Mothrider dies, much to Jesses liking, the Onna keeps bouncing, getting cards from Jelger and gaining him life trough the Thief.

Now Jelger is in a tough spot, does he play a threat and let the exile come back or does he do , well , nothing. He waits until Jesses end of turn to bounce his preventer, he makes his Zubera unblockable with Veil of Secrecy, splicing blessed breath on his flyer, getting exactly enough damage trough to kill Jesse.

Jelger Wiegersma2 , Jesse Cornelissen 0

Friday, September 9: 5:40 pm - Round 5: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Koen Dekker

Kamiel Cornelissen

Kamiel needs no introduction. Koen is a player from Schagen, and placed by an NKQ both players are undefeated. Kamiel has drafted Blue-Green, a solid color combination in Kamigawa draft with good flyers and big green beef. Koen picked up White and Black cards, which actually is one of my favorite color combinations in this format.

Game 1

Kamiel wins the roll and starts. On the 2nd turn Koen has a Raving Oni Slave followed by turn 3 Toshiro Umezawa. The first play of Kamiel is Iwamori, the Open Fist. Turn 4 Koen enchants the Iwamori with Kagemaro's Clutch and sends both creatures in to bring Kamiel to 12 life. Kamiel attacks with Iwamori for 2 and Koen goes to 15. Kamiel adds Dipping Tongue Zubera and Petalmane Baku to his team. On Koen's turn he attacks with both creatures. Kamiel blocks and uses Kodama's Might but Koen has an Hundred Talon Strike. Koen also plays Waking Nightmare that makes Kamiel discard Soratami Mirror-Guard. Kamiel has no cards left and draws Tribe Spinner from the top, but this card is enchanted by another clutch. That turn Kamiel blocks with his Springcaller to prevent 3 damage of the Ogre. The next turn Kamiel trades his Iwamori and the 1/1 token for the Oni Slave. Koen's next threat is Cursed Ronin. Kamiel played Burr Grafter on his turn. Koen sends his Cursed Ronin in the red zone, leaving 3 swamps untapped. Kamiel has no blockers. Koen does the full 4 damage so Kamiel is now at 2 life. After that he plays Tallowisp. Next turn Koen sends all his men in, Kamiel's Burr Grafter blocks his Ronin and his Baku, Koen uses 1 swamp to give his Ronin +1/+1. Kamiel soulshift's his Zubera. Koen has Kami of the Old Stone left and searches for an Indomitable Will. Kamiel plays his Zubera and has an Shinen of Flight's Wings. Koen attacks but Kamiel is happy to block with his Zubera. And the next turn with the token. Kamiel adds another flyer to his team but it gets Rend Fleshed on the spot. Now Kamiel has only 2 blockers left and Koen has 3 attackers which means Koen wins the game because he still has the Indomitable Will.


Koen Dekker

Game 2

Kamiel plays first and both players keep their hands. Again the first play is Koen's Oni Slave followed closely by Toshiro Umezawa.. Kamiel has no play during the first 4 turns Koen is able to attack for 5 the next turn while his team gets insane with Mothrider Samurai. Kamiel only has Okina Nightwatch on turn 5, but he still decides not to block a creature. Koens next attack brings Kamiel down to 5 life. This game and match looks over when Koen add's Kami of Empty Graves to his board. Koen sends his team in and Kamiel concedes.

2-0 Koen

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