Day 1 Coverage of Grand Prix Warsaw

Posted in Event Coverage on August 10, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

After nine rounds of Standard play, Day One is done. Out of the original 984 players, 162 have earned the right to come back tomorrow and compete for the title of Grand Prix Warsaw Champion.

We've seen all kinds of interesting cards and decks competing today. The biggest stories to come out of Day 1 were the continued dominance of Jund, Gruul aggro, and UWR Flash, and the surprising revitalization of Bant Hexproof.

At the end of this first day, only five players remain undefeated: Sébastien Wilmotte from Belgium, Jens Brouwer from Germany, Niklas Ramquist from England, Wenzel Krautmann from Germany, and Tomas Kuchta from the Czech Republic are sitting on top of the standings with perfect 9-0 records.

But despite their great starts, these players will need to prove themselves tomorrow as we have Marcio Carvalho, Denniz Rachid, Frederico Bastos, Przemek Oberbek, Bart van Etten, Michael Bonde, Felipe Tapia Becerra, and plenty of other top players lurking behind them with 8-1 records.

Join us here tomorrow for more text and video coverage as we see who of the 162 can successfully navigate through six more rounds of Standard to make it to the Top 8! Sunday's livestream is expected to start at approximately 9 a.m. CET (i.e., 3 a.m. EST).

Saturday, 10:44 a.m. — Kibler Gruul Dominates at the Trials

by Tobi Henke

As is tradition, the Grand Prix weekend started early with a number of last-chance Grand Prix Trials on Friday. We have compiled almost all of the winning deck lists from these events to glean a first glimpse into the metagame we can expect to see throughout the tournament.

The big story here: Kibler Gruul! The following lists are sorted into two categories. First are decks that have the exact same 60 main-deck cards that Brian Kibler used to go undefeated in the Standard portion of last week's World Championships. Second are other decks. Both categories make up half of the winning lists, that is, the Gruul deck won half of all Trials. Quite an astonishing feat!

Sepp Jansen


Per Carlsson


Mihai Birsan


Florian Hüpper


Frank van Rijn


Natalia Stankiewicz


George Perikleous


David Gonzáles


Neil Rigby


Yi-liu Liu


Ola Håkansson


Lukas Jurnicek


Mathias Mangenot


Peter Semenov


Christoph Reuss-Klingmüller