Day 1 Grand Prix Washington D.C. Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on November 16, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

The largest North American Legacy Grand Prix gives way to a pretty large Day 2 field. 235 battle-hardened players escaped from the nearly 1,700 that started the day, including seven players with pristine 9-0 records.

No. 20 Craig Wescoe, Andrew Cuneo, Mike Nyberg, Ted McCluskie, Chas Hinkle, Wayne Polimine, and Rudy Briksza may not be in the Top 8 yet, but an undefeated Day 1 is a pretty good start. Dustin Droggitis and Denis Ulanov also maneuvered through the field with nary a loss, clocking in at 8-0-1.

And though many ranked and well-known names fell by the wayside in the final round, there're plenty of top Pros still in the hunt. No. 10 Sam Black is the highest ranked player left, with No. 13 Eric Froehlich, No. 16 Brian Kibler, No. 22 Owen Turtenwald, and No. 25 Christian Calcano all making the cut as well. Other notable names to make the cut include Chris Pikula, Todd Anderson, Gaudenis Vidugiris, and Tomoharu Saito.

But with a wide-open field, nary a dominant deck to be found, and six rounds in front of us, it's just about anyone's game. Tune in Sunday as we bring you six rounds on the way to the Top 8 and the crowning of the champion of Grand Prix D.C. 2013.

GP Washington D.C. Winning Qualifier Decklists

by Adam Styborski

Qualifier #1 - Marcel Shautz - RUG Delver

Qualifier #2 - Allen Crispin - Lands

Qualifier #3 - Mark Benning - Death and Taxes

Qualifier #4 - Alex Bertoncini - Esper Deathblade

Qualifier #5 - Lewis Laskin - Counterbalance

Qualifier #6 - Oren Ginsberg - Jund

Qualifier #7 - Matthew Orfanello - Ad Nauseam Tendrils

Qualifier #8 - Christian Espensen - Death and Taxes

Qualifier #9 - Matthew Parker - RUG Delver

Qualifier #10 - Ian Hendry - RUG Delver

Qualifier #11 - Branden Thoma - Death and Taxes

Qualifier #12 - Kyle Pittleman - Slivers