Day 1 Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on April 17, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Over 190 teams have descended on the Nation's capital (okay, just to the west of the capital in Chantilly, VA but let's not quibble) for the only North American Team Limited Grand Prix of the season. With over 600 players at the similarly formatted Grand Prix in Bochum, Germany there are close to 1,200 players in the middle of Grand Prix action this weekend.

Among the teams here you can find The Brockafellars and Zabutan Nemonaut. The former made up of William Jensen, Brock Parker, and Matt Linde won the last Team Pro Tour. The latter team of Michael Turian, Gary Wise and Eugene Harvey finished in the Top 4 of the very same tournament. Much has been made in recent coverage about the impending retirement of Michael Turian but his teammate Gary Wise is also looking to close out his illustrious Magic career with a strong finish this weekend.

Of course everyone knows that Magic retirement is like the death of a comic book character--it is only a matter of time before they come back. There are more than a few guest appearances this weekend straight from the back-issue bin. Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz and his brother Dan are teamed with recently reinstated Joseph 'Mouth' Kambourakis as Word of Mouth. Chris Pikula, Igor Frayman, and Chris Manning are also here as Katzless in DC--referring to former PT LA Top 8 competitor Adam Katz.

These players will have eight rounds of Team Sealed to cope with today. Each team received two Mirrodin Starters and four Darksteel boosters to build three decks that they will wield for the first four rounds. After the fourth round there will be a second set of cards will be handed out to build new decks. The Top Twenty teams will advance to three rounds of Team Rochester Draft tomorrow to determine the Final Four. From there two more Rochester Drafts will ultimately reveal a team of champions.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend to follow all the action with your favorite Magic heroes from the past, present, and possibly the future.

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