Day 1 Photo Essay

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2011

By Craig Gibson and Josh Bennett

Welcome to Philadelphia, host of this year's third Pro Tour! The fusion of old and new architecture suggests Planar Chaos, or perhaps an episode of Fringe.
Inside the action is furious and it's a Who's Who of talent. Fans of Where's Waldo can try to find a Hall of Famer and two players talked up as future Hall of Famers.
Dave Williams poses with Hall of Fame contender Patrick Chapin and a sideboard.
The one and only Meddling Mage, Chris Pikula, who has pledged any winnings from this weekend to the new Finkel-fronted scholarship charity, Gamers Helping Gamers.
Newly elected Hall of Famer Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz, one of the original greats of Magic.
For some reason, Martin Juza can't help but be adorable.
A true master, Yuuya Watanabe is riding the momentum of his win at Grand Prix Pittsburgh last weekend.
Jon Finkel runs the calculations.
Behind the scenes, it's the people wearing these who make the tournament happen. Well, they aren't all like this one. This one has Lego.
Your diligent Judges, keeping the Pro Tour fair... and awesome!
Even further behind the scenes, coverage staff labors to bring you all the action. Here, coverage manager Greg Collins mentors Blake Rasmussen and Steve Sadin on the fine art of feature match selection.
Rules Manager Matt Tabak and Level 5 Judge Sheldon Menery are out spellslinging. Naturally, they prefer Commander.
Ryan Spain, Senior designer for Magic Digital, is spellslinging as well, doing his best in the unfamiliar "real world."
Head of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe is caught in the grip of something truly diabolical.
Somehow, things get even worse from there.
Meanwhile, the Pro Tour has shifted to M12 draft. Table 1 is under the coverage microscope.
Luis Scott-Vargas rattled off another 5-0 in Constructed, then showed his usual callous disregard for mana bases in Limited.
Sebastian Thaler is offended at having to play with such good cards.
Josh Utter-Leyton shows bemusement at his deck's duplicates.
Visiting artist Eric Deschamps poses with his Grand Abolisher.
Steven Belledin is here too. Check out the full art for Surgical Extraction!
Bonus points for both the mohawk and the Liliana Vess shirt.
Oh, you guys didn't know? Yeah, Chandra Nalaar decided to show up this weekend. Please don't make her mad. I'm having such a good time not being on fire.

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