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Saturday, September 10: 12:07 pm - Round 6: Wilco Pinkster vs. Mathijs van Wageningen

Both players are at 12 points (just one loss so far) in the race for top 8. This is a Black-White mirror match from draft pod 3. A total of 5 players were drafting white in this pod and 4 players drafting black, so their decks might be a little short on depth. We first have to wait on the deck-check before the game can start.

Wilco Pinkster

Game 1

Wilco will start this game and brings a Hand of Cruelty to the table. This is actually one of the better creatures in this matchup, so that is a good one! Descendent of Kiyomaro for Matthijs is real nice too, so a standoff is created soon. Wilco has to make sure his hand is bigger, so Waking Nightmare takes care of that. Kitsune Blademaster and Mothrider Samurai for Mathijs, Innocence Kami and Torii Watchward for Wilco enforce their positions. The Watchward receives a Cage of Hands and Matthijs starts being the aggressor. Wilco keeps tapping the Descendent, so Mothrider can fly over for some damage. Another flyer (Eiganjo Free Riders) joins the party for Matthijs, so this becomes the new tap-target for Innocence Kami. Wilco has Nezumi Graverobber which can flip real soon, so there is some nice card advantage for him. Matthijs makes a Hired Muscle which could get fearsome, because Wilco only has 2 black men in play. Wilco is now trying to rush his way through the defense of Matthijs and soon the standings become 8 life for both players.

Wilco has gotten up to 7 creatures now and gives 2 of his men Pro-white with Moonlit Strider (recurred with the Graverobber). Together with a Moonwing Moth and the hand of Cruelty they attack for the final kill. Innocence Kami has won him the game, it actually was a seventh pick which is really weird considering the fact that 5 players where drafting white!

Game 2

Matthijs on the play this game brings a Nezumi Ronin to the field, followed the next turn by a Kitsune Blademaster. Wilco has Long Forgotten Gohei and Befouls the Blademaster before it can go to the red zone. Matthijs adds Split tail Miko and the Ronin keeps attacking (Wilco down to 14).

Moonwing Moth and Hundred-Talon Kami are Wilco's first creatures. Ronin attacks into the Kami, Matthijs has Hundred-Talon Strike to make the Ronin 5/2 First Strike, but Wilco has a better Plow Through Reito which makes his flying Kami 5/6. Matthijs then plays a Cage of Hands on the Kami to hold of half of the attacks through the air. Wilco is starting to bring more and more creatures to play (Hand of Cruelty and Shinen of Stars Light, followed by Skullmane Baku), Matthijs plays Descendent of Kiyomaro and Ogre Marauder. When the Marauder attacks, Cage of Hands is returned to prevent losing this important card… Wilco decides to take the beatings like a man and doesn't sac a creature. Wilco is now at 8 life, Matthijs is standing on 12. The next time this happens, Wilco decides to block the Marauder and get rid of that threat in exchange for the sacrificed Shinen. The troops are refreshed by Moonlit Strider and Skullsnatcher for Matthijs, Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker for Wilco which isn't that spectacular at this point in the game.

Mathijs van Wageningen

Wilco gets rid of the Split-Tail Miko by playing a Hundred-Talon Strike without any attacks going on, so Skullmane Baku can finally get a counter. When he finds Kabuto Moth on his next turn, that really seemed a wasted action. He can't complain though, because he now has twice as many creatures as his opponent. Matthijs goes down to 5 life. Next attack, Wilco goes in with 2 flyers and the Hand of Cruelty, one of the flyers becomes blocked by Curtain of Light so Matthijs goes down to a single point of life. He needs a Final Judgment or a white Myojin to clear the field, but hasn't got those cards. He could have killed his opponent on the next turn by bouncing and playing the Cage on Wilco's only remaining black creature, giving Pro white to the Descendant and playing his Charge Across the Araba. He forgot to bounce his Cage at the end of Wilco's turn, so he didn't have enough mana on his turn to do this.

Wilco wins 2-0

Wilco wins this match mostly due to his Hand of Cruelty which was there to hold of Matthijs's Descendent both games. After the match it becomes clear that all white players had good decks, so the white cardpool was big enough to support 5 players.

Saturday, September 10: 12:40 pm - Round 6: Tom van der Logt vs. Jeroen Remie

Another example of the high level of this Dutch championship, former world champion Tom van der Logt takes on Jeroen Remie. Both players are in the top of the standings, having lost only one match up to now, and both drafted a blue white deck with lots of enchantments, tricks and flyers, so this should be a very good match.

Tom van der Logt

Game 1

Tom starts and Jeroen complains he never wins a die roll against him. Both players keep there opening seven.
Tom has a Kami of the Ancient Law, and follows with a Moonwing Moth. Jeroen has a Waxmane Baku, but goes to 14 life already. A Nagao will help, but Tom has a Genju of the Falls to take to the air even more. Jeroen goes to 9, but has a Kami of the Ancient Law to take care of the Genju.
The Moonwing strikes again, Nagao takes revenge, 12-7 in lives.

Jeroen adds a Moonlit Strider but still has no defence against the moth. Tom builds a wall with 2 Minamo Scrollkeepers. Nagao comes in again, 8-5 in lifes now. Jeroen knows Tom has 2 Indomitable Wills, so he has to be careful. A Moonwing Moth comes down to stop Tom's airforce. He taps Toms Moth with a Waxmane counter to prevent an attack, he has to be careful at 5 life. Kami of the Ancient aw attacks, Moonlit strider blocks , without a risk it seems but Tom has double Indomitable Will to kill the Strider and make a very large Kami.

Jeroen goes into action now, tapping toms Scrollkeeper and Moonwing Moth with Waxmane counters and coming in with exactly 8 damage for a win which didn't seem likely for a long time.

Game 2

Tom opens with the blue Genju again, but Jeroen has the Kami of Ancient Law. He takes the flying beats though, and follows up with Waxmane Baku and a Soratami Mirror-Guard. Tom has a Moonwing Moth and Hikari, Twilight Guardian. Jeroen makes his own legend in Azami, lady of Scrolls, with the Mirror-Guard as extra wizard.

The Mirror-Guard blocks the Genju, and draws a card on his way to the graveyard.

Tom has a Split Tail Miko, Jeroen makes a Torii Watchward, and attacks with the Baku and Kami. He taps Toms Hikari before the Moth attacks. Lives are 10-9 in Tom's advantage. He adds a Shinen of the Flight Wings to his board, having the Genju in hand but only one island. Jeroen keeps drawing extra cards with Azami, while the Watchward and Kami attack Tom to 5 life, and he has another biggie in Kami of the Tattered Shoji.

Tom's attack is again foiled by the Waxmane, Hikari attacks and get's an Indomitable Will. It's crunch time now. Jeroen plays a Moonlit Strider and a Moonbow Illusionist, adding another counter on his Waxmane to tap the Shinen this time, daring Tom to attack with Hikari. With 5 life left Tom has to be careful, but attacks with Hikari and Moonwing Moth, knowing he will lose a long game to Azami. Moonwing blocks Hikari and gets pro white from the strider.

Jeroen has 9 lands and plenty cards now, but can't seem to get the upper hand just yet, also being careful at only 7 life. He fears a Charge Across the Araba from Tom, guessing he has it in hand. He attacks with Moonbow Illusionist, the Torii and Kami of the Ancient Law. He has his own Indomitable Will for the blocked Kami of the Ancient Law, but Toms Kami kills that.
Both Kami's die in battle. During Tom's upkeep the Illusionist makes a Swamp from one of Tom's plains to make a Charge a little less impressive. Tom attacks with all his flyers, the Shinen gets through to put Jeroen on 4 and Tom has a Heart of Light for Jeroens Watchward.

Despite drawing 2 cards a turn Jeroen's board is not looking good against Tom's air force, with only the Illusionist left in the air. The Torii attacks despite the Heart of Light, but Tom doesn't fall for it, blocking with a Scrollkeeper. Sure enough Jeroen has a Mistblade Shinobi, now not so impressive. The air force comes in again, Teferi's Verdict targets the Moonwing Moth, Illusionist blocks Hikari, but Tom does have the Charge to take the game.
Jeroen 1 - Tom 1

Game 3

Only 15 minutes left on the clock for game 3, Jeroen starts and keeps his 7, as does Tom.

Jeroen opens with the Kami of Ancient Law again, Tom has no 2 drop this time. He does have an Opal Eye turn 3, Jeroen attacks and puts a Ninja in play to bounce it.
Moonwing and Opal Eye return. Jeroen attacks again with the Kami and Moonwing, Tom blocks but Jeroen has a Plow to kill Opal Eye. A Moonwing Moth for Tom, he also has a Cage of Hands for the Kami of Ancient Law. The Kami eats the Cage, allowing Tom to add his Genju to the board.
Jeroen has Azami again, but with 10 minutes left not much time for a long game.

Jeroen Remie

Tom attacks with Genju, Moonwing and Kami, Jeroen is in a tough spot, with Indomitable Will he shouldn't block, but a Charge would kill him if he doesn't.
He blocks and there is no Indomitable Will. Tom adds a Torii and attacks, Jeroen blocks with his Torii, this time Tom has the Will to punish him.
A Kami of the Ancient Law kills the Genju, and he has his own Genju of the Fence to stop the bleeding, Moonwing Moth attacks, a Plow would be good but Jeroen has a Hundred Talon Strike for his Genju, gaining enough to stay alive. 15-3 to Tom.

A Waxmane Baku is very useful. Ninja chumps the big Torii, but then Nagano decides to show up to help with the defence.
Moonwing attacks Jeroen to 3 life. And Tom has his power legend, Hikari.

Nagano and Genju attack, Watchward blocks Genju, Jeroen gains some life to go to 7 and has Soratami Mirror-Guard.
Jeroen blocks both attackers from Tom, losing 2 creatures and 2 life from this attack, 11-5 in life standings now. Tom adds another Illusionist. He also has an Indomitable Will for the Moth, but that gets a Thoughtbind. Jeroen has a Floodbringer to chump Hikari again. Time is called with a 7-7 score. Tom alpha strikes, Jeroen has to block not to die from Charge, he draws 2 cards from his dieing wizards, and Tom has Heart of Light for Nagao.

With only the white Genju this doesn't look good for Jeroen, Genju attacks, and gains him 8 life. He is clearly looking to get a draw from this one now.

The flyers come in, 7-7 again. Genju attacks to bring Jeroen to 15 again and Tom can't kill him in time, so a draw it is. Both players feel they could have won, Jeroen in game 2 and Tom in game 3, but in the end they have to settle for 1 point.

Saturday, September 10: 1:32 pm - Draft 2 Report: Bram Snepvangers

Bram has only had 1 loss in this event so far, sharing third place with 7 other players. All picks Bram makes will be noted on the left, with other playable cards noted behind that.

Bram Snepvangers

== Champions of Kamigawa booster ==
Ronin Houndmaster - Gutwrencher Oni, Cruel Deceiver, Rend Spirit
Kodama's might - Sosuke, Kami of the Hunt, Gibbering Kami
Frostwielder - Hearth Kami, Serpent Skin
Akki Coalflinger - Burr Grafter, Scuttling Death, Feral Deceiver, Kitsune Blademaster
Yamabushi Storm - Innocence Kami
Unearthly Blizzard - Commune with Nature
Orochi Ranger
Hearth Kami - Matsu-Tribe Decoy
Kitsune Riftwalker - Orochi Leafcaller
Last 4 cards: Wear Away, Orochi Leafcaller, Crushing Pain

After this booster Bram is definitely on red and Probably on green. This is one of the good color combinations, but so far it is not really that good. He'll need some fine cards in the next booster to stay on this color combination. It is still possible to switch the green for another color if there is a bomb card in his next booster.

== Betrayers of Kamigawa booster ==
Genju of the Cedars - Blazing Shoal, Frost Wielder
Torrent of Stone - Matsu-Tribe Sniper
Sakura-Tribe Springcaller - Roar of Jukai
Blademane Baku - nothing even remotely playable else
Ronin Warclub - Goblin cohort
Goblin Cohort - Traproot Kami
Shinka Gatekeeper - Enshrined Memories
Shinka Gatekeeper - Enshrined Memories
Harbringer of Spring - Overblaze, Petalmane Baku
Traproot Kami
Last 5 cards: nothing

Bram has got 16 playable cards so far. After picking up the green Genju, his colors were definitely confirmed. Still the cards are not really good, so Saviors must have some good red and green cards to save Bram's deck.

== Saviors of Kamigawa booster ==
Akki Underling - Godo's Irregulars
Inner Calm, Outer Strength - Molting Skin, Yuki Onna, Akki Underling
Akki Underling - Scroll of Origins, Glitterfang
Oni of Wild Places - Okina Nightwatch, Ronin Cavekeeper
Akki Drillmaster - Promised Kannushi
Sokenzan Spellblade - Okina Nightwatch
Akki Drillmaster - Glitterfang
Ronin Cavekeeper - Sakura -Tribe Scout
Sakura -Tribe Scout
Last 5 cards: nothing except 2 hatedrafted Cowed by Wisdom's

Bram is not happy at all with this deck. He stayed on his colors, but the cards just weren't showing up. Now he has too many mediocre creatures and too little removal spells.
His curve is looking good, but the 3-mana slot could have been a lot better.

This is the final deck that will be played by Bram:

Bram Snepvangers

Download Arena Decklist

Saturday, September 10: 2:09 pm - Round 7: Frank van den Hanenberg vs. Bram Snepvangers

Game 1

Bram Snepvangers

Bram opens with 2 mountains and Hankyu, against 2 forest from Frank, Frank has a Kami of the Hunt against an Aki Coalflinger , Bram ads a Shinka Gatekeeper. Frank attacks with the Kami and replaces it with a bounce ninja, bouncing the gatekeeper. Frank adds a burr grafter and attacks, the ninja is blocked by the gatekeeper. Bram has a Ronin Houndmaster and attacks with all his creatures, this is a real slugfest. The burr Grafter trades with the Gatekeeper. Frank has an ideas unbound, not really helping in this creature race, he has a very land heavy draw, with 3 lands to throw away at end of turn.

A Lifespinner puts him in a bit better position and he attacks with his Kami of the Hunt. Bram adds an Akki Underling, looks like he has a monored deck with lots of aggressive creatures. He is stuck on 3 land so maybe he has some more powerful spells left in hand. A Venerable Kumo from Frank indicates his draft could have gone better, he is UG but playing some mediocre cards.

Bram still has no land but does have a Heart Kami and a Goblin Cohort , having more creatures but staring at a few bigger blockers from Frank. Frank adds an Elder Pine of Jukai and a Petalmane Baku, flipping no lands. He attacks with Lifespinner and Kami of the Hunt. Bram double blocks both, losing 3 creatures to Frank's 2.Bram draws another mountain, and has a Frostwielder. He complains a bit though, indicating he does have a second colour which he is missing at this moment.

Frank keeps attacking to take advantage of this, Kumo and Elder attack, the Elder turning into Ninja of the Deep Hour, losing Kumo, which returns the Burr Grafter. He plays a Guardian of Solitude, which draws a Torrent of Stone. Frank attacks again, getting enough damage trough to kill Frank with unchecked growth.

Game 2

No mulligans, Frank opens with Petalmane Baku, but again Bram is lacking lands, stuck on 2 mountains instead of 3 this time. Proves things can always get worse I guess. Again he has the pretty much useless Hankyu, Frank attacks and brings Ninja of the Deep Hour. He is playing a bit sloppy though, but has the excuse he had to mob his flooded basement until 4.30 tonight.

He has the happy duo Elder Pine and Hana Onna now, but has some difficulty with the stack, with Bram not helping much off course. Finally, Bram gets his first forest, but now Frank is playing bigger beasts with Nightsoil Kami and a Guardian of solitude. The Nightsoil starts flying, bringing Bram to 7 life. Bram has some blockers now, but the guardian is causing a problem. Frank attacks again, but this time also with the Guardian! I guess he makes the mistake thinking it flies, an Akki Underling proves it doesn't and blocks and kills it. Torrent of Stone targets the Nightsoil Kami. Mistblade Shinobi comes to bounce Frostwielder. After all was done, Bram was on 4 life with not much on the board After Frank drew for his next turn Bram notices Frank has a lot of cards in hand, it looks like he played an Ideas Unbound last turn without discarding, oeps. The judge comes over and makes him discard 3 cards at random, much to his dislike, but since it is the head judge their isn't much room for discussion.

Frank van den Hanenberg

He losses 2 lands and the Petalmane, exactly the cards he wanted to discard! How lucky, and undeserved as he claims himself. Bram is having a great time, still hanging in there at 4 life, with Frank getting more troubled by the turn. He has some more green monsters, but Bram is getting on a roll now, casting 2 creatures a turn , having enough blockers now to stop Franks attack and Hankyu getting into action now, it looks Frank threw away a game he couldn't lose.

Bram is on the attack now, he has to hurry not to lose this match 1-0 . A Ronin Cavekeeper starts attacking, and Frank needs a lot of time deciding how to block, earning him another warning from the judge , and 3 minutes extra for Bram to kill him.

Finally Nightsoil Kami blocks, but the Cavekeeper gets first strike from an Akki Coalflinger to kill it. Frank is really in trouble now, very depressed about his play and the way this game went, he could still pull this of though. Bram is killing creatures with Hankyu now and Frank makes a few more mistakes attacking when he shouldn't. Time is called with Frank on 14 life , but Bram doesn't need any more turns , killing Frank with an Unearthly Blizzard and a grow spell. This game proves never to give up, even when it looks like you lost, and to get to bed in time when you're playing a national championship!

Final score Frank 1 - Bram 1

Frank van den Hanenberg

Download Arena Decklist

Bram Snepvangers

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Saturday, September 10: 2:26 pm - Round 7: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Tom van der Logt

Kamiel Cornelissen

Once again two big ducthies are paired against each other. Kamiel is ninth on the Lifetime Pro-points list and Tom is the World Champion of 2001. Both players are still in the race for the top 8, but a loss will probably eliminate these players from achieving that goal.

Game 1

Tom wins the roll and starts off, Kamiel has to take a mulligan. Tom starts the beating with Frostling and turn 2 Orochi Sustainer , turn 3 brings him Frost Wielder. On turn 3 Kamiel plays Akki Underminer. Tom beats with his Frostling and Sustainer willing to trade any of them for the Akki Underminer. Kamiel trades for the Sustainer, Tom's next play is Order of the Sacred Bell. Kamiel plays No Dachi and says go. Next up for Tom is Jiwari, the Earth Aflame. This game looks over if you ask me, since Kamiel decides to play nothing in his turn. Next turn Kamiel concedes the game.

Game 2

Tom van der Logt

Kamiel starts but he has no play the first 2 turns. On turn 3 he plays Orochi Ranger, Tom has Akki Underminer on his side. They trade their creatures, but Kamiel has no play on turn 4 while Tom plays Cunning Bandit and a Frostling putting a counter on the Bandit. Kamiel has no 5th land and plays a Ronin Warclub, but no creatures! To make it even worse for Kamiel, Tom plays his 2nd and 3rd spirit named Blademane Baku and Glitterfang. Now the Bandit had 3 counters on it, and the game does not look good for Kamiel. He did manage to find his 5th land and plays Sokenzan Bruiser. Tom gains control of it in his turn with the Bandit and uses Soulblast to finish the game and match.

Final result 2-0 Tom

Saturday, September 10: 3:01 pm - Round 8: Rogier Maaten vs. Niels Noorlander

Rogier has been on the Dutch team for two years in a row now. He has already bean beaten twice in this event, so to make the team again he must be careful to not spoil too much points anymore. Niels is a very good player who hasn't made a strong international appearance yet, but this guy will probably get there within a few years.

Niels is playing Red-Blue while Rogier brings Blue-Black to the table. Both players are at 15 points so they should win this game to stay in the race for top 8.

Game 1

Rogier opens with Shape Stealer and Teardrop Kami, Niels has Minamo Scrollkeeper and Blademane Baku. The first real threat (Shinen of Flight's Wings) is immediately removed from the game due to Yamabushi's Flame. Then Sokenzan Spellblade joins the party for Niels, which receives a Freed form the Reel to get tapped every turn. Also Nezumi Graverobber joins Rogier's forces and the next turn it is flipped. Soratami Mirror-Guard and Shinen of Flight's Wings join the side for Niels.

A Burning Eye Zubera is another good threat, and the beatings are applied in the direction of Rogier who is now at 8 life. Rogier can make a Sire of the Storm, but therefore he has to tap out. Niels thinks hard how he can kill Rogier this turn, but he can't find the way. Shinen trades for Sire and the Blademade gets through thanks to the Mirror-Guard unblockable ability.

Niels adds another Sokenzan to his team, which also receives the Freed from the Reel treatment. Mirror-Guard and the Blademane bring Rogier to 3 points of life and he can't get rid of the Guard, so it's time to scoop and shuffle.

Niels 1 - Rogier 0

Game 2

Rogier takes the mulligan with a 1 land hand, his second being much better with a turn 1 Teardrop Kami and 3 lands. Niels has Minamo Sightbender and Shinka Gatekeeper which start the beating. Shimmering Glasskite for Rogier is traded soon with Soratami Mirror-Guard, and Burning Eye Zubera adds to the Onslaught that Niels is bringing. Rogier tries to gain some card advantage with Sire of the Storm, but that is killed by Yamabushi's Flame. The next attack brings Rogier down to 6 life and Niels plays a Blademane Baku to overwhelm Rogier with his single creature on the table. He finds nothing that can save him now, so that's game boys and girls.

Niels wins 2-0

Saturday, September 10: 3:54 pm - Round 8: Rudy Meijer vs. Jasper Bongaards

Rudy is playing a black-white deck, Jasper is playing white-blue. Rudy is currently at 6-1, Jasper is undefeated this weekend at 6-0-1. Both players have no pro-points, but are playing really well this weekend. The winner of this match has a big shot at making Top 8.

Game 1

Rudy starts with a Devoted Retainer, Jasper has a Soratami Rainshaper. Kiku's Shadow stops the Rainshaper, and Rudy plays a Yukora. Jaspers Kitsune Riftwalker sees play. Rudy plays Kemuri-Onna, discarding a Plow Through Reito. Jasper Ninjutsus Ninja of the Deep Hours. Jasper plays Hundred-Talon Kami, which meets rend spirit.
Rudy then attacks with his 3 creatures, the Riftwalker and the Ninja block the Kemuri-Onna. A Hand of honor enters play, and Rudy passes the turn. Jasper plays nothing, Rudy topdecks a white Honden. Jasper says that this could be a long game. Jasper plays a Genju of the Fields, a Moonwing Moth, and a Shape Stealer. Rudy plays a Moonlit strider. The Moonwing Moth attacks and Rudy topdecks land. Jasper Ninjutsus, switching a Moonwing Moth for another Ninja of the Deep Hours. He also plays a Kami of False Hope. Rudy plays a second Moonlit Strider, and passes the turn again. While both have a lot of creatures, neither one seems to find a hole.

Jasper activates his genju 5 times, gaining him back a lot of life. Rudy plays Terashi's verdict on the attacking moth, and Jasper goes back to 22. Jasper attacks with his Genju again, activating him 3 times. Rudy blocks with the Yukora, and Jasper replays the Genju. Rudy shows does some Ninjutsu of his own, switching a Lantern Kami for a Okiba-Gang Shinobi. Jasper laughs when Rudy plays his own Genju of the Fields. Rudy attacks with his Genju, Jasper blocks with the Genju. Rudy is only able to activate the Genju 3 times, while Jasper can activate the Genju 4 times. Both players now have more than 30 life. Deja-vu, Rudy attacks, activates 4 times, Jasper activates 5 times.

Jasper plays a Rushing-Tide Zubera. Rudy attacks again, bringing him to 56 life, while Jasper has 49 life. The Genju attack-block keep going for 3 turn, until one of the players finally finds something useful. Jasper draws Split-tail Miko. The Miko will be able to stop Rudy's life gaining by preventing the genus's damage. Jasper draws another good card: Yosei, The Morning Star. While Rudy is at 84 life, Jasper (currently at 72) attack with his Yosei, pumped by a Indomitable will. Rudy counts both decks, Ninja of the Deep Hours makes Jasper the player with fewer cards in his deck. Jasper topdecks Kiri-Onna, attempting to bounce the Yukora. Rudy still has 2 Moonlit Strider in play, giving the Yukora protection from blue. Jasper attacks and plays a Hundred-Talon Strike, bouncing his Onna. He plays the Onna again, making Rudy sacrifice his second Moonlit Strider. Rudy attacks with his Genju, activated 5 times, and he plays a Plow trough Reito, making the Genju 9/12, giving Rudy 45 life, bringing him to 111 life. Jasper plays a Blessed Breath, only to bounce his Onna. Jasper plays his Onna again, making Rudy sacrifice al his creatures. Rudy topdecks his Horobi's Whisper a turn too late. Rudy whispers the Dragon and plays a Kitsune Blademaster. Jasper plays Freed From The Real, tapping Rudy's Blademaster. Jasper attacks for 13, Rudy goes to 88 life. Jasper counts the card in his deck, looks at the creatures in play, and scoops.

Rudy 1-0 Jasper.

Game 2

Both players side in against the Genju: Rudy sides in a Terashi's Grasp, Jasper sides in a Terashi's Grasp and a Quiet Purity.

Jasper mulligans to 6, Rudy keeps his hand.

Rudy starts with a Devoted Retainer, and a Shinen Of Stars Light. Jasper hardcasts Ninja of the deep hours. Rudy knocks Jasper to 15 life, and plays a Moonlit Strider. Jasper plays another Ninja Of The Deep Hours. Rudy plays a Kemuri-Onna, and attacks, reducing Jasper's life to 13. Jasper attacks with his ninja's, Rudy blocks one of the ninja's with his Kemuri-Onna, and the other one with the Retainer and the Moonlit Strider, attempting to kill both Ninja's, Jasper plays a Hundred-Talon Strike on the ninja blocked by the Kemuri-Onna, attempting to save one of his creatures, but Rudy sacrifices his Moonlit Strider to give the Kemuri-Onna protection from blue. Jasper plays a Moonbow Illusionist, and Rudy plays another Moonlit Strider, bouncing his Kemuri-Onna. Rudy attacks again, leaving Jasper at only 5 life, and plays his Onna again, discarding Jasper's swamp. Next turn, Rudy uses Kiku's Shadow on Jasper's only blocker, and Jasper scoops.

Rudy 2-0 Jasper.


Rudy Meijer

Download Arena Decklist

Jasper Bongaards

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Saturday, September 10: 4:27 pm - Round 9: Rudy Meijer vs. Wilco Pinkster

Wilco Pinkster

These players are at the top of the standings at this moment with 21 points each.
Rudy has a good Black & White deck, while Wilco has an insane removal heavy Blue & Black deck with Kagemaro, First to Suffer as the bomb.

Game 1

Rudy starts with Hand of Honor, while Wilco plays a Bloodthirsty Ogre. The Hand is ninjutsued back by Okiba-Gang Shinobi, Wilco discards 2 Befouls! Wilco then has a Scrouge of Numai, so his can Ogre can get active from this point on. Rudy brings Shinen of Stars Light and the hand of Honor. Rudy's Shinobi gets a Clutch and next turn the Shinen dies by the Ogre's ability. Innocence Kami for Rudy is next, but that one dies from a Swallowing Plague. Rudy has to kill the Ogre with a Kiku's Shadow before it gets out of control and plays a Lantern Kami. Scuttling Death joins Wilco's team and then the insanity starts with Kiri-Onna and Kemuri-Onna. Bouncing and discarding is no fun on the troops for Rudy. He can finish Wilco with a Plow Through Reito on his Hand of Honor, killing him exactly.

Game 2

Wilco starts this game but has no plays in the first 4 turns. The first card to get in play is a fourth turn Yukora the Prisoner for Rudy, but that one is bounced by Kiri-Onna. Rend Spirit is taking care of the Onna. Wilco's Scuttling Death for Wilco, while Hand of Honor and Honden of Cleansing Fire are next in line for Rudy. Wilco is not happy to see these 2 cards.

Rudy Meijer

The Hand is once again ninjutsued for the Okiba-Gang Shinobi and an untapped Hand comes back to play. Kemuri Onna for Rudy throws another card from Wilco's hand, and a Clutch of Kagemaro can't kill that guy before Wilco gets another draw. Then Rudy has a Choice of Damnations which is doing 5 damage. Wilco has a Gutwrencher Oni to try to outrace Rudy's white Honden, and Rudy can play another Kemuri-Onna. Wilco responds by returning 2 creatures from the graveyard with Death Denied before discarding 1 of those cards. He has to discard some card for his Oni too, so the card disadvantage is summing up now. Wilco is going down fast, while Rudy stays on a healty life total. Wilco can get rid of the Hand of Honor with a Hideous Laughter, but a that moment a is already at 1 life. Yukora is than played as the last card in this match, which will finally kill Wilco. Hand of Honor was the king in this match.

Rudy wins 2-0

Wilco Pinkster

Download Arena Decklist

Rudy Meijer

Download Arena Decklist

Saturday, September 10: 4:56 pm - Round 9: Julien Nuiten vs. Jelger Wiegersma

Julien Nuijten

Another good one on table 1 , starter is decided by rolling 5 dies, with Julien winning 15-14. No mulligans and we're of, Julien starting with Ishi-Ishi and a Shinen or Fury's Fire. Jelger has a Split Tale Miko witch chumps Ishi-Ishi and follows with Kataki, War's Wage. Julien has a lot of tiny creatures, attacking fast with everything, Jelger is stuck on a plain and an island but manages to play some smaller creatures. Julien has a Frostwielder to ping of some blockers. Kami of the Fire's Roar and Blademane Baku are ready to attack, but first Jelger surprises Julien by attacking with his Devoted Retainer and Araba Mothrider. He blocks the Retainer but Jelger has a Plow through Reito to save it.

Julien stay's on 4 mountains with a full hand, lacking forests. Jelger has a Moonlit Strider, Frostwielder keeps killing his 1 toughness creatures though.
Finally a forest for Julien, and he plays a Burr Grafter. Life totals are 14-14, Jelger has a Kabuto Moth but that dies to a Yamabushi's Flame, he follows it with a Kami of the Painted Road. Julien keeps attacking, taking Jelger to 9. With 4 creatures on the other side and only a Araba Mothrider he doesn't see any chances left and scoops them up.

Julien 1- Jelger 0

Game 2

Again Ishi-Ishi for Julien, no mana problems this time luckily. Turn 4 Jelger has his first play with a Descendent of Soratami, Jules brings a Matsu-tribe Sniper and a Kami of the Fire's Roar. Turn 5 is a good one for Jelger with a blue Honden, he follows up with a Faithful Squire and a Kabuto Moth. Spiraling Ember takes care of the Squire, and the Moth dies to the sniper.

Jelger is taking a lot of damage from Ishi-Ishi, and he is on 12 already with Julien still on 20. Moonlit Strider costs another 2 life, Torii Watchward attacks. The Sniper blocks and is regenerated with Molten Skin. Another 2 life from a Kami of the Painted Road, Jelger is on 8 life but his board is much better the Julien's. He attacks with both 3/3 spirits, Julien takes them and goes to 14. A Ghostly Prison gives Jelger some extra protection. No play for Julien, and in come the spirits again, Julien tries to kill one but Veil of Secrecy prevents that.

With Jelger drawing 2 a turn and looking at his top 7 cards with , as Julien calls it , his supertop it looks likely he will take this game. His attack takes Julien to 5. then he had enough and scoops them up, taking the match to a deciding third game.

Game 3

The top players assemble, discussing what goes on in the tournament. Most of them are already on 3 losses, making it hard to get to the top 8 with 3 rounds of constructed to go. This time a fast start for Jelger , with Kataki , Devoted Retainer and Kami of the False Hope.

But Julien has the Frostwielder again, but gets a bit careless, blocking a retainer, trying to regenerate it with molten Skin and losing it to veil of secrecy, this could prove costly and he is clearly not happy with his play, as he could have regenerated the Frostwielder before blockers. He has a Kami of the Fire's Roar, Burr Grafter and Frostling , Jelger adds Torii Watchward.

Jelger Wiegersma

Jelger looks to be a little flooded with lands, only playing a plains, and Julien starts attacking him, adding a Rootrunner to his board. Julien starts to use molten skin to the max now, giving a regeneration shield to a creatures, replaying it and attacking, getting some damage through. Life totals are 12-12 now.

Jelger has 2 3/3 spirits to stop the assault, but he decides not to block a Rootrunner and goes to 9, then Julien has a Mannichi , the Fevered Dream, witch doesn't do much at this moment since all creatures power/toughness are equal. Jelger has to star chumping Juliens attackers, who can regenerate his blocked creatures after the damage. His board is crumbling down, but he returns with a Kabuto Moth, a Faithful Squire and a Kami of the False Hope, flipping the Squire.

But Julien has the Spiraling Embers to finish him of and go to 14 points and stay in contention for a top 8 spot.

Final result Julien Nuiten 2 - Jelger Wiegersma 1

Saturday, September 10: 5:30 pm - Round 10: Douwe van Noordenburg vs. Alex Rutten

This match could bring one of these players close to a Top 8 place. Douwe has Aggro Red and Alex is playing BlueTron. Both players are not internationally known, although Douwe has played on Pro Tour Venice in 2003.

Game 1

Douwe van Noordenburg

Douwe tries a Slith Firewalker but that one is shown a Condescent. Alex then plays a Sensei's Divining Top which is an essential card for the BlueTron Deck. Next turn Douwe plays Seething Song for a Hearth Kami and a Molten Rain, the first gets through while the second is Mana Leaked. Douwe attacks and gives the turn, in which Alex brings a quick Meloku to the table. This one is hit by Magma Jet and Shock at the end of the same turn, so it was probably a little early to do this. Yuki-Onna takes care of a Mox from Alex, so he is down to 4 mana. Douwe keeps beating and has another Magma Jet. Alex goes down to 7 on the next turn, in which he bounces Yuki-Onna with an Echoing Truth. Genju of the Spires gets Annuled, Molten Rain is Mana Leaked and a turn later Yuki-Onna is Condescended. At 5 life, Alex finally makes a creature (Solemn Simulacrum), but that one is destroyed by Yuki-Onna number 2.
Alex makes a desperate attempt to find his third Tron-part with Thirst for Knowledge and his Top, but this fails.

Douwe boards in 3 different artifact removal cards, 5 land destruction spells (3 Sowing Salt, 2 Boiling Seas) alongside a Pithing Needle and a Genju of the Spires.
Out go all 4 Arc Slogger's, 2 Seething Song, 2 Vulshok Sorcerer, a Shock and a Frostling.

Alex removes 3 Tops, a Condescend, a Solemn Simulacrum and 3 Mindslavers from his deck.
For these cards he brings in 4 Sun Droplet and 4 Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch.

Game 2

Alex can start this game and has to take the road to Paris, but Douwes hand is quite low on lands. Topdeck Blinkmoth Nexus and Mountain in a row make it a great hand to play with though. The First turn Frostling is joined in battle on the second turn by a Slith Firewalker. Alex has a Chrome Mox which he desperately needs because he only has Tron parts on his side of the field. He can't do that though, because he can't counter a Hearth Kami which kills the Mox. Alex plays Echoing Truth to bounce the Slith, but Douwe can now play his Red Genju without fear of a counter. The Genju is a beating and Alex dies real fast to this clock.
Douwe wins 2-0 and has become a candidate for top 8 with a 8-2 record.

Saturday, September 10: 5:55 pm - Round 10: Jeroen Remie vs Koen Dekker

Lets find out if Jeroen is able to make top 8 again.

Jeroen wins the roll and starts, Koen has to mulligan to 6 cards.

Koen Dekker

Jeroen has turn 1 Vail, Koen has Frostling. Turn 2 Ravenous Rats from Jeroen that makes Koen discard chrome Mox, Koen has heart Kami next. Jeroen has turn 3 the bigger rat, Chittering rats. Koen attacks with both creatures and jeroen trades Frostling for Ravenous Rats. Koen has 1 more Frostling at the end of turn Jeroen puts a Shortfang out of his vail. Koen kills it with the Frostling. The players go on with some draw go action. While koen starts beating with a nexus. Jeroen has a 2nd c. rats for some more card advantage and now he starts beating back with the 2 rats. Koen plays Vulshok sorcerer but it gets rend fleshed. Now there is a sword of fire and ice, but there is no problem for Jeroen since his Vail has 3 counters and he plays shaman in order to get rid of the sword of fire and ice. Koen next threat is Genju of the spires. An 2nd Shortfang turn up at Jeroen's side, but there also is a sword of fire and ice for Koen. Jeroen flips his Shortfang in his main phase. Now Koen gets 3 damage in his upkeep and is to far behind to win that game.


There is a lot sideboarding for jeroen, he put in some terror's and naturalize and yukora what is some very good tech against koen's mono red deck.

Game 2

Koen starts with 7 cards, but Jeroen goes down to 6 this time.
Turn 1 brings heart kami in play for koen and starts the beating. The next turn koen's hand is empty by playing needle on jitte, genju and frostling. The next attack, jeroen has devour in shadow to kill heart kami. Koen replaces it for a vulshok sorcerer, jeroen has terror for it. Jeroen has a c. rats to trade for a mountain that was enchanted with the genju. Next the is a yukora, the prisoner from jeroen and a shaman to destroy the needle. That leaves koen with a nexus equipt with the sword of fire and ice, killing the shaman and drawing a card. Since jeroen has no more removeal left for the sword of fire and ice this does not look good for him. jeroen now goes down to 2 lives because of the genju. Koen's looks in good shape but jeroen has rend flesh to get rid of an equipt nexus. The next turn jeroen casts a needle on frostling. And plays jitte equips and attacks. Koen has needle for the jitte. The next play of koen is not that good he tries to equip the genju with his sword of fire and ice. After that he concedes.

Final result 2-0 Jeroen

Now the holding champ is still in the race for top8

Saturday, September 10: 6:37 pm - Unbelievable strories

Have you ever witnessed a White Weenie mirror match resulting in a win by decking the opponent and ending in a draw? This may be the weirdest magic story in any standard tournament.
Karel de Haas had already won the first game within something like 10 minutes. His opponent (Frits van Varik) started in the second game and this would result in him winning that game due to the fact that he was drawing his cards 1 turn later.
Karel had the edge with Eight and a Half Tails and Jitte on the table, but Frits had some Glorious Anthems and Worships on the field. For each creature Karel wanted to kill, he had to attack twice before being able to do so. When you consider that Frits played many creatures including Raise the Alarm (2 critters in 1 card), you see the problem arising over here. Karel simply couldn't kill enough creatures fast enough before he would draw his final card! Frits brought all 4 Worships from his sideboard, while Karel only had 2 Terashi's Grasps to destroy enchantments. When Karel couldn't draw any more cards, there was not enough time left to play another game!
They both thought this would be a quicky, as White Weenie mirror matches tend to be, but they never saw this coming from a mile away!

Frank Kartsten gets tricky with Twincast.

Frank Karsten had a good plan to make all his Tooth & Nail opponents think that he was playing Twincast, so they would board out their Tooth's. At the start of the tournament on Friday, he was asking everybody and their friends if he could borrow some Twincast's. This would make them believe that he was playing that card in his sideboard, while in fact he did not have any of them at all. Before the tournament started he had gathered 12 Twincast's, so now he would have that edge in that match!
By now almost everybody knows about this trick, so he could come clean and give all cards back to their owners… but not before making this nice shot!

Saturday, September 10: 6:52 pm - Round 11: Matthijs van Wageningen vs. Ruud Warmenhoven

Matthijs van Wageningen

This is the deciding match for these players… the one who fails to win will be out of top 8 contention. Both players already have 3 losses behind their name, so this is playing at the edge. Ruud has had a disastrous day 1 constructed performance by going 0-3, but is one of the few players who had a clear 6-0 draft record. This could be the kind of comeback that Julien Nuijten made last year, who had a 1-3 start in the tournament and then went on winning everything until the finals (where he was beaten by Jeroen Remie).

Game 1

Ruud starts with Jushi Apprentice, while Matthijs has the opposite of that in Nezumi Shortfang. Ravenous Rats is followed by that an extra Joshi is discarded. Vedalken Shackles is next for Ruud so Matthijs has to take care of that soon. Blackmail makes Ruud discard a Rewind, but the following Viridian Shaman gets the Mana Leak. A The table gets cleared when Umezawa's Jitte hits play, the Ravenous Rat attacks in the Shackeled Shortfang and the counters are used to kill Jushi. Ruud has another Shackles an Oblivion Stone and a Spire Golem. Pithing Needle for Matthijs is played on Vedalken Shackles and Nezumi Shortfang to reload the Jitte.

Matthijs is trying to force Ruud to blow up his Stone by playing some more threats before Ruud is able to give all 3 permanents a fate counter. Now the Golem has to take 1 for the team. Two Joshi Apprentices and an activated Stalking Stone against a clear board seems like a played game and so it turns out to be in just a few turns!
Ruud 1 - Matthijs 0

Ruud boards in 2 Culling Scales, 1 Pithing Needle, 2 Meloku, 1 Oblivion Stone.
For this he takes out 3 Hinder, 2 Rewind and 1 Annul. Counters are not that good in this match.

Matthijs removes his three Jitte's for 2 Sink into Takenuma and a Viridian Shaman..

Ruud Warmenhoven

Game 2

Ruud takes the mulligan but has a nice turn 2 Joshi Apprentice. Matthijs has the perfect answer with a Pithing Needle, followed by Sword of Fire and Ice. Ruud than has to swing his man, kind of a strange thing to do with a Joshi. Ravenous Rats forces to discard a Mana Leak and the Rat gets really attached to the Sword… but not for long, because Boomerang bounces it. That one is Hindered on the return, but Matthijs has another one with which he kills the apprentice. Meanwhile, Ruud has played Culling Scales and Oblivion Stone, but his hand is stripped bare. Matthijs forces Ruud to blow up his Oblivion Stone and we are back to a clear table. Stalking Stones and Joshi for Ruud are being held of by a Skull Collecter that is bouncing itself for a few turns. Thirst then gets a Shackles and a Spire Golem, so the advantage is back to Ruud. Matthijs has got a Viridian Shaman to deal with the Shackles, but Ruud is drawing a lot of cards with Jushi. That is somewhat dealt with by Ravenous Rat which start to bounce in and out, but the good cards get played as soon as possible anyway. Another Shaman takes care of the Golem, but with a Thirst for Knowledge both previously destroyed artifacts come off the top at the end of that turn.

We are at a final breakthrough when Ruud finds his Meloku, Matthijs scoops when he hasn't found an answer on his next turn.

Saturday, September 10: 7:26 pm - Round 11: Didier Deurloo vs. Jeroen Remie

These players know each other very well, and are not happy to be paired against each other. They are both on 22 points and need a win to stay in the running for top 8. They think about a draw, but that would mean they have to win both next round to have some advantage, so they decide to play for it, and let faith decide. The winner will be able to draw into top 8.

Game 1

Jeroen opens with a Jitte, Didier has a Urza's mine and a top, which he spins in his upkeep.

A good first threat for Jeroen in de old school Hypnotic Specter, its still nice to see him flying again on a high level tournament. A nexus gets the Jitte , and attacks with Hyppie, taking a annul from Didier.

He has a Thirst for knowledge, discarding 2 Serum Visions. Again hyppie and a Jitte wearing Nexus come over, this time for 7 damage and taking a condescend. Another thirst for Knowledge discarding Memnarch gives Didier not the final Tron piece he is looking for, in Jeroens next attack he has an Echoing Truth for the Hyppie, taking another 5 from the Nexus and Jitte. A Nezumi Shortfang gets countered, and Jeroens board is empty with only the Nexus left to attack. But Didier has no answer for the Nexus and the next attack takes him to exactly zero life.

Jeroen 1 - Didier 0

Game 2

This time Jeroen has to take a mulligan, having a 6 land hand. His 6 cards are better. A Shortfang draws a Mana Leak, and he stays on 2 land with no play in turn 3. A Pithing Needle on top resolves, and a turn 5 Meloku gets a Terror, a lot of gas with 2 lands. Didier has a culling scales, Jeroen answer with Hypnotic Specter, but that doesn't resolve. Didier has one card in hand so the Ravenous Rats from Jeroen forces him to use his top to get a second (the Pithing Needle died to culling Scales), he then plays Thirst for Knowledge discarding the top, and counters the rat with a Condescend. He has a second top though.

A Nezumi Shortfang resolves, Aether Vial too. Again Didier can't complete his tron, but he has enough mana for a Shackles to take over the Shortfang.
A second Hyppie resolves and Didier untaps his Shackles to take that one instead. He rather decides what to discard than do it at random.
Shortfang turns into Okiba-Gang Shinobi though, costing him 2 Solemn Simulacrum from his hand, taking him to 17. He has another culling scales which kills the Vial, and finally finds an Urza's Mine to complete his tron.

Jeroen Remie

He attacks with Hyppie netting a Viridian Shaman from Jeroens hand. Okiba and a Nexus attack, but Didier is playing empty handed now. Shackles takes over the Hyppie again, Jeroen kills it with a rend Flesh, but Didier puts his top on top and counters the rend with a Condescend. Culling Scales kills the Hyppie,
Shackles tries to take a Nexus, Okiba attacks but gets bounced by Echoing truth. Culling Scales commits suicide , much to Jeroens liking, but Didier finds Meloku on top of his library. Jeroen has a Pithing Needle for it, in response Didier makes 5 tokens, so Jeroen puts the Needle on Divining Top and plays a Shortfang, not so threatening now Didier has his hand full of lands. Shortfang attacks and gets joined by a Hyppie.
Jeroen awaits the next attack from Meloku and friends and scoops them up.

Jeroen 1 - Didier 1

After game 2 they start negotiating again, both are uncertain about the match-up, and they decide to take their changes in the last round , deciding to draw this round.

Saturday, September 10: 7:41 pm - Round 12: Jeroen Remie vs. Tom van der Logt

Jeroen Remie

Again things are very uncertain at the top of the standings, Tom is unlikely to make it in with a win, and Jeroen definitely is so Tom is considering to scoop to Jeroen . Since the other tables are uncertain yet they start the game and decide to see what happens. The match-up is in Jeroens advantage , after some more deliberation and some math they are really sure Tom cant make it in, and Tom decides to be a gentleman and give the win to Jeroen.
So the reigning Dutch champion has another shot at the title, he is sure of a spot in the top 8 now it seems.

Since this was a very short match i decide to switch to another game where decisions are on the line, Didier Deurlo and Koen Dekker both have a chance to make the top 8 with a win. Didier is playing Blue tron, Koen plays Flores Red.

Saturday, September 10: 7:59 pm - Round 12: Didier Deurloo vs. Koen Dekker

Tom van der Logt

Game 1

I am a bit late off course, i come to the table with Didier countering a seething song from Koen. Koen has a Genju of the Spires and a Heart Kami, he plays a Zo-Zu the Punisher but that draws a condescend from Didier.

The Genju and Heart Kami attack, and Didier goes to 8 life. Koen has only one card left but Didier has to find an answer. He plays a Solemn Simulacrum to block, but the last card from Koen is an Arc Slogger. So now he has even more problems. He plays a shackles and takes over the Arc Slogger, which shoots him once in response. Heart Kami destroys the Shackles, and Arc Slogger shoots Didier 3 times to put him at exactly 0 lives.

Didier 0 - Koen 1

Game 2

No mulligans, Didier starts with Serum Visions, Koen has the fine opening of Mountain, Mox, removing Arc Slogger and Slith Firewalker, putting the pressure on Didier again. This time he got some answers from his sideboard with double Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch. Koen ads a heart Kami to his board and tries to destroy Didier's power plant, but he has the Condescend to prevent that too. With 19 lives, complete Tron and now a Triskelion too things are looking good for him. A shatter destroys the Trisk, but Didier has a good replacement in Meloku. A Shrapnel Blast on Meloku gets foiled by a Echoing Truth , and Koen plays his last card, another Slith. Meloku returns, and brings a few friends, so now Didier starts attacking. A last ditch effort Pithing Needle gets an Annul , and that is enough for Koen.

Didier 1 - Koen 1

This is it, the final game of the Swiss rounds, and deciding who gets a shot at the title or at least a place on the Dutch team at the world championships!
The tension is high, both players sideboard in silence, but a judge offering to get some drinks breaks the ice and were having a lot of fun visioning judges in black tie and a tray with drinks, with bells on the table to get there attention. After all this it is still time for game 3 though, here we go

Game 3

Koen gets to start this time, important for him with his fast deck that has to kill Didier before he gets the mana to play his powerful legends. Unfortunately for him he has to take a mulligan, against his habit Didier has to pump the fist this time, with all that's at stake. No Slith for Koen this time, Didier does have a Serum Vision. Turn 2 Koen has a tough time to decide what to do, he chooses to play a Mox imprinting a Slith, and a Sword of Fire and Ice, a dangerous card for Didier.

A 3rd turn Zo-Zu gets countered, but a Nexus resolves off course, ready to wield the Sword, and invulnerable to Didier's Echoing Truth. Didier gets thirsty again, this time for knowledge, discarding a Serum Visions and Kajin of the Vanishing Touch, which will be unable to block the Nexus anyway. Nexus gets the Sword and attacks Didier to 15, he has another Thirst, this time discarding a top.

Then he has an answer to the Sword in Oblivian Stone. A Molten Rain on Urza's Tower gets Condescended, but Koen pays for that, taking Didier to 13. The Nexus attacks without Sword, 20-12. Koen has a Pithing Needle, Didier says :comes into play, ability on the stack, but the judge intervenes saying it doesn't go on the stack, he gets to use his Stone anyway since there isn't a card called for the Needle yet. That becomes Triskelion, and Koen has a Genju and attacks Didier to 5.

Koen has another Sword, but Didier has the Annul, Meloku chumps the Genju, and Didier plays a Culling Scales, which is, well a bit late it seems.
Molten rain on Urzas Mine gets Mana leak, Nexus attacks Didier to 4 . Culling Scales Destroys the Needle, and Didier has a Trisk to keep the Nexus at bay.
End of turn Koen has a Magma Jet, but Didier has the Condescend. Then Koen finishes it of with a Pithing Needle on Triskelion and the Genju he still had left. The Genju attacks Didier to -2 and puts him out of the top 8. This doesn't mean Koen is in though, and Koen asks him to scoop to give him a top 8 spot. He does and so Didier has a good chance to get in, but strange enough that would be at the cost of Jeroen Remie who is in 8th place now. Jeroen is obviously not happy with this, ending in the ninth place after all, and unable to defend is title tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10: 8:40 pm - Round 12: Wessel Oomens vs. Frank Roelofs

The winner of this match is definitely in the top 8. This coverage is made at the same time as the coverage for the match of Bas Postema against Ruud Warmenhoven, so it might be possible that some minor plays get missed. We wil see a Aggro Red mirror match, in which it could go both ways.

Game 1

Wessel Oomens

Both players keep their hand. Frank starts with a Slith on turn 2 and on turn 3, both are killed by Magma Jets on their second attack. Both players have a Zo-Zu on their next turn, canceling each other out.

Wessel has his third Magma Jet to take care of a Hearth Kami, improving his draws for a third time. The Blinkmoth Nexus from Wessel is burnt by a Magma Jet from Frank, but Shrapnel Blast prevents the scrying effect and does some nice damage too. With the next turn hasted Genju, even more damage is dealt to Frank.

Many more creatures try to make the table after that, but everything gets blasted as soon as they arrive. Wessel has more removal than Frank so he finally can get some guys to stick on the table. This results in him winning the game.

Game 2

Frank starts the second game with Slith Firwalker on turn 2, Magma Jet takes care of the problem once again. Hearth Kami for Frank is killed by Vulshok Sorcerer and Frostling finishes off the Sorcerer. Wessel has a Granite Shard which kills a second Hearth Kami, but Shatter clears the Shard from the table. Another Sorcerer for Wessel and Frank makes an Arc Slogger. This one bites the dust thanks to Shrapnel Blast, while the Sorcerer has outlived his stay on the table (yet again a Jet). Frank can this time bring a Sorcerer, but that guy meets the same Jet-fate. Granite Shard seems to stick better for him though.

A Genju of the Spires is not that good against this killing machine, but with 2 Nexus on the table one can get though each turn. This stops when Frank can play another Sorcerer… but as you already guessed that one is taken care of soon enough. When Wessel finds a Shatter he can swing with the 6/1 spirit, bringing Frank to 2 life. When he shows a Chrome Mox and a Shrapnel Blast, Frank knows it's scooping time.

Wessel wins this mirror match 2-0 and can come back tomorrow to try to become the next Dutch Champ.

Saturday, September 10: 9:02 pm - Round 12: Ruud van Warmenhoven vs. Bas Postema

Ruud van Warmenhoven

Two pro-players will decide which one gets to play another day. Ruud is playing BlueTron, while Bas has brought Tooth and Nail.

Game 1

Both players keep their hand, Bas has a Top and then plays Sylvan Scrying searching for a second Tron part. Ruud makes a Joshi Apprentice on his second turn and then Bas searches another land with Sylvan Scrying, this time getting Boseiju. A Witness retrieves the Sylvan Scrying next. On turn 6 Bas plays Tooth & Nail Entwinedand gets Kiki-Jiki and Eternal Witness, putting Kiki-Jiki and a Sundering Titan in play. Level 5 Judge Jaap Brouwers interferes with the match when a minor stacking mistake happens and Ruud is not really happy with the outcome. Two of his lands get destroyed and a third will also be destroyed at the end of this turn, so his chances have become small to be able to win this game. He simply scoops.

Game 2

Bas has another first turn Top, Ruud plays Joshi. Boseiju comes of the top of Bas deck, so it can go to work early again. Sylvan Scrying gets a second Tron Part and Sakura Tribe Elder helps to speed up his Forests.

Ruud plays Acquire to find the Sundering Titan, this time on his side so that seems a lot more fair to him. After that a Spire Golem is added to his team.
On the next turn Bas can resolve a Tooth and Nail, getting Viridian Shaman and Eternal Witness, putting Kiki-Jiki and Eternal Witness in play which retrieves the Tooth and Nail. At end of turn a Witness copy gets the Sakura-Tribe Elder. Ruud attacks with the Spire Golem and plays Pithing Needle on Kiki-Jiki.

Bas Postema

Bas plays the same Tooth and gets 2 Viridian Shamans, putting 1 Shaman and a Witness in play, destroying the Needle and retrieving Tooth and Nail. Kiki-Jiki copies a Shaman which destroys the Sundering Titan. Totally tapped out, Bas can attack with two Witnesses to bring Ruud down to 15 life. When Ruud can only play another Jushi on his turn, after drawing a card with his brother, it seems that he doesn't have any answers (Oblivion Stone would be nice).

Bas copies Eternal Witness in his turn, retrieving Sundering Titan. Again the same Tooth gets played for Witness and Shaman, Sundering Titan and Shaman come into play, destroying some land and the Spire Golem. Four 2-power creatures attack and Ruud can't do anything about this state of the game. He scoops.

Bas wins 2-0 and has placed himselves in the Dutch Nationals top 8.

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