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Posted in Event Coverage on September 10, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast



Sunday, Sept 10: 11:15 a.m. - Round 5: Piet Marbus vs. Douwe van Noordenburng

Game 1

Golgari Brownscale

Piet was not very happy about his 2 muligans this game, but he kept his 5 card hand. Douwe feels comfortable with Golgari Brownscale on turn 3. Piet has a turn 4 Ostiary thrull followed by a Courier hawk that starts attacking for him. Douwe cast a turn 5 Castigate, when his black mana was online. Piet flashed a Gathering Courarge and Tatterad drake. Douwe prefers to put the drake in the Removed From Game pile. He chooses the drake and followed up with a Sporeback Troll. Piet starts attacking with the thrull and Hawk to keep pressure on Douwe's life totals and adds another Ostlary thrull to the board. In 1 turn douwe re-established the board with a last gasp on a thrull and wildsize his own attacker. Next turn Douwe adds a seal of doom to the board. The life points are now 10-8 in favor for Douwe. Piet attacks only with the hawk. In his 2nd main phase Piet casts a blind hunter to his board, which brings Douwe to 7. Douwe swings again to bring Piet to 6 and casts a fist of ironwood, which became 1/1, because he gave a +1 +1 counter on a token. Piet casts a civic wayfinder and a Plumes to keep the Golgari Brownscale tapped. In his next 2 attack phases he only serves with the hunter leaving a wayfinder, thrull and plain untapped. Douwe just draws a card from his drawphase and passes the turn.Douwe only drew cards in search for an answer but wasn't able to find anything relevant so that was game.
Piet 1 - Douwe 0
When the players were shuffling up for game 2, Piet asked : "Did you only draw a lot of land this game or...", Douwe responded by that with "well it sure seemed like it".

Game 2

They both kept their opening seven and Piet started the game with a terrarion while Douwe played a first turn Plagued Rusalka. Piet plays a third turn Shrieking Grotesque. Douwe keeps swinging with the rusulka and played a Seal of doom, followed by Cytospawn Shambler. Piet plays a 5th turn Blind hunter bringing Douwe to 14. Douwe can't seem to find anything usefull at all, so to keep his life at a manageable level he trades his rusalka with the grotesque. Two thrull's in a row for Piet was bad news for Douwe. The board was hunter, thrull for Piet and a Cytospawn Shambler for Douwe. Piet taps the huge man and plays a Plumes of Peace on it. In Douwes own turn he played a nightmare void discarding piet's own Cytospawn Shambler. Piet attacks with his 2 creatures, but the 3 damage of that get prevented by withstand. In his 2nd mainphase Piet playes a skelletal vampire. Douwe responded by that with "nice" and inmediatly scooped. Piet beats The champ with 2-0.

Sunday, Sept 10: 12:02 p.m. - Drafting with Kamiel Cornelissen

This is by far the toughest pod to be in, with players like Julien Nuyten, Rogier Maaten and Kamiel himself. Two players are 6-0, the rest have a 5-1 record so far. The cards Kamiel picks are on the left side with his other considerations after that. Cards within Parenthesis didn't make the final deck.

Booster 1
1: Mouth of Ronom; Scrying Sheets; Simic Brawler; Boreal Centaur
2: Adakar Windform; White Shield Crusader; Boreal Druid
3: Skred; Gutless Ghoul; Rune Snag;
4: Frost Raptor; Juniper Order Ranger
5: Snow Island, Gutless Ghoul
6: Frost Marsh; Boreal Griffin; Chilling Shade
7: Rimewind Taskmage; Balduvian Frostwaker
8: Rune Snag; Snow Plains; Commandeer; Controvert
9: (Feast of Flesh); Vanish Into Memory; Surging Aether
10: Rimebound Dead; Rune Snag
11: Rune Snag
12: Thermal Flux
13-15: -

Scrying Sheets

Booster 2
1: Scrying Sheets; Skred; Chill to the Bone
2: Skred; Ohran Yeti; Stalking Yeti
3: Blizzard Specter; Thermopod
4: Skred; Surging Flame
5: Tresserhorn Sinks; Greater Stone Spirit
6: (Chilling Shade); Karplusan Minotaur; Rimebound Dead
7: (Thermopod)
8: (Surging Aether); Orcish Bloodpainter
9: Snow Mountain; Rune Snag
10: Grim Harvest; Controvert
11: Rimebound Dead
12: Survivor of the Unseen; Controvert
13: Thermal Flux
14-15: -

Booster 3
1: Zombie Musher; Thermopod
2: Chill to the Bone; Frozen Solid
3: (Surging Flame); Gutless Ghoul
4: Gutless Ghoul; Grim Harvest
5: Gutless Ghoul; Feast of Flesh; Surging Aether
6: Boreal Shelf ; Gutless Ghoul
7: Grim Harvest; Gutless Ghoul
8: (Flashfreeze); Feast of Fleash
9: Balduvian Frostwaker
10: Rune Snag
11: (Balduvian Frostwaker)
12: (Surging Aether)
13-15: -

Kamiel has so much removal that he has even left some in his sideboard. Furthermore he has some nice flyers, but no real big ground pounders. His Rimebound Dead's seems key to stall the ground battle. Two Grim Harvest combined with two Gutless Ghoul's does make a nice combo though, keeping his life high while coming over through the air. This will probably be enough to get at least a 2-1 record, staying in the race for the top 8.

Sunday, Sept 10: 1:18 p.m. - Round 6: Rudy Meijer vs. Roy Thijsen

Rudy is a player known in Holland for always playing a deck no one expects in constructed, and drafting a lot of colors in limited. Last year he got in to the top 8 at the nationals playing a mono-green aggro deck with Might Of Oaks, and drafting five colors in limited (in Kamigawa block!). Last Tuesday, when I asked him what he was going to play this year, he said he wanted to play a Ink-Treader Nephilim deck with Mortify, Lightning Helix and even Quickchange! At the last moment, he chose to play a different kind of deck, but luckily for him, there still is limited. His first few picks were Lightning Helix, Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran, Brightflame, Boros Signet and Conclave Equenaut, but then he got a sixth pick brainspoil, a pretty obvious signal from the players on his right. The second booster started with Niv-Mizzet, so he wanted to go red-blue-white again, but then he got some more signals from his left in the form of a second pick Mortify, third pick Seize The Soul and a fourth pick Ostiary Thrull. He still didn't know which way he wanted to go, until his seventh and eight pick came: 2 Ink-Treader Nephilims! Time for Rudy to make his costructed deck in limited! The last booster he tried to get as many fixing as possible, which he did pretty well with 3 signet and a bounceland from that booster.

Here's the full decklist:

Rudy Meijer

Download Arena Decklist

Roy Thijsen is a local Dutch player, he's a trader more than he is a player, and he's pretty good at both. When he fails at a tournament, you'll mostly see him opening booster boxes in the corner of the room.

Game 1

Soulsworn Jury

Roy starts. Rudy keeps a hand with an Entropic Eidolon, a Lighting Helix, a Mistral Charger, an Ink-Treader Nephilim, a Simic Signet, and two lands. Rudy has the first play with a turn two Signet, Roy plays a Plagued Rasulka on turn 3. Rudy has a turn 3 Nephilim, and he attacks with it on turn 4, and he plays the Eidolon. Roy has a blocker in the form of Dimir House Guard. Rudy draws his second Nephilim, and they aren't even legendary! Rudy plays an Equanaut, Roy doesn't seem to have an answer for the flyer. Rudy tries to keep it that way by playing a Soulsworn Jury with a blue and a green open. The flyer keeps attacking, and Roy still hasn't found an answer, and he's now only at 7 life. Rudy attacks again, sacrifices his Eidolon for 1 point of dame, and plays a Helix for the kill.

Rudy 1 - Roy 0

Roy starts again, and Rudy keeps a hand with Argus Kos, Sieze The Soul, Ostiary Thrull, Signet, and a Vedalken Entrancer. Roy plays Rusulka on turn 1 this time, and Rudy plays a turn 2 Signet, but he doensn't draw land, so he has to play a turn 3 Mistral Strider instead of a 4-drop. Mistral Strider gets traded for the Rusulka. Rudy plays a turn 4 Eidolon, and claims it's the best card in his deck. Ostiary Thrull followed by a Conclave Equanaut are next in line. Roy only has 3 swamps and plays a -4/-1 on the eidolon before he finally topdecks that desperately needed 4th land to play a pillory of the sleepless on the equanaut. Rudy then plays Argus Kos. An Eidolon is discarded by him due to a Shrieking Grotesque. Sparkmage kills the grotesque and rudy kicks the mana-short Roy to 3. Roy finally finds an island, plays a house guard and a Strider to try to stay alive. Rudy has to think for some time, but Roy helps him by tapping Rudy's plains and Thrull to tap his own creature, and scoops it up. Rudy said he wanted to make the kill in style instead on such an obvious way because this match was being covered!

Rudy wins 2-0

Sunday, Sept 10: 1:35 p.m. - Round 7: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Johnny Niemeyer

Kamiel has been on top of the game for a real long time now. Not many players in the world can match his performance. Kamiel brings his RUB removal heavy deck and Johnny has a fast Blue-Red deck with a load of Krovikan Mists which can become big threats in a hurry.

Game 1

Kamiel starts and Skreds the first two creatures that hit play from Johnny. Scrying Sheets finds him an extra card and two Frost Raptors trade to clear the board. Krovikan Mist and Martyr of Forst for Johnny and Rimebound Dead + another Scryed card for Kamiel. Johnny plays Krovikan Mist 2 and beats. When he plays a third on the next turn, one of the attacking Mists is killed by a Mouth of Ronom.

Johhny keeps hitting with his flyers and Kamiel finds a third Snowy card in a row after playing Gutless Ghoul. That one is Adakar Windform which stalls Johnny's attacks.
Grim Harvest retrieves a Frost Raptor and Johnny can't do very much with his cards.
Luckily for him Kamiel misses the next three cards with his Scrying Sheets. He goes down in a hurry though, so it's time to scoop up and try again next game.

Kamiel 1 - Johnny 0

Game 2

Rimebound Dead

Kamiel took out his 3 Rune Snags for 2 extra removal cards and a Chilling Shade because Johnny has a faster deck and is on the play this game. Karplusan Wolverine and Goblin Furrier start beating before a Mist hits play. That one receives a Feast of Flesh treatment, but the other dudes are left alone and can come through for more damage. Gutless Ghoul then holds off the Furrier, but the Wolverine is able to keep on beating. Adarkar Windform is next in line for Kamiel and the beatings grind to a halt. Now it's Kamiels turn to go to the dome. Rimebound Dead should be able to hold the fort for him and Chilling Shade is added a turn later.

Johnny still can't do very much because he needs a second island. Krovikan Mist doesn't stay long, because Kamiel saved a Skred for that. Surging Flame on the Ghoul doesn't find another but still forces Kamiel to sac that creature. He is going down in a hurry and scoops them up.

Kamiel wins 2-0

Sunday, Sept 10: 4:13 p.m. - Round 7: Wessel Oomens vs. Frank Karsten

The worst deck ever or the funniest deck ever?
Both players are 5/1 and where sitting next to each other in the draft. Frank was sitting on Wessels right side and loves to draft the Julien-deck ("always be green"). He started with white when he opened a Sunscour and went green (and red) afterwards. He changed colors a few times and wasn't really white until he got shipped his second Sunscour in booster 3. Frank claimed it was the worst deck ever. His deck looks interesting though with 2 Skreds, 3 Gelid Shackles, 2 Sunscours, 2 Into the North, 2 Aurochs Herds and 4 (!) Allosaurus Riders. His hope is to survive the early game (and the color-screw) and take the late game with his big creatures. Wessel´s deck is a lot more straightforward. He went for the Kjeldoran War Cry´s (he got 4 of them) and drafted blue flyers (with 4 Krovikan Mists and 1 Adarkar Windform) with a few white creatures. His draft was a bit hurt by the white cards that Frank took. He got a Frozen Solid 13th of Frank which Wessel thinks is very good and Frank thinks is also a 13th pick. Both players weren´t that satisfied with their decks.
During shuffling they kept talking about what happened during the draft. Wessel won the die roll and started with an island. Frank plays Forest, Bureal Druid and Bauble which makes Wessel wonder if he will meet a flipped Erayo this game. Wessel plays a Krovikan Mist followed by a Squall Drifter. The Bauble showed one of Wessels ´bad´ cards (a Frozen solid which went on the Druid). Wessel plays a few flying creatures but Frank cant match these. When he finally can block with a Frostweb Spider. Wessel uses one of his War Cry´s and they shuffle up for game 2 while Frank complains about his manabase.

Wessel 1-0 Frank


Wessel brings in a Flashfreeze for a Frozen Solid and during shuffling they analyze the first game. "Good Luck" said Frank `and you too with your manabase` answered Wessel. Frank ships his first hand and isn't that exited about his second either but keeps it anyway. Frank plays some lands but cant do anything. Wessel plays a Squall Drifter, 2 Mist´s and a Surging Sentinel with War Cry backup. `Please Frank play something` says Wessel when Frank starts to laugh about this crazy turn. He plays Sunscour discarding 2 white cards and could cast an Allosaurus Rider with the discarding of 2 green cards. He plays a Druid instead followed up by 2 Auroch Herds which Wessel cant match.

Wessel 1-1 Frank

The last game Wessel can start again and both players keep. Wessels Squall Drifter becomes Shackled and his Krovikan Mist is met by a Spider which keeps Wessel from attacking. Turn 5 Wessel plays a Boreal Griffin which is answered by a Thermopod with haste 20/16. Wessel searches his deck with a Perilous Research, plays a Kjeldoran Outrider and Flashfreezes Franks first Allosaurus Rider. Frank keeps up the pressure with 2 Aurochs Herds and attacks with them and a Boreal Griffin in a War Cry losing all 3 creatures to only 1 of Wessel. Frank had the Sunscour ready and plays 2 Allosaurus Riders afterwards which could only be met by the third and fourth War Cry on his flyer. He slammed down a Surging Sentinel from the top and resigned.

Wessel 1-2 Frank

Sunday, Sept 10: 5:04 p.m. - Metagame Breakdown

Aggro (41)
Satanic Sligh: 12
Zoo: 6
Boros: 3
BW Hand in Hand: 4
Gruul: 4
BGR Aggro: 3
Critical Mass: 2
BWG Aggro: 2
French Weenie: 2
Ghazi-Glare: 2
Mono Red Sligh: 1

Control (34)
Structure & Force: 7
UR Owl: 6
Erayo-Ninja: 3
Magnivore: 4
URzatron: 2
Solar Flare: 1
UB Snow: 1
MUC: 1
Fungus Fire: 1
Mono White: 1
UGW Legends: 1
BWR Aggro: 1
BW Tallowisp: 1
BWG Greater Good: 1
Roxodon Hierarchy: 1
UGB Counterbalance: 1
Firemane Control: 1

Tempo (22)
Snakes: 7
Go Anan is the best player (UG Aggro): 7
Sea Stompy: 6
BW Discard: 2

Combo (10)
Heartbeat: 6
Azusa (Mich-deck): 3
Greater Gifts: 1

Sunday, Sept 10: 6:22 p.m. - Round 9: Julien Nuijten vs. Rogier Maaten

Some quick beatings
Rogier has a not-so-spectacular B/G deck with some fast creatures and won the first 2 matches of the draft and is 7-1 overall. Julien is also 7-1 but lost a match in this draft and has a red deck with 4 Icefalls, 2 Martyr of Ashes and a Rimescale Dragon with a black splash for Grim Harvest and Gutless Ghoul. Rogier wins the die roll and immediately keeps his first making Julien say "You're not even thinking about it!". Julien takes 2 mulligans (keeping 4 land and a Thermopod). Rogier plays a Boreal Centaur, Phyrexian Ironfoot and a Sound the Call when Julien finally gets his first creature in Thermopod. He trades the Thermopod with the Centaur when he is at 5. A Bull Aurochs and a Aurochs Herd on the next turn make Julien realize it's better to get onto the second game.

Julien 0-1 Rogier

The second game is somewhat more interesting when Rogier has another quick start, but Julien starts to Icefall all Rogier's Forests. When Julien can get a Ohran Yeti and a Martyr of Ashes (which is sacked for 2, all Rogier's creatures die), Julien starts attacking against a creatureless opponent without forests.

Julien 1-1 Rogier

The coverage team insists on a more interesting match for his coverage, but Julien replies with a "Shut up, we're playing for top 8, that should be interesting enough.". Rogier immediately keeps his opening hand: "Thinking is for Whimps" while Julien takes a mulligan. Rogier's Boreal Druid becomes the target of a Skred. Rogier plays Boreal Centaur and a Zombie Musher. Julien plays an Icefall on a Snow-covered Forest. Rogier plays a Surging Might. Julien plays a Thermopod and Rogier his second Zombie Musher: 8-20. Thermopod attacks and isn't blocked in fear of another Martyr which would destroy the board: 8-16. Julien sacs Thermopod and plays Rimescale Dragon (he tricked Rogier into not blocking). Both Mushers bring Julien down to 2, but then Julien started to take over completely. All of Rogiers creatures became tapped and it was over in 3 more turns.

Julien 2-1 Rogier

Sunday, Sept 10: 8:18 p.m. - Round 7: Julien Nuijten vs. Christiaan Kok

Game 1

Both players take a mulligan and then keep their second hand. Julien's first hand was Yeti, Ice Fall, four lands and another spell. His second hand is 5 lands and Lightning Storm.

A turn 2 Boreal Druid is the first spell to be played. Chris misses his third land drop while Julien casts his Orcish Bloodpainter. An end of turn Swift Maneuver gives Chris an extra card at his upkeep, again no land from Chris and Julien thinks for a moment. The Bloodpainter takes care of the Druid and Goblin Rimerunner enters play with haste. Chris finally plays his third land and say's go, Rimerunner hits again.

A fourth land is found and Simian Brawler is playd by Chris, End of turn Lightning Storm takes the brawler out. Rimerunner hits again, Chris plays Boreal Druid. A second Rimerunner brings Chris down to 10 life. The fifth land provides a Juniper Order Ranger for Chris. Rimerunner is used to make blocking no option for the Ranger, the second Rimerunner comes through for damage. Kjeldoran Gargoyle comes in play and when the second one hits the field Julien scoops up his cards with three land in hand.

Julien 0-1 Christiaan

2 Cryoclasm go in Julien's deck, Gutless Ghoul and Earthen Goo go out.

Game 2

Ohran Yeti

Julien wants to start this game and keeps his first hand, Chris takes a mulligan. No third land for Julien and only 4 plains from Chris. A few turns later, Julien finds a third land and casts Cryoclasm on a plains. A second Cryoclasm is played next turn leaving Chris with only 2 plains. Julien still has two Ice Falls in hand but no second mountain, Ohran Yeti comes in play. Just a go means yeti hits again, Bloodpainter and Rimerunner make Game 2 end in a quick victory for Julien.

Julien 1-1 Christiaan

During sideboarding Julien asks Chris if he is going to side out all Plains.
No side change for both players

Game 3

Chris chooses to start Game 3 and both players keep their first hand, a few lands and a Swift Maneuver is all in the first few turns. Cryoclasm turn three and Ice Fall turn four, makes sure those big spells do not hit play anytime soon. Orcish Bloodpainter comes into play, no land for chris. Bloodpainter uses his ability and makes Ice Fall comeback and destroy another land. A Boreal Druid is the only thing Chris can play while Julien plays Rimerunner and Yeti, nothing from Chris and the Druid takes a Skred, Grim Harvest for Bloodpainter wins Julien the game.

Julien 2-1 Christiaan

Sunday, Sept 10: 8:30 p.m. - Round 8: Julien Nuijten vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Former world champion Julien Nuijten is the only one who went 7-0 Today, he has to play against Kamiel Conelissen, another very famous Dutch pro. Julien Has drafted an almost mono-red land-destruction deck with 4 maindeck Icefall, and 2 Cyroclams in his sideboard, while Kamiel drafted a blue-black snow control deck, with a red splash for 3 Skreds, and 7 snow lands, including a Mouth Of Ronom and a Scrying Sheets.

Game 1

Martyr of Ashes

Kamiel has the first play in a turn 3 Balduvian Frostwaker. Julien tries to Icefall Kamiel's Boreal Shelf, but Kamiel has a Rune Snag. Kamiel plays an Adarkar Windform, and Julien plays an Ohran Yeti. Fortunatly for Kamiel, he has a Skred for the Yeti and a Survivor Of The Unseen hits play for him as well. Julien has mass removal in the form of Martyr of Ashes, which he sacrifices, revealing one red card. Kamiel keeps playing the flyers though, a Frost Raptor hits play. Julien attacks with his Orcish Bloodpainter. The game seems to be over when Julien plays a Grimescale dragon. At least, that's what the big smile on Julien's face is telling me. Too bad he doesn't have enough snow lands to activate the dragon, so he scoops it up at 7 life.

Kamiel 1-0 Julien

Kamiel sides in a Flashfreeze, seems like he likes to play with counterspells.

Game 2

Julien has a hand with 2 Martyr of Ashes, a Yeti, and a Grim harvest. He says it's a great hand against any deck except Kamiel's, so he takes a Mulligan.

Kamiel again has the first play, a Rimewind Taskmage on turn 2. Julien tries to destroy a Boreal Shelf with a Cryoclasm, but somehow, this isn't Ravnica, and the duals aren't Islands and Plains. The next turn he takes revenge by destroying the Shelf with an Icefall. Kamiel plays chill to the bone on Julien's only creature: An Orcish Bloodpainter, mostly to make sure the Icefall can't come back. Julien finally has a target for the Cryoclasm when Kamiel plays an island on turn 6. Kamiel plays a Suvivor Of The Unseen and Julien's Ohran Yeti hits play. Julien topdecks the Dragon again, and this time he does have snowy lands, 3 of them! Kamiel has a skred though, and enough snow-covered permanents to kill the big dragon right then and there. Julien gets some damage through with a Goblin Rimerunner, but Kamiel keeps board-control. Even getting his dragon back with a Grim Harvest can't save Julien, so he scoops again.

Kamiel 2-0 Julien

Sunday, Sept 10: 8:41 p.m. - Round 10: Frank Karsten vs. Arjan van Leeuwen

The deciding phase has begon now… players with an X-2 result all make a very good chance to reach top 8, but a loss means that no more errors can be made. Frank has brought an UWB Counterbalance deck and Arjan chose to play with Wildfire.

Game 1

Muddle the Mixture

Frank wins the die roll and simply plays some lands until Arjan tries to bounce a karoo, but that one is countered by Spell Snare and Dark Confidant is his follow up. Pyroclasm takes care of the walking Arena, so he has to find another plan. Since these are two control decks facing each other, it takes a while before Court Hussar enters play (not before exchanging some counters over it though).

Arjan bounces an untapped land from Frank to be able to draw some cards with Compulsive Research and Slight of hand. Frank has two Tops after each other, while attacking with the Hussar.

Wildfire meets Muddle the Mixture, but Spell Snare makes sure that it resolves. Divining Top finds two lands bringing his total to 4 again, and Counterbalance looks quite good if Frank can find a 4 mana spell and keep that floating on top of his deck (for the Magnivores). A new Court Hussar lets him see more of his deck and Arjan doesn't have very much threatening spells so far. When Franks makes a Dark Confidant, Arjan tries to kill it with a Pyroclasm. That won't work though, because the Counterbalance is showing a Jitte on top of Frank's deck. Arjan knows he is going to lose the race and scoops.

Frank 1 - Arjan 0

Game 2

Arjan did put in some Boseiju's and opens with it. That is not a card Frank is happy to see. He has Dark Confidant, but Arjan can Slight of Hand into Pyroclasm to get rid of it before it gets out of control. Frank then makes Court Hussar followed by a second Confidant. Meanwhile a land has been destroyed by Arjan and now he can play Compulsive Research to find his next Pyroclasm!

The second and third (blue producing) lands from Frank are destroyed, because Arjan would like to play his Magnivore. Frank is in real trouble now and is out of options soon after the "Vore" enters play.

Frank 1 - Arjan 1

Game 3

Frank isn't happy with his hand but keeps his 6. Eye of Nowhere bounces a land, Frank has a Top, while Arjan does double Sleight browsing through his deck. The second Eye is Remanded, but then Stone Rain kills a land instead. Frank finds Annex but knows the Eye of Nowhere will be targeting the karoo he just stole. It is all about the control of tempo in this match. A fight over Compulsive Research illustrates this once again.

Because this interaction takes a long while, the judge watching this match gives a warning to Frank for slow play, adding 2 extra turns to the game when time has been reached. Frank then has a Grand Arbiter, which is very good in this tempo based game. Meloku is denied by Remove Soul, which is countered by Spell Snare, Then Remanded by Frank himself to be able to play it once again on the Meloku. Arjan plays a second one on the next turn, this time it gets all the way to the board. Frank finds a Jitte which could seal the deal for him. Arjan has a Shattering Spree targeting the Jitte twice and the Top once. Arjan receives a warning too, so we are getting 4 extra turns now.

Persecute strips Arjan's hand clear of Wildfire and double Pyroclasm, then Meloku for Frank kills the one of Arjan too. We are already in extra turns now an Arjan clears the board with a Wildfire, but Frank has another Meloku and that means game, set and match… in the seventh turn after time has been called!

Frank wins 2-1

Sunday, Sept 10: 8:57 p.m. - Round 11: Arjan van Leeuwen vs. Jasper de Jong

Jasper brought the German Ninja deck to this tourney, going 3-1 in the constructed part and 4-2 in limited, while Arjan stuck with the (by many dismissed) Magnivore. Both players are sitting at a 7-3 record, needing to win this round and then drawing or winning the next in order to t8.

Jasper told me that he had defeated 3 former Dutch Champs the past 2 days: Douwe, Tom v/d Logt and Jeroen Remie.

Game 1

Jasper wins the dieroll, choosing to begin, but not before they get deckchecked. After a good 15 minutes one of the judges came to get Jasper to ask him something about his sleeves. He got a warning for marked sleeves - minor and that was the end of that.

Jasper decides to mulligan his hand, and so does Arjan. Both players keep their next hand.


Jasper kicks things off with a Birds of Paradise, making another the next turn. Arjan has no turn 2 play, and Jasper attackes with his Birds - which becomes a Ninja of the Deep Hours. A sleight of Hand Reveals a Higure and a Bauble, taking the Bauble and using it on Arjan. Arjan Stone Rains a Coast after he noticed that Jasper didn't lay a 3rd land, but Jasper simply Ninjitsu's another Ninja, drawing two cards after dealing 4 damage. Arjan plays a 2/2 Magnivore in his next turn. Jasper casts another Sleight of Hand into a 3rd land, replays both Birds and passing the turn without attacking. Arjan goes draw-land-go, and Jasper does the same. Arjan draws and passes, but Jasper has an end of turn Repeal, which meets a Remand. It's draw-land-go for Jasper again, but Arjan decides to play a Compulsive Research his next turn. It meets a Mana Leak from Jasper, and Arjan decides to pay for the Leak with his 3 untapped lands. Jasper then Disrupting Shoals the draw-spell. Jasper plays a mainphase Repeal on the 'Vore and attackes with both Ninja's, kicking Arjan to 10 and netting 2 cards in the process. In Arjan's next turn, he casts Magnivore again, which Jasper Remands. Arjan simply plays it once more and passes. The 4/4 'Vore catches another Repeal, clearing the way for another attack from Jasper. In Arjan's turn, he goes for the Magnivore again, and when it resolves, he plays a second copy, which catches a Mana Leak. Jasper attacks with 2 Ninja's and a BoP, which turns into Higure for the win.

Jasper boards: +2 Commandeer, -2 Disrupting Shoal.
Arjan boards: +1 Spell Snare, -1 Magnivore

Game 2

Arjan begins this game, both players keep their hand. Jasper has no Birds this time, but simply a Bauble which he uses to look at the Shivan Reef on top of Arjan's deck. Arjan then plays an eye of Nowhere on Jasper's land. In Jasper's turn, he plays another Island and another Bauble. Arjan has the Stone Rain for Jasper's land, but Jasper has found an Oboro. In his next turn, Arjan plays a 'Vore and attacked with it for 3 damage. Jasper looks at the top card of Arjan's deck and plays Erayo. Vore swings again, and so does the Erayo the next turn, becoming a Ninja. Jasper now has 8 cards and discards a Remand. Arjan plays a Compulsive Research the next turn, discarding a Sleight of hand and a Shattering Spree. Then he plays his own Oboro to get rid of Jaspers. He tries a Pyroclasm for the Ninja but it catches a Disrupting Shoal. The 'Vore swings yet again, and it catches a counter-attack from the Ninja. The Erayo comes out to play again, but this Time Jasper has Thopter-Repeal-Thopter to flip the Erayo. It doesn't matter, as Jasper plays a Birds and a second Erayo in his next turn just to chump. It gets Spell Snared (Erayo) and then Remanded. The Magnivore gets chumped by the Birds, and Jasper plays another one the next turn. Arjan now stops attacking in order to chump the Ninja. Erayo attacks and turns into a Higure, which fetches a Ninja. Next turn Jasper makes the Higure unblockable and searches out another Ninja. Arjan goes with a Sleight of hand into the Erayo and then a Wildfire. When that spell is Remanded, Arjan scoops.

Jasper wins 2-0

Sunday, Sept 10: 9:09 p.m. - Round 12: Leon Star vs. Jasper Bongaards

This is the decider… both players are X-3 and have to win to reach that Top 8 everybody has been chasing these two days. Jasper has brought a solid Snake deck which is still unbeaten so far. Leon plays a Boros deck and has to win this match in a hurry to be able to win at all, because the snake deck will explode on him after too many turns. To ensure at least some prices, a split has been agreed on and the best player/deck will compete in the Top 8.

Game 1


We start with both players requesting a new hand, Jasper doesn't like what he sees twice more and has to start with 4 cards.

Seal of Fire killing a Sakura-Tribe Scout are followed by 2 Hand of Honours, while Jasper brings Coiling Oracle and a Sakura-Tribe Scout to the field. A third Hand joins the party and the beating are going fast. Glare of Subdual isn't too bad for Jasper, while Leon brings Jitte and Savannah Lions to the table.

Eight and a Half tails is Remanded and Coiling Oracle then reveals a Patagia Viper but he doesn't play it. Eight Tails is this time countered with a Spell Snare and Jasper is put on 3 in the following attack. This is the end of the road because Leon has got a Flames of the Blood Hand and even topdecks a Char.

Leon 1 - Jasper 0

Game 2

This time no mulligans. Jasper makes a Tribe Elder, Leon Seal of Fire and Ronom Unicorn. Turn 3 Loxodon Hierarch is a big wall, but Leon has a Jitte. Glare of Subdual means that there will not be any counters on the Jitte anytime soon, so an Isamaru and a Martyr of Ashes join the party. Now Leon can use the Unicorn on the Glare and be able to beat with an equipped Isamaru. Jasper meanwhile has a Sosuke's Summons followed by a second Glare. Char takes care of the Hierarch and the tokens killed with Jitte counters, but Patagia Viper makes sure there will be enough creatures on the table. Two misplays by Leon and a Coat of Arms for Jasper turn the game around in rapid fashion. Nothing can save Leon from going down now, so we're going to play the third game.

Leon 1 - Jasper 1

Game 3

Leon starts and brings Hand of Honour to the board, followed by Manriki Gusari. Jasper has the Elder - Hierarch opening again. A Second Manriki is all Leon can do with his two land, instead of Equipping his Hand for which he slams himselves on the head when he sees a Jiite appear out of nowhere, killing the hand immediately. Leon topdecks a Jitte, destroying the one on the opposing side. A second Jitte for Jasper means it is game over.

Jasper wins 2-1 and proceeds to the Top 8.

Sunday, Sept 10: 9:14 p.m. - Round 12: Jeroen Remie vs. Sebastien De La Fosse

Jeroen is one of the most unlucky players in the history of the Dutch nationals. He won the nationals 2 years ago, but last year, he was kicked out of the top 8 because Didier Deurlo convinced his opponent to scoop for him at the last moment, while his opponent already won the match. This year, his opponent, Sebastien De La Fosse, doesn't seem to have a shot for top 8, but he doesn't want to concede for Jeroen so he can advance into the top 8. the judge tells Jeroen not to scream when he wins (he doesn't want anyone to know the results yet (to prevent what happened last year, you can read about what happened last about two lines up)), but Jeroen tells him no-one will notice the difference between Waaah! (win) or Aargh! (loss). Jeroen is playing a "Go Anan is the best player" deck (UG Aggro, please blame Wessel Oomens for the name of the deck), he won 3 of the 5 constructed matches so far. Sebastien has a 5-0 Constructed record with his Ghazi-glare deck.

Game 1

Jeroen starts with 2 mulligans (I told you he was unlucky). Sebastien keeps his 7.

Ninja of the Deep Hours

Jeroen start with a turn 1 Birds of paradise, he attacks with it, and ninja's it into Ninja of the Deep Hours. Sebastien starts with a Llanowar elves on turn 1 and 2. Jeroen replays his Birds, and Sebastien plays a Temple Garden untapped, he goes to 12. he has a Jitte, which he can equip, and he attacks with an equipped Llanowar elves. He removes his 2 jitte counters in the second main phase to kill the ninja. Jeroen has an answer for the Jitte though, he plays a Trygan Predator. Sebastien thought of that, he plays a Faiths Fetters on the flyer. Sebastien attacks and kills the Birds. Jeroen has a Jitte of his own though, so both die. Sebastien plays the first fatty of the game: Kodama of the North Tree. Remie scoops when Sebastien plays a Loxodon Hierarch, he never saw a third land…

Sebastien 1-0 Jeroen

Jeroen sides in 3 Hinder, 2 Naturalize and 3 Threats of Disloyalty. (Wessel Oomens typing on my laptop: "I would sideboard in the pithing needles as well")

Sebastien sides in 4 Condemn for 2 Shining Shoal and 2 Faiths Fetters

Game 2

Both Jeroen and Sebastien keep their 7 this time.

Both players start with a turn 1 Llanowar elves, Jeroen follows it up with a turn 2 Trygan Predator, Sebastien has a turn 2 Wood Elves instead. Jeroen plays a turn 3 Jitte, and is able to equip it to the Predator on the same turn. Sebastien goes down to 16, and Jeroen kills the Llanowar elves with a Jitte counter. Sebastien also has a Jitte, so Jeroen kills the Wood elves as well. Sebastien plays a Loxodon Hierarch, and goes back up to 16. He attacks, bringing Jeroen down to 14. Jeroen plays a Plaxmanta at the moment Sebastien declares his attack the next turn, and he double blocks the Hierarch, the Hierarch and the Predator die. Sebastien plays both a Llanowar elves and a Glare of Subdual in his second main phase, Jeroen has a naturalize for the Glare. Jeroen attacks with his Llanowar elves, and Sebastien trades it for his own Llanowar Elves. Sebastien plays a beater in the form of a Watchwolf, and he also plays a Wood Elves. he topdecks a Selesnya Guildmage the next turn. Jeroen doesn't draw the cards he need, this doesn't look good for him. Sebastien attacks with both his creatures, jeroen blocks the Wood Elves, and Sebastien pumps his own creatures, knocking Jeroen down to 4, and killing the Plaxmanta. Jeroen has one turn to find an answer. He puts the top card of his deck into play face down, checks the board, and mumbles "meloku". He than looks at the card, and almost slams it through the table: Meloku. He apologises to Sebastien for being an ass, I don't blame him. Sebastien attacks with both his creatures, Jeroen makes 2 tokens, blocks the Guildmage with a token and Meloku, and the Watchwolf with the second token. Strangely, the Guildmage dies. Sebastien forgot to pump his creatures! Jeroen attacks with his Meloku and a token, Sebastien goes down to 13. Jeroen makes 4 more tokens, and attacks, kicking Sebastien to 8. Sebastien attacks with the Watchwolf again, Jeroen uses Minamo to untap his Meloku, and blocks it. Jeroen makes a token at the end of turn, and attack for the last 8 damage.

Sebastien 1-1 Jeroen

Jeroen boards in another Threads Of Disloyalty and a Remand for 2 Plaxmanta's.

Game 3

Sebastien wants to start the third. Sebastien draws 8 cards by accident, so he is forced to mulligan to 6. he has to mulligan again, this time to 5. Jeroen keeps his 7 cards.


Sebastien doesn't have a turn 1 play, Jeroen has a Llanowar elves, Sebastien plays plays a turn 2 Guildmage. Sebastien tries to play a Jitte, but Jeroen is very lucky in having a Spell Snare. Jeroen plays Trygan Predator. Sebastien has a Glare, so he can tap Jeroen's attackers. Sebastien plays a Watchwolf. Jeroen Topdecks a Thread of Disloyalty, so he steals the Guildmage. Sebastien plays a Hierarch, bringing him back to 20. Sebastien still has a creature to tap the Predator, so the glare stays in play a couple of turns. Sebatien draws his 5th land, so his Vizu-Ghazi, The City Tree is able to make tokens now. Sebastien tries to Condemn his own Guildmage, but Jeroen has a Mana Leak. Sebastien tries to play another Guildmage, but Jeroen has a Spell Snare. After a few turns, in which nothing happens (except for the players making a lot of tokens, and a lot of tapping. Jeroen finally topdecks a Meloku. The board now is Meloku, 3 Ohran Vipers, 2 Trygan Predator, 1 Selesnya Guildmage and some tokens, against 2 Watchwolf, a Hierarch, a Glare of Subdual, and about 10 tokens. Jeroen gets some damage through with a couple of meloku tokens a few turns later, Sebastien goes down to 8, jeroen is still at 12. Luckilly for Jeroen, Sebastien doesn't see that if he taps as many creatures as he can at the end of Jeroens turn, then taps the rest during his own turn, he can get exactly 12 damag thfough. Jeroen needs to topdeck a Naturalize really really bad now, before Sebastien wakes up, and finds out he can win this game very easily. Jeroen doesn't topdeck it, but he has abough creatures now. He declares his attack, and Sebastien uses all his creatures to tap whatever he can, but there still are 9 untapped and unblocked tokens on the board on Jeroen's side. Sebastien thinks, and then slams his condemn on the table: "this won't help me now."

Sebastien 1-2 Jeroen

Sunday, Sept 10: 9:33 p.m. - Drafting the Pro's

No, you heard that right, not drafting with the pro's, but drafting the pro's themselves. Jasper Blaas printed cards with all of the competitor' s names on them, and before the first round started, he and Jeroen Remie played a game of Rochester draft with the Pro's. the one who got the most people into the top 8 owes the other a six-pack of beer for each pro he has more than the other. The high picks? Jasper started with a first pick Jelger Wiegersma, Jeroen then took Julien Nuijten and Frank Karsten. After that, Jasper took Wessel Oomens and Kamiel Cornelissen.

Who won? Well, Jeroen alreasy had the advantage of an auto-include of himself, but both his first picks, and one of his second picks got into the top 8 as well, and he got Robert v/d Medevoort as very late pick too, so Jasper Blaas owes Jeroen Remie 2 six-packs of beer.

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