Day 2 Color Analysis

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By Mason Peatross

The color breakdown for Day 2 is certainly more intense with this Limited Pro Tour than it has been in the past, since there were more than double the number of decks to address in this tournament then there have been before. With Invasion, it is much more common to see a 3 color deck than the traditional standard of single color and double color decks. In fact, in all of day 2, there were no mono colored decks. The only deck that was monocolored that I can think of is Mark LePine's deck from Grand Prix Dallas, and that deck went 0-3. Out of 161 decks reviewed, only 44 were two-color.

The breakdown is as follows:

Red/Green - 6
Green/White - 6
Blue/White - 5
Black/Blue - 11
Red/Black - 16

5-Color Green - 16
5-Color Not Green Base - 8

Blue/White/Green - 4
Blue/White/green - 5
Green/White/blue - 10
Blue/Green/white - 2

Red/Green/White - 1
Red/White/green - 2
Green/White/red - 6
Red/Green/white - 5


Black/Red/Green - 3
Red/Black/green - 5
Black/Green/red - 1
Red/Green/black - 5

White/Green/black - 1
Blue/Red/White - 1

Blue/Black/Red - 2
Red/Black/blue - 13
Blue/Black/red - 9
Blue/Red/black - 1

Blue/White/Black - 4
Blue/Black/white - 6
Blue/White/black - 7

The breakdowns were purely subjective based on the land counts each player submitted as part of their deck list. For example, when a player would play equal splashes of a color, but had more spells of one color, or more devotion to the colors in terms of double mana costs in spells, then the deck was considered to be more into one color than another.

Certain archetypes were confirmed. Black with or without a splash was clearly the most popular deck choice, with more than half the players playing Swamps in their decks, not including the four and five color decks. The next most popular color was Blue, followed closely by Red. White and Green brought up the rear, but altogether, the colors were fairly evenly represented. No deck type dominated, and no color combination proved itself to be the best. Two three color decks made the finals convincingly. It remains to be seen how Planeshift will shake up this Limited season.

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