Day 2 Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on July 24, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast


Deck Lists: Top 4 Legacy Decks

by Event Coverage Staff

Here are the Top 4 of Saturday's Legacy Constructed event for your perusal and subsequent enjoyment.

David Schnayer - 1st Place

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Sebastian Cameron - 2nd Place

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Robin Maurice - 3rd/4th Place

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Roxane Fagres - 3rd/4th Place

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Instant (11)
4 Force of Will 3 Echoing Truth 4 Daze
Artifact (4)
4 Aether Vial
Enchantment (4)
4 Standstill
Land (18)
4 Mutavault 3 Wasteland 11 Island
60 Cards

Feature Match Round 8 - Vincent Thibeault vs. Devin Bower

by Josh Bennett

Both players were still shaking off the cobwebs as they shuffled up for the round. The excitement was helping. Thibeault was hoping to extend his undefeated streak.

He got off on the right foot in the first game. He opened with a curve of Black Knight, Liliana's Spectre, Howling Banshee while Bower played land and passed. Finally Bower got out an Assault Griffin and traded it for the Banshee, falling to seven life.

Thibeault had more in reserve, replacing it with Air Servant. Bower gamely played Rise from the Grave to get back his Griffin, but Thibeault didn't forget that Air Servant had an ability, and they were on to game two.

Thibeault 1 - Bower 0

Devin Bower

Bower flipped the script for game two, curving out with War Priest of Thune and Wild Griffin. Thibeault put Liliana's Specter in the way (catching Sign in Blood) and Bower refused to risk his Griffin. His War Priest hit for two. Bower also summoned Squadron Hawk, fetching its twin, but he was stuck on three land.

Thibeault bolstered his defenses with Gargoyle Sentinel. Bower swung in with all his creatures, and after the 2/2s were blocked a Mighty Leap killed the Sentinel, saving the War Priest in the process. Bower summoned an Elite Vanguard. A Black Knight from Thibeault put an end to his ground assault.

Vincent Thibeault

Bower swung in the air for one and played his second Hawk. Thibeault stocked up on cards with two Sign in Blood. He cast Lightning Bolt on one of the incoming Hawks, taking one. Bower brought out Assault Griffin.

Thibeault dug for more answers with Foresee, and kept all four on top. One of them was Combust for the Griffin. Bower played a Strongbox with five land in play and one card in hand. Thibeault used his seven mana to play Gravedigger to get back his Specter and snatch it: Grave Titan.

Bower sprung his Strongbox on the first try and played Brittle Effigy. Still, Thibeault was up a ton of cards and his position was only getting stronger. Another Black Knight and a Rotting Legion, and now he was sending in the attacks. Unable to recover his footing, Bower scooped.

Vincent Thibeault defeats Devin Bower 2-0

Saturday, 12:10 p.m. – Our Story So Far...

by Steve Sadin

Dan Lanthier

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Yan Robert

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Stephane Faure

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Matt Devlin

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Mathieu Tremblay

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Dan Macdonald

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Michael Lambert

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Joey Smith

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Vincent Carle

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Eric Gaureault

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