Day 2 Coverage of Grand Prix Montreal 2014

Posted in Event Coverage on March 16, 2014


The call of the judge keeps time for competitors that have returned for Day 1 of Grand Prix Montreal. What started as a Canadian Grand Prix record of 1,622 players has been pared down to just 170. Among them are 7th-ranked Shahar Shenhar, 11th-ranked Alexander Hayne, and multiple Grand Prix Top 8 competitors David Ochoa and Gerard Fabiano - the latter who went undefeated on Day 1 alongside Daniel Fournier, Michael Ando, Philip Dettelis, and Geoff Risi.

What lies in store today? Six rounds of Born of the Gods-Theros-Theros Draft stand between the start of Round 10 and a final draft at Top 8. Tune in for live coverage at starting shortly after 10 AM local time.

Will you be watching when history is unwrapped?

Day 1 Undefeated Decklists

by Adam Styborski

Geoff Risi – White-Red

Philip Dettis – White-Red

Daniel Fournier – Blue-Red

Gerard Fabiano – Red-Green Splashing Blue

Michal Ando – White-Black

First Picks #1 – David Ochoa and (8) Josh Utter-Leyton

by Adam Styborski

Choosing the first pick of a pack can set the stage for a strong draft, or send you tumbling down the road of tough decisions. On Day 2, every player starts with the choice of one of fourteen Born of the Gods cards. Though some may certainly be easy, choosing the best card possible from a pack can be tougher than it looks.

Here's a fresh cracked pack of Born of the Gods. Think carefully a moment and make your pick.