Day 2 Field Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Josh Bennett

An aircraft carrier full of supercomputers toiled overnight to bring you an accurate snapshot of Kobe's Day 2 field. With one hundred and twenty-eight competitors, there's plenty of data to go around. Our programmers are currently working to alter the program so that it delivers oven-fresh cookies in addition to the cold-hard facts. We hope that what follows will satisfy until they complete their modifications.


gaeas skyfolk

Green-Blue-Red Bear, Bounce and Burn: 24

The breakout superstar of Kobe, this deck plays out bears like Gaea's Skyfolk, Kavu Titan and Blurred Mongoose, and then tries to out-tempo its opponent. Both of its secondary colors help this strategy. The blue gives access to counters and Repulse, and the red gives it the amazing Flametongue Kavu, as well as Urza's Rage for a finisher. Most importantly, it plays consistently, an important factor in a tournament this long.

Green-Red Retro-Beats: 21

Speaking of consistency, this deck is its poster-boy. After putting four people in the Top 8 at Pro Tour - Tokyo it fell out of the limelight, which was stolen by the powerful Go-Mar deck. As a result, it may have been unexpected at this tournament, giving it a powerful edge. Between its homogenous creature base and enough burn to finish the job, it's no wonder so many made Day 2. Many of these modern designs splash blue for the Ice part of the already spectacular Fire, and occasionally Prophetic Bolt.

Blue-Black-White Go-Mar Style: 20

These decks had the most variation in their constitution, running from near-creatureless to twelve-bear versions, sometimes killing with Dromar, sometimes with Desolation Angel. The only constant factor is the versatility of Dromar's Charm and Vindicate, as well as the backbreaking Fact or Fiction. Also included in this list are the new-style Black-White-Blue Arena decks, whose access to the Charm and Fact or Fiction let them play Go-Mar's control game against creature decks, and turn aggro with Gerrard's Verdict if facing a wall of counters.

Blue-White-Red Aggro: 13

Another surprise entrant from Kobe, this deck sports all the best beatdown creatures its colors have to offer: Meddling Mage, Goblin Legionnaires, Lightning Angel, and sometimes even Galina's Knight. They team up with Prophetic Bolt and Urza's Rage to deep-six opponent's just as they may be stabilizing. Blue gives the always-impressive duo of Repulse and Fact or Fiction.

Black-Blue-Red Control: 13

This IBC mainstay refuses to go away. With the best options in removal and countermagic, this deck aims for a clean board that it can march across with Shivan Zombies and Nightscape Familiars. In a pinch, it can go to the dome with Ghitu Fire and Urza's Rage.


Aggro Machinehead: 6

It doesn't matter what your mother told you, there's nothing wrong with beating people up. Or so goes the wisdom of those piloting this powerful red-black deck. Stuffed with threats and sporting a double dose of flexible removal, this deck aims to swing early and swing often. It's quite a departure from traditional red-black designs focused on playing a control game behind Nightscape Familiars and winning on the backs of Void and Blazing Specter.

Domain: 6

The successful versions of this deck all run Sunscape Familiar to stop the tidal wave of bears that has swept over Grand Prix - Kobe. The kill of choice comes from Questing Phelddagrif, though some versions are running Ordered Migration. The ubiquitous Legacy Weapon has crushed more than a few dreams this weekend.

Blue-Green-White Aggro-Control: 5

Blue-White-Red's little brother, these decks put less emphasis on 2/2's for two. They run instead a more refined counter base, as well as Eladamri's Call, Stormscape Apprentice and everyone's favorite flying hippo. They can play the tempo game if necessary, but a lack of early drops makes them more of a late-game force. Without burn of their own, they can easily drop games they seem to have in the bag.

New Solution: 5

In some cases, the only thing separating this deck from those described as "Go-Mar Style" is the presence of Stormscape Apprentice and Voice of All. These decks max out on two-drops to make an early rush, then rest behind counters, Vindicate and occasionally Recoil. They are, however, forced to run a little land-light as a result.


Blue-Black-Green Miscellaneous: 4

These decks are lumped together by color composition alone. They all love their Pernicious Deed and Spiritmonger, but they choose different times to assert their dominance. Conventional wisdom says that the early-game versions should outshine the others.

Pure Blue-Green Tempo: 3

Straight off and into Day 2, these decks are nearly identical to the one discussed by Brian "Timmy" Kibler.

Black-White Arena: 1

Another well-published deck, this one uses the boss black-white cards from Apocalypse, and uses them often thanks to Phyrexian Arena. Yawgmoth's Agenda makes sure it gets enough Death Grasps.

Black-White-Red Arena: 1

As above, but now with burn!

goblin trenches

Blue-White-Red Seck-style: 1

Goblin Trenches provide the kill in this near-permanentless control deck.

Necra Sanctuary: 1

Eschewing Sterling Grove for Overgrown Estate, this deck shuts down combat with Dueling Grounds and Charging Troll, hoping to win in the late game.

Polychromatic Gumbo: 1

A little bit of everything, with Domain-helpers Chromatic Sphere and Harrow making sure it can do what it needs to do. Rith's Charm and Destructive Flow punish the format's emphasis on non-basic lands.

Turbo Obliterate: 1

You heard it right. Twenty Invasion Sacrifice lands. Four Obliterates. However, it still plays with finesse, running a bear-offense and some countermagic. Penumbra Bobcat is the only "combo" card.

Red-Green Land Destruction: 1

Whatever you may think, it did make Day 2.

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