Day 2 Metagame

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By Josh Bennett

Frankly, in this strange future of ours, even science isn't an exact science. Our ragtag band of renegade scienticians have had at the Day 2 decklists with calipers and beakers of every shape and size. They present for your consumption and concern an archetype breakdown of those decks that hurdled the Day 1 cutoff.

Top of the shop are the classic three deck choices: What works, what should work, and what shouldn't work. After that, it's a fruit salad of viable decktypes.


Donate - 14

First up, and a big surprise, is the deck that shouldn't work. Even after putting up monster numbers in Vegas it was unable to send a single deck to the Top 16. That seems to say that the environment is as hateful as can be, and that Donate isn't the deck to play. But maybe these cagey pros are one step ahead of things, expecting players to discount Donate and so play right into their hands. It's this kind of circular reasoning that makes metagaming so tough.

PT Junk - 12

The deck that SHOULD work, Junk has a little bit of everything and efficient creatures until Tuesday. Jam-packed with power cards from Apocalypse, it's got a mean beatdown, point removal, regenerators to hold the fort, Duress and Gerrard's Verdict to suckerpunch control, and Pernicious Deed just in case things go awry. Junk decks owned the Top 16 in Vegas, but couldn't convert.


The Rock and His Millions - 11

Finally, there is the deck that DID work. Sol Malka's love affair with green-black paid huge dividends after the arrival of Apocalypse's Spiritmonger and Pernicious Deed. Unfortunately, Malka's hard-luck road continues, as Mikey P's big victory at Vegas has attached his name, not Malka's, to the deck. One can always expect a successful deck to be copied, but players should take note that Mikey P is a doctor. Armchair surgeons would do well to practice beforehand.

Wild Zombies - 3

Rob Dougherty rode this powerhouse to a strong finish at Vegas. An update of CMU's Zombie Nation deck from New Orleans, this one relies on the power of Hermit Druid to dump tons of recursive creatures in the graveyard. As a nice bonus, this turns Phyrexian Furnace into a one-shot, instead of the crippler it once was.

Walamies Control - 3

These decks don't stray far from Walamies's New Orleans design. The most surprising update is the inclusion of Holistic Wisdom. Wrath of God is a powerful tool in an environment choked with creature decks.

Zombie-Go - 3

These blue-black decks use the Squee, Zombie Infestation combo, but back it up with countermagic and a smattering of Winter Orbs and Oppositions. Shadowmage Infiltrator shows up just because he can.

cursed scroll

Three-Deuce - 2

Nothing wrong with hating enchantments these days. Cursed Scroll gives it long-term power, and Rancor makes short work of slow opponents. However, it has a lot less finesse than Junk, which probably accounts for the population difference.

Reanimator - 2

Straight up fatty reanimator decks, these value consistency over a "Plan B"

Threshold-Geddon - 2

Another deck that debuted at Vegas, Werebear and Mystic Enforcer go large with shocking regularity in this powerhouse. Armageddon is said to be good against decks with land.

Benzo - 1

Unfortunately for this deck, Phyrexian Furnaces are everywhere.

Blessing-Go - 1

Very little needs to be said about the interaction between card drawers, counters, and recursion.

Upheaval-Infestation - 1

The deck that made a splash at States, augmented for Extended. Why not?


Miracle-Gro - 1

After Alan Comer's shocked this world with this ten-land monstrosity, it was considered unplayable afterwards for lack of surprise value. No less a player than Mike Long has set out to prove the nay-sayers wrong. Removing the Merfolk creature-base in favor of the large-and-in-charge Werebear, Long ended Day 1 in sixth place.

Retro Black Weenie - 1

Who doesn't love the Old School? This deck is an exercise in history, running such forgotten creature enchantments as Paralyze and Thrull Retainer.

Cradle-Elf - 1

Not traditional Cradle-Elf, this deck nevertheless has the elf-fuelled mana base. It aims to power out Masticores, Deranged Hermits, and in a pinch, Overrun.

Raisin Bran - 1

The Aluren combo deck from New Orleans is back, with Worlds Finalist Alex Borteh at the helm.


Tinker - 1

Odyssey's Upheaval is seriously savage in this archetype from days gone by.

Draw-Go - 1

Another history lesson, this deck is updated to be as hateful as possible. Phyrexian Furnace and Back to Basics are ready to brutalize the unprepared.

Turboland - 1

Brian Hegstad puts his faith in Zvi Mowshowitz's latest build.

Black-White Suicide - 1

The best beats backed by Seal of Cleansing and Gerrard's Verdict.

Sligh - 1

Frankly, it's not extended without Sligh.

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