Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

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By Randy Buehler

Blue-Green Tempo - 11
with Red - 10
no splash - 1

One of the most popular decks in the initial field, it seemed to do just fine on Day 1.

Blue-Black-Red Control - 10

This was a distant second behind Go-mar variants as far as popularity, but this was the control archetype that had the best Saturday. Two of the five undefeated players ran it.

The Solution - 10
U-W - 8
Dark Solution- 2

Here's another deck that seems to have a bigger chunk of the day 2 field than it had of the day 1 field. This results could be skewed, though, by the fact that so many "name" players ran it: Mowshowitz, Benafel, Jensen, et al had three byes and they have mad skills.

RG Beats - 7

The Tokyo throwback beatdown deck had a solid, but unspectacular performance on day 1.

U-W-B (Go-mar) - 5

This deck was one of the most popular on day 1, but did not get the job done for most of the players who ran it.

U-W-R Control - 5

There weren't a lot of these in the initial field, so this might be a deck to keep an eye on. It addition, this is the archetype that won Grand Prix Kobe. Bob Maher is one of the five players taking this deck into battle.

U-W-R Aggro - 4

This is the archetype that did so well on day 1 in Kobe, but it's stock is falling rapidly.

Domain - 3

Two of these are the only two copies of Brian Kibler's new Dark Domain deck.

R-B-W Good Stuff - 3

Two of these abuse Phyrexian Arena, while the third is a much more aggressive, weenie-based build.

G-W-U Hippo - 3

Not the most popular deck or the one with the most spectacular performance so far, but the winged hippos just refuse to go away.

UGB control - 1
WGB Good Stuff - 1
RGB Good Stuff - 1

The three-color good stuff decks didn't fare very well on day 1.

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