Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2003

By Josh Bennett

There's significantly less science to the tabulating of the Day 2 metagame, and a lot more beancounting. The actual decklists you can find here, if your curiosity about details needs satisfying.

Here then, are the numbers themselves.

Goblins –14

Goblin Warchief
From fifty-four to fourteen is quite the rousing success. A lot of the pros in the know anticipated a Wake-heavy field and ran this deck with the intention of brawling over them. They succeeded.

Wake – 13

Mirari's Wake decks took a little more than Day 1 percentage, showing that the deck's proclaimed prowess is no joke.

Mono-Black Control – 8

A big gain here, sending a third of its players across into Day 2. Could this be the fabled Rock that manages to punch through Paper?

Black-White Control – 7

Well, you can't blame people for not trusting Kibler right away. He's known as the boy who cried "Best Deck Evar". This time, though, he's definitely made a splash by handing out his take on Gabriel Nassif's "Decree Dot Dec". Two of these seven are with a roguish redesign.

Goblin Bidding – 4

Poor, poor, Goblin Bidding. It's just second fiddle to Goblins.

Reanimator – 3

Rotlung Reanimator
Reanimator's thirty-odd players became three, which doesn't feel like a gain, but is.

Blue-Green Madness – 2

A huge downswing in population. Perhaps its day is done?

Mono-Black Braids – 2

This deck seems poised to crush the wealth of control decks.

Red-Green Beats – 2

Another downswing. It just doesn't have the gas of the Goblin decks.

"The Red Army" – 2

"The other Goblin Bidding" managed to put up something of a fight.

One-of's – 7

These are: Mono-Red Control, Blue-White Control, Blue-Green-Black Madness, Zombies, Red-White Slide and Red-Green Goblins

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