Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2015

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

What was being played on Day 2 of Grand Prix Oklahoma City? Like many of the recent large Modern tournaments there was a mix of usual favorites and emerging decks.

This is the complete breakdown of the field:

Archetype Total % Field
Affinity 23 13.9%
Jund 19 11.4%
Infect 11 6.6%
Merfolk 9 5.4%
Red-Green Tron 9 5.4%
Naya Burn 7 4.2%
Naya Zoo 7 4.2%
Blue-Red Twin 6 3.6%
Grixis Twin 6 3.6%
Abzan 5 3.0%
Elves 5 3.0%
Amulet Bloom 4 2.4%
Grixis Control 4 2.4%
Abzan Company 3 1.8%
Blue-Red Storm 3 1.8%
Boros Burn 3 1.8%
Grixis Delver 3 1.8%
Hexproof Auras 3 1.8%
Living End 3 1.8%
Scapeshift 3 1.8%
Temur Twin 3 1.8%
Ad Nauseam 2 1.2%
Four-Color Zoo 2 1.2%
Grishoalbrand 2 1.2%
Lantern Control 2 1.2%
White-Black Tokens 2 1.2%
White-Blue Control 2 1.2%
Hangarback Affinity 2 1.2%
Blue-Black Faeries 1 0.6%
Dark Scapeshift 1 0.6%
Esper Delver 1 0.6%
Eternal Command 1 0.6%
Green-White Company 1 0.6%
Jeskai 1 0.6%
Naya Allies 1 0.6%
Naya Company 1 0.6%
Red-Green Aggro 1 0.6%
Return to the Ranks 1 0.6%
Soul Sisters 1 0.6%
Suicide Zoo 1 0.6%
Temur Tempo 1 0.6%
TOTAL 166 100.0%

There were plenty of popular decks, such as Affinity, Jund, and Infect, but rolling up the core of the archetypes revealed even more:

Core Archetype Total % Field
Affinity 25 15.1%
Black-Green (Rock) 24 14.5%
Splinter Twin 15 9.0%
Infect 11 6.6%
Zoo 10 6.0%
Burn 9 5.4%
Merfolk 9 5.4%
Red-Green Tron 9 5.4%
Elves 5 3.0%
All Other Decks 49 29.5%
TOTAL 166 100.0%

Here, Jund and Abzan combined show the allure and staying power of the black-green decks. Thoughtseize and Tarmogoyf, whether you go with red or white next, is a powerful duo at the core of as many decks as Arcbound Ravager and Cranial Plating.

Similarly, when summed the Splinter Twin flavors hold a firm third overall. While many adopted the Tasigur, the Golden Fang-inclusive Grixis version, the longest running deck of Modern in Blue-Red Splinter Twin continued to prove it’s a deck you can expect at every event.

Infect’s rising presence was clear this weekend too, as well as the continued push of Zoo decks. Thanks to Become Immense for the former and Collected Company for the latter, aggressive creature decks are performing far better than a year ago. It’s also why Merfolk, with its ability to sidestep countermagic with Æther Vial and often Islandwalk through most of the other decks in the format, rose in numbers.

Elves decks got a shot in the arm with both Collected Company and a series of new tools in Magic Origins. Undefeated player Chris Lopez put both Dwynen's Elite and Shaman of the Pack into his version as well, which carried him to a Day 1 undefeated finish.

Other decks made moves as well. Lantern Control was piloted to a Day 1 undefeated record in the hands of Zac Elsik, who pushed the deck into the Magic zeitgeist with his Top 16 finish at Grand Prix Charlotte. Joining him on Day 2 was another Lantern Control player, similar to how Amulet Bloom burst onto the stage with Justin Cohen’s finalist finish at Pro Tour Fate Reforged.

Of course, all the looks at the start of Day 2 are just suggestive. It’ll take a Top 8 playoff to determine the real rising stars of Modern this weekend, and a new champion at Grand Prix Oklahoma City.

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