Day 2 Recap

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe

Where to start... How about Kai?

Kai Budde had lost one match in this tournament. One. To Svend Geertsen, who he beat later on in a rematch. So it's safe to say that he's beaten everyone he's played. That spells bad news for the other Top 8 competitors. That, and the fact that he's five-for-five at winning Pro Tours once Sunday starts.

Some long-time veterans finally get their long-awaited big breaks. Bram Snepvangers has made the Top 8 at four Grand Prix. Eivind Nitter has done it twice, plus won a European Championships. They both finally cracked the final day at the "Big Show."

Two classic villains had memorable moments this weekend. Peter Szigeti actually behaved himself for 48 hours and got a 23rd place finish to show for it. Maybe we'll be seeing a kindler, gentler ptr in events to come. Ed Fear, decked out in devilish splendor, was playing for a slot in the Top 8 in the final round, but he fell to Nitter's Aven Windreader – twice – after openly criticizing him for picking it highly.

Brian Davis will be trying to make up for his "famous" performance against Bob Maher, Jr., in Chicago three years ago. This is Davis's second Top 8, and now that he has a few more big matched under his belt, big things could happen.

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