Day One: Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on February 26, 2004

By Sideboard Staff

Historically, the Japanese Pro Tour is always the least attended. Travel costs being what they are, it's difficult to justify the expense of a yearly jaunt to the Land of the Rising Sun. That means that this weekend's field is a scant two hundred and thirty-nine. Fifty-five of those are Japanese players. If Japan is up on its tech, this could be the year that Japan finds its first Pro Tour title.

Mirrodin Block Constructed looks like a fast-paced format. Everyone knew, going into this event, that Affinity was the deck to beat. However with the introduction of Arcbound Ravager in Darksteel things have gotten a lot scarier. With Disciple of the Vault and a lowly Ornithopter in play it's a short walk to drag your opponent from twenty to zero. Other decks are going to have to work hard to beat this powerhouse.

Aside from the various builds of Affinity, the big decks out there seem to be Green-Red Hate, and Mono-Red Control, and a crazy Cloudpost-based Tooth and Nail deck. All of them are going to have to show that they're fast enough to hang with the big dog. Stay tuned this weekend for more Block Constructed action than you can shake a really big stick at.

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