Day One: Wrap-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on February 8, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

At the end of Day One only three players emerged unscathed. Grand Prix Anaheim Champion Ben Rubin led the small pack of undefeated players. Behind him stood Bay Area resident Alex Alepin who won a Trial just last Saturday to launch him toward his perfect record. Mike Turian was the final 8-0 player following up his Top 8 in Amsterdam with another strong performance in his farewell tour.

Ken Ho was the lone holder of a 7-0-1 record and behind him was a line of fifteen players with only one loss. Two amateurs were the standard bearers for that army. Jonathan Stocks and Kyle Boddy were ahead of such Magic luminaries as David Humpherys, Jordan Berkowitz, Bob Maher, Ben Stark, and prodigal Magic player Chad Ellis.

Mark Zajdner and Gerard Fabiano were among the players to draw in final round. Nineteen points was the norm for twenty players and then there was a forty-player pile-up of 6-2 records all the way down to 84th place. Twenty of those players will either be sleeping in or playing in the PTQ tomorrow. Among the names that missed the cut were Antonino DeRosa and former Sideboard editor Thomas Pannell.

The action is going to resume at 8am on Sunday when the Top 64 players will arrive with their drafting shoes on. It will be the first major draft event to incorporate the new Darksteel cards. Players were surprised all day long as they experimented with the new cards. Chad Ellis called Test of faith his MVP and was hoping to draft some more on Sunday. Bob Maher found the pair of Goblin Archeologists in his deck to be surprisingly effective and expressed a willingness to draft them on Sunday.

Of course, everyone is really hoping for Skullclamps but they will take what they can get. We'll be back tomorrow with detailed draft coverage and all the action as the field narrows from eight tables to just eight players and finally down to one happy winner hoisting the Grand Prix Oakland trophy.

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