Day-Before Trial Winners

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By Josh Bennett

Some would say that the best use of your time before a big event like a Grand Prix would be sleep, charging up your body for the long day ahead. However, many people believe that there's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead, and would rather while away the pre-tournament morning in a tooth-and-nail fight for three byes.

Three trials were held on the Friday before the Grand Prix, and from them came three winning decks, seen below. While trials present a metagame in miniature, it's important to remember that those with three byes enter the fray with the rest of the pros, and so face an entirely different metagame. Will those who succeeded earlier pull an audible?

Interestingly, Ong Kok Seng took his trial with Go-Mar, but was also the brains behind another trial-winning deck: Steven Tan's Blue-Black-Red Control.

Yuen Kwan Ching

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Ong Kok Seng

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Steven Tan

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Creature (5)
4 Nightscape Familiar 1 Pyre Zombie
Sorcery (7)
3 Lobotomy 3 Void 1 Ghitu Fire
Enchantment (1)
1 Yawgmoth's Agenda
Other (3)
3 Fire/Ice
60 Cards

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