Day Two: Wrap-up

Posted in Event Coverage on January 18, 2004

By Sideboard Staff

Fifteen rounds have come and gone, and the Pro Tour - Amsterdam Top 8 have been decided! The first to be virtually assured a spot was Anton Jonsson, whose 11-0 performance blew the rest of the competition away. Then he was joined by Olivier Ruel, Osamu Fujita of Japan and hometown hero Kamiel Cornelissen, finally back on the winning side of things. They drew with each other in the fourth round. No doubt a comfortable feeling.

Meanwhile, elsewhere was turmiol. The rest of the first pod, Osyp Lebedowicz, Kai Budde, Mike Turian and Nicolai Herzog were struggling. Kai needed just a win and a draw and he wasn't confident he could make it. Osyp had to endure cries of "Best deck ever!" while he himself couldn't muster confidence. He dropped his first match to put his back against the wall. Turian needed to win both his final matches.

Surging up from the lower tables were forgotten PT Champion Farid Meraghni and rising Canadian star Aeo Paquette (playing at his first Pro Tour, no less). Both needed to win their last match to make it. In the final round, Paquette stomped on Eugene Harvey, and Turian upended Kai Budde to claim their spots. Farid also dashed the dreams of Belgian Luis Van Riet. Herzog was paired against a doubly-defeated Lebedowicz, who scooped when the match reached 1-1.

Interestingly, this Pro Tour is featuring yet another change: Random seating for the final draft. First seed Kamiel Cornelissen will still choose where the draft starts, and the quarterfinal matches will be those players across from each other. The pairings will not be determined by standings, as they have in the past. Kamiel is just as likely to face Herzog as he is anyone else.

So there you have it. Eight players, one draft, three rounds of play. One of them walks away a winner. Tune in tomorrow for live streaming video of the final draft and all the matches. It's sure to be exciting!

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