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By Wizards of the Coast

There was a controversy on the player check-in day, a day highlighted by the rehearsals for the World Championships Opening ceremonies.

The first thing on the schedule of Tournament Manager and Level V judge Jeff Donais was the Extended day. In the most current Oracle, there were some cards that were written incorrectly or whose functionality changed under Sixth Edition rules. Donais says, "In an effort to make the Extended portion of Worlds run as smoothly as possible, we have prepared a handout explaining and clarifying all significant game rules and Oracle wordings. Several cards have received 'DCI errata' for the tournament to make the cards work as intended. After worlds, the Magic R&D rules team will continue to develop the Oracle and clean up any wordings or other problems. We believe that we have identified and corrected an potential problems, but competitors are encouraged to ask about us about potential problems they identify before Friday."

Level IV judge Carl Crook adds, "What we've done is bring some form of order and integrity to the Extended by addressing some of the issues players have brought to us concerning certain deck types. Following discussions with players yesterday, it seems to have worked. Players seemed to be very happy with the direction that the DCI took to address the situation. Confidence seemed high that the actions taken were the best solution to potential problems in the Extended format."

The Head Judge for the World Championships, Charlie Catino said "With the recent changes that we've made, I think the state of Extended is better than it's been in a long time."

After a squadron of high-level DCI judges and Wizards of the Coast R&D staff (including, in addition to Charlie Catino, Jeff Donais and Carl Crook, judges Cyril Grillon, Chris Zantides, and Collin Jackson, as well as R&D staffers Mark Rosewater, Beth Moursund and Skaff Elias) hammered out tentative new wordings for cards, as well as making a few rulings. Some cards were specifically not changed.

For example, recently Phyrexian Dreadnought received errata so that people couldn't get it into play by means other than casting it, and avoid sacrificing creatures. However, other cards with additional costs to cast, such as Rogue Elephant or Harvest Wurm were ignored, since they're not 12/12 creatures. A similar attitude resulted in Thawing Glaciers not receiving the same sort of fix that Waylay got, or Kjeldoran Outpost not receiving the fix that Lotus Vale had. Cards which were clearly broken were dealt with, other cards were left to have Magic R&D fix at a later date.

The handout that players received is as follows. Readers should keep in mind that this is merely errata for the World Championships, as the DCI does not issue official Errata (Magic R&D has that function).

General Oracle Interpretation Guidelines

Version 1.0 - This document will be update throughout the week.

If any card is written incorrectly in the Oracle (such as having an ability that it did not have before, or having a different power/toughness, mana cost, etc.) we will correct it as needed. The Oracle is a continually evolving document and players with any questions as to interpretations of cards that will be use for this tournament should bring these concerns to Beth Moursund at player registration. For purposes of the 1999 World Championship Extended portion, cards will be ruled in accordance with the spirit and intent of the card regardless of errors, inconsistencies or misprints in the Oracle.

DCI Errata On Cards For 1999 World Championships

Skip your draw step.
If you would discard a card from your hand, remove that card from the game instead.
Pay 1 life: Set aside the top card of your library face down. At your next end of turn, put that card into your hand.

Artifact Creature
When Phyrexian Devourer's power is 7 or greater, sacrifice it.
Remove the top card of your library from the game: Put a +X/+X counter on Phyrexian Devourer, where X is the removed card's converted mana cost. If Phyrexian Devourer's power is 7 or greater, destroy it and it can't be regenerated.

T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
When it is your opponent's end step and Undiscovered Paradise is tapped, return Undiscovered Paradise to owner's hand.

If Winter Orb is untapped, players can't untap more than one land during their untap steps.


Tethered Griffin, Covetous Dragon, Endagered Armodon, etc.
Explanation: This is a state triggered ability which continually checks to determine if it's trigger condition is met. State triggered abilities don't trigger again until the intial condition has resolved or been countered. Then, if the permanent with the ability is still in play and the game state still matches it's trigger condition, the ability will trigger again. See Magic Comprehensive Rules section 410.8(a) and 410.8(b).


Gilded Drake
Rules Addition: If an instruction begins with "If you can't..." or "If you don't..." that instruction will still apply even if the ability would have no legal targets. <This rules update will be added to the next release of the Magic Comprehensive Rules.>


Cards that will follow Oracle wording:

  • Balduvian Trading Post
  • Gaea's Touch
  • Heart of Yavimaya
  • Joven's Ferrets
  • Kjeldoran Outpost
  • Lake of the Dead
  • Ray of Command
  • Soldevi Excavations
  • Thawing Glaciers

Additional Changes

  • Angel's Trumpet
    Attacking doesn't cause creatures to tap.
    At the end of each player's turn, tap all untapped creatures that player controls that did not attack this turn. Angel's Trumpet deals to the player damage equal to the number of creatures tapped this way.
  • Fire Covenant
    As an additional cost to play Fire Covenant, pay X life.
    Fire Covenant deals X damage divided as your choose among any number of target creatures. (You must assign at least 1 damage to each target.)


  • Debt of Loyalty
    Regenerate target creature.You gain control of that creature if it regenerates this turn.
    You need to regenerate the target creature and not just set up a regeneratiion shield.

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