Deck Breakdown

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By Wizards of the Coast

By Randy Buehler

Field Breakdown:


Stompy 16
Angry Hermit 13
Replenish 13
White Weenie 12
Accelerated Blue 10
Control Black 9
Ponza 7
Bargain 6
Tinker 6
Trinity Green 5
Suicide Jank 4
Pirates 3
Fish 2
Squirrel Prison 2
Boojum 1
Draw-Go 1
Five Color Green 1
German Dragon 1
Mercenaries 1
Mono-red burn 1
Lackey Sligh 1
Red/blue control 1
Suicide Black 1
  =117 decks total

This is a very diverse field - no deck makes up even 15% of the field while 9 different decks can claim to be over 5%. If anything is dominant, Forests are with Stompy and Angry Hermit finishing first and second in popularity.

Classification notes: All the white weenie decks were Rebel decks. Two Angry Hermit decks didn't actually have any Hermits (or Poachers). There are 17 total Skyshroud Poacher decks, which would make it #1 if I lumped them together.

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