Deck Breakdown: Card Counts of the Top 50 Decks

Posted in Event Coverage on April 22, 2007

By Staff

Maindeck Totals Sideboard Totals Maindeck plus Sideboard Totals
325Mountain60Serrated Arrows333Mountain
231Island37Dead // Gone235Island
152Forest34Wildfire Emissary152Forest
143Terramorphic Expanse33Avalanche Riders143Terramorphic Expanse
93Swamp32Sulfur Elemental104Sulfur Elemental
86Prismatic Lens24Aeon Chronicler93Swamp
73Cancel24Tendrils of Corruption88Prismatic Lens
72Sulfur Elemental22Plague Sliver80Aeon Chronicler
71Damnation20Fortune Thief80Dead // Gone
65Dreadship Reef19Detritivore75Cancel
56Aeon Chronicler19Extirpate72Damnation
56Wall of Roots19Word of Seizing68Serrated Arrows
53Plains18Utopia Vow65Dreadship Reef
48Blood Knight16Snapback57Plains
48Mystical Teachings15Krosan Grip56Wall of Roots
46Harmonize15Pull from Eternity51Mystical Teachings
44Search for Tomorrow14Ancient Grudge51Vesuvan Shapeshifter
44Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth14Sudden Death50Blood Knight
43Dead // Gone13Stormbind50Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
43Vesuvan Shapeshifter12Brine Elemental49Sudden Death
39Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir11Dismal Failure49Tendrils of Corruption
38Bogardan Hellkite10Strangling Soot46Harmonize
38Disintegrate9Greater Gargadon45Avalanche Riders
37Urza's Factory9Willbender45Snapback
36Rift Bolt8Browbeat45Stormbind
35Fiery Temper8Mountain44Search for Tomorrow
35Shadowmage Infiltrator8Mwonvuli Acid-Moss43Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
35Sudden Death8Vesuvan Shapeshifter42Urza's Factory
33Magus of the Scroll6Aether Web40Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
33Spectral Force6Call of the Herd40Wildfire Emissary
32Mwonvuli Acid-Moss6Cloudchaser Kestrel39Disintegrate
32Stormbind6Draining Whelk39Greater Gargadon
31Keldon Marauders6Stonewood Invocation38Bogardan Hellkite
30Greater Gargadon6Trickbind37Shadowmage Infiltrator
29Careful Consideration6Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth36Rift Bolt
29Radha, Heir to Keld5Careful Consideration35Fiery Temper
29Snapback5Disenchant34Careful Consideration
25Tendrils of Corruption5Opal Guardian33Magus of the Scroll
24Draining Whelk5Sacred Mesa33Spectral Force
22Mogg War Marshal5Sulfurous Blast31Keldon Marauders
19Dismal Failure5Teferi's Moat30Dismal Failure
19Phyrexian Totem5Urza's Factory30Draining Whelk
18Call of the Herd4Akroma, Angel of Fury29Fortune Thief
18Jaya Ballard, Task Mage4Brute Force29Radha, Heir to Keld
18Think Twice4Empty the Warrens29Word of Seizing
16Molten Slagheap4Essence Sliver24Call of the Herd
15Desert4Fatal Frenzy24Plague Sliver
14Pendelhaven4Fathom Seer22Mogg War Marshal
14Scryb Ranger4Gemstone Caverns21Brine Elemental
12Avalanche Riders4Haunting Hymn20Phyrexian Totem
11Fungal Reaches4Honorable Passage20Void
10Akroma, Angel of Fury4Island19Detritivore
10Haunting Hymn4Pandemonium19Pull from Eternity
10Riftwing Cloudskate4Plains18Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
10Sudden Shock4Psionic Blast18Think Twice
10Word of Seizing4Seal of Primordium18Utopia Vow
9Brine Elemental4Sengir Nosferatu17Strangling Soot
9Calciform Pools4Spike Feeder16Browbeat
9Fortune Thief4Sunlance16Molten Slagheap
9Temporal Isolation4Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir15Desert
8Ancestral Vision4Vesuva15Krosan Grip
8Browbeat3Eron the Relentless14Akroma, Angel of Fury
8Dormant Sliver3Might Sliver14Ancient Grudge
8Extirpate3Mystical Teachings14Haunting Hymn
8Gemhide Sliver3Premature Burial14Pendelhaven
8Griffin Guide3Stingscourger14Scryb Ranger
8Icatian Javelineers3Temporal Isolation12Fungal Reaches
8Knight of the Holy Nimbus3Wipe Away12Riftwing Cloudskate
8Lotus Bloom2Blood Knight12Temporal Isolation
8Serra Avenger2Cancel10Brute Force
8Serrated Arrows2Dragon Whelp10Psionic Blast
8Shade of Trokair2Jedit Ojanen of Efrava10Sudden Shock
8Soltari Priest2Magus of the Tabernacle9Calciform Pools
8Wild Pair2Prismatic Lens9Fatal Frenzy
7Calciderm2Riftwing Cloudskate9Willbender
7Strangling Soot2Shadowmage Infiltrator8Ancestral Vision
6Assault // Battery2Spell Burst8Dormant Sliver
6Brute Force2Stronghold Overseer8Dragon Whelp
6Dragon Whelp2Thick-Skinned Goblin8Gemhide Sliver
6Evolution Charm2Thornscape Battlemage8Griffin Guide
6Psionic Blast2Unknown Cards8Icatian Javelineers
6Wildfire Emissary2Void8Knight of the Holy Nimbus
5Boom // Bust1Damnation8Lotus Bloom
5Fatal Frenzy1Dawn Charm8Serra Avenger
5Gemstone Mine1Disintegrate8Shade of Trokair
5Kher Keep1Fungal Reaches8Soltari Priest
5Thick-Skinned Goblin1Imp's Mischief8Timbermare
5Twisted Abomination1Intet, the Dreamer8Wild Pair
4Academy Ruins1Kher Keep7Calciderm
4Benalish Cavalry1Phyrexian Totem7Fathom Seer
4Disenchant1Psychotic Episode7Opal Guardian
4Pull from Eternity1Pulmonic Sliver7Stonewood Invocation
4Stupor1Sudden Spoiling7Teferi's Moat
4Suq'Ata Lancer 7Thick-Skinned Goblin
4Telekinetic Sliver 6Aether Web
3Darkheart Sliver 6Assault // Battery
3Fathom Seer 6Cloudchaser Kestrel
3Frenetic Sliver 6Evolution Charm
3Mana Tithe 6Kher Keep
3Psychotic Episode 6Sacred Mesa
3Sporesower Thallid 6Trickbind
3Stonecloaker 5Boom // Bust
3Triskelavus 5Gemstone Caverns
3Weatherseed Totem 5Gemstone Mine
2Basal Sliver 5Sulfurous Blast
2Dragonstorm 5Twisted Abomination
2Intet, the Dreamer 5Vesuva
2Lightning Axe 4Academy Ruins
2Necrotic Sliver 4Benalish Cavalry
2Opal Guardian 4Empty the Warrens
2Plague Sliver 4Enslave
2Reflex Sliver 4Essence Sliver
2Spell Burst 4Honorable Passage
2Teferi's Moat 4Might Sliver
1Body Double 4Pandemonium
1Firewake Sliver 4Psychotic Episode
1Flagstones of Trokair 4Seal of Primordium
1Gemstone Caverns 4Sengir Nosferatu
1Jedit Ojanen of Efrava 4Spell Burst
1Might Sliver 4Spike Feeder
1Psionic Sliver 4Stupor
1Pulmonic Sliver 4Sunlance
1Sacred Mesa 4Suq'Ata Lancer
1Sedge Sliver 4Telekinetic Sliver
1Stonewood Invocation 3Darkheart Sliver
1Venarian Glimmer 3Eron the Relentless
1Vesuva 3Frenetic Sliver
1Whitemane Lion 3Intet, the Dreamer
3Jedit Ojanen of Efrava
3Mana Tithe
3Premature Burial
3Sporesower Thallid
3Weatherseed Totem
3Wipe Away
2Basal Sliver
2Lightning Axe
2Magus of the Tabernacle
2Necrotic Sliver
2Pulmonic Sliver
2Reflex Sliver
2Stronghold Overseer
2Thornscape Battlemage
2Unknown Cards
1Body Double
1Dawn Charm
1Firewake Sliver
1Flagstones of Trokair
1Imp's Mischief
1Psionic Sliver
1Sedge Sliver
1Sudden Spoiling
1Venarian Glimmer
1Whitemane Lion

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