Deck Lists: Other Standard Lists H-M

Posted in Event Coverage on March 11, 2009

By Event Coverage Staff

These are deck lists from players who did not record at least 15 points during the 8 rounds of Standard at Pro Tour–Kyoto.

Sami Haggkvist

Tobias Heinrich

Philipp Hemmer

Hao-shan Huang

Osamu Howa

Kazuya Hirabayashi

Chris Hay

Andrew Hanson

Naoki Higono

Yuutaro Hirashima

Wan Jian Huang

Sorcery (2)
2 Banefire
Land (23)
23 Mountain
Tribal instant (2)
2 Tarfire
60 Cards

Tsuyoshi Ikeda

Toru Inoue

Hikaru Izumi

Taisuke Ishii