Deck Tech: Infect with Francesco Hugony

Posted in Event Coverage on February 10, 2011

By Tim Willoughby

All weekend, there has been one Standard deck that, whenever I am looking to be entertained, I track down for some casual railbirding. Francesco Hugony had a slightly ropey time on day one in Standard, but pulled things out in draft to continue to Day 2. This was happy news for me, as it meant that I got to see more of his risky, risky infect deck in action. Eschewing black cards for red ones, this deck can explosively deal the full ten poison in one big swing, and uses red spells simply to burn a path. Check it out.

Standard – Pro Tour Paris 2011

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The plan is simple: Attack with infect monster, pump it for lethal. There are some neat card choices in there for doing just that. The addition of Inkmoth Nexus is a real boon to the deck, as a hard to remove flyer, but even if the land has not been drawn, Canopy Cover does a fine job of making any infect creature very hard to deal with. This deck is capable of some of the most explosive turns around, and it seems that every time I walk past him, Hugony is busy casting a flurry of pump spells following a declaration of no blocks from his opponent. If you are looking for a fun build that is a little bit different, then you could do a lot worse than getting down with the sickness.

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