Decklists: Complete Decklists L-S

Posted in Event Coverage on March 5, 2006

By Event Coverage Staff

Pro Tour-Honolulu decklists: A-D | E-K | L-S | T-Z

Editor's note: Many of the 'S' decklists were accidentally discarded after the event before they could be typed up. We apologize for the missing data.

Alessandro Longo - Endless Refiller

Timothy Lui - Ghostwhat

Taylor Laehn - Zoo

Simeon Lajoie - Junk

Tom LaPille - The Game

Lance Loden

Benjamin Lundquist

Lucien Longlais

Mathieu LeMontagner

Vincent Lemoine - Dame Blanche

Lari Lemmetyinen - Vitu-Malin Top-Ghazi

Ding Yuan Leong - White Black Ghost

Eugene Levin

Raphael Levy - Owling mine

Joshua A Lewis