Decklists: Complete Decklists M-S

Posted in Event Coverage on October 30, 2005

By Event Coverage Staff

Pro Tour-Los Angeles decklists: A-F | G-L | M-S | T-Z

Thanks to Rune Horvik for the decklists.

Rogier Maaten

Antti Malin

Ernie Marchesano

Quentin Martin

Brett McCleaf

Chris McDaniel

Graeme McIntyre

Fried Meulders

Pierre-Christophe Mondon

Kyle Monson

Kyle Montgomery

Justin Morcate

William Moreno

Katsuhiro Mori

Creature (1)
1 Eternal Dragon
Artifact (7)
4 Isochron Scepter 3 Chrome Mox
Other (4)
1 Mokokoro, Center of the Sea 3 Fire/Ice
60 Cards