Draft 1: Ben Rubin

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By Josh Bennett

"How can you not pick Ben Rubin to win Masters? It's all he does!"

Overheard during a discussion of best bets for a Masters win this weekend, Rubin's recent finishes warrant that description. They don't call him "Superman" just because he likes the shirts.

Cracking the first pack, Rubin wasted no time taking Syncopate over Werebear. However, his hopes to go blue were diminished when the second pack had no blue cards whatsoever. Ghastly Demise was clearly the best card, and he took that.

Pack three was a possible turning point. Faced with AEther Burst, Nomad Decoy and Morbid Hunger, Rubin chose to commit fully to black and take the Hunger. When black cards were absent from the next pack, he stuck to the black-blue plan, taking Aven Fisher over Syncopate and Second Thoughts. He then got Scrivener, spurning Skeletal Scrying. He scored a Kirtar's Desire late in the pack, but it didn't convince him to draft white over blue or black. Things rounded out with Crypt Creeper and Skull Fracture.

Pack two was fairly straightforward. Rubin began with Morbid Hunger over Aven Smokeweaver, then got passed the backbreaking Mortivore. Then came Dusk Imp over Dirty Wererat. Surprisingly, Rubin chose Diabolic Tutor over Dreamwinder, sacrificing some early game. The late-game trend continued with back-to-back Whispering Shades and another Morbid Hunger. Peek and Filthy Cur came late as token early-game cards.

Pack three started off with Aven Windreader from a thin pack. The next offered more of a decision: Ghastly Demise, Repel or Psychatog. Rubin chose the Demise. He remained unable to take white cards like Hallowed Healer and Embolden when faced with black options like Patriarch's Desire and Skeletal Scrying. A pair of Dusk Imps wrapped things up.

When asked how he felt about his draft, Rubin was unsure. "I haven't really drafted this color combination", admitted Rubin. Constructing next to him, Kai Budde was shocked. The logical next question was how much practice he had put in. The answer stunned the Player of the Year further: "Four, maybe five drafts." Budde offered to introduce him to NetDraft.

Between relative inexperience and an unexciting draft, Rubin was not happy with his chances.

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