Draft 1 Card Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on February 17, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Acorn Harvest61.19%
Ambassador Laquatus20.40%
Angel of Retribution10.20%
Anurid Scavenger40.80%
Arrogant Wurm50.99%
Balshan Collaborator30.60%
Balthor the Stout10.20%
Barbarian Outcast81.59%
Basking Rootwalla112.19%
Boneshard Slasher20.40%
Cabal Surgeon10.20%
Cabal Torturer132.58%
Carrion Rats40.80%
Carrion Wurm50.99%
Centaur Chieftain40.80%
Centaur Veteran20.40%
Cephalid Aristocrat30.60%
Cephalid Illusionist20.40%
Cephalid Sage30.60%
Chainer, Dementia Master10.20%
Chainer's Edict50.99%
Churning Eddy112.19%
Circular Logic30.60%
Coral Net20.40%
Crackling Club50.99%
Crippling Fatigue101.99%
Deep Analysis112.19%
Devastating Dreams10.20%
Enslaved Dwarf10.20%
Faceless Butcher112.19%
Far Wanderings40.80%
Fiery Temper132.58%
Flaming Gambit10.20%
Flash of Defiance10.20%
Floating Shield91.79%
Ghostly Wings112.19%
Grim Lavamancer20.40%
Grotesque Hybrid30.60%
Hell-Bent Raider20.40%
Hydromorph Guardian142.78%
Hydromorph Gull40.80%
Kamahl's Sledge10.20%
Krosan Constrictor91.79%
Krosan Restorer122.39%
Laquatus's Champion10.20%
Longhorn Firebeast71.39%
Major Teroh20.40%
Mesmeric Fiend112.19%
Militant Monk122.39%
Mind Sludge10.20%
Mystic Familiar101.99%
Nantuko Blightcutter10.20%
Nantuko Calmer112.19%
Nantuko Cultivator10.20%
Nantuko Shade10.20%
Nostalgic Dreams10.20%
Obsessive Search61.19%
Organ Grinder132.58%
Pardic Arsonist30.60%
Pardic Collaborator50.99%
Pardic Lancer81.59%
Pay No Heed30.60%
Pitchstone Wall10.20%
Possessed Aven10.20%
Possessed Barbarian20.40%
Possessed Centaur20.40%
Possessed Nomad10.20%
Putrid Imp40.80%
Rancid Earth10.20%
Reborn Hero10.20%
Restless Dreams50.99%
Seton's Scout30.60%
Shade's Form30.60%
Shambling Swarm10.20%
Sickening Dreams20.40%
Skywing Aven122.39%
Slithery Stalker10.20%
Sonic Seizure101.99%
Soul Scourge132.58%
Spirit Flare30.60%
Stern Judge30.60%
Strength of Isolation40.80%
Strength of Lunacy10.20%
Stupefying Touch30.60%
Tainted Field10.20%
Tainted Isle30.60%
Tainted Peak40.80%
Tainted Wood20.40%
Temporary Insanity40.80%
Teroh's Faithful112.19%
Teroh's Vanguard20.40%
Turbulent Dreams10.20%
Vengeful Dreams20.40%
Violent Eruption40.80%
Waste Away91.79%
Zombie Trailblazer20.40%

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