Draft 1 Color Breakdown

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By Adrian Sullivan

In Invasion-Invasion-Planeshift draft, two-color and three-color decks ruled the day, with almost no one going to five-color decks, and players generally split between two and three color combinations. Not so with Apocalypse in the mix. Not a single player attempted a two color deck, and four- and five-color Green was easily the most-drafted deck of the day, with almost a full quarter of the competitors playing the rainbow.

This shift towards multi-colored play is quite logical, with Invasion and Planeshift rewarding "allied" color strategies and Apocalypse rewarding "enemy" colors, most strong decks by default have to be three colors if they are to be competitive. The suprising numbers of four- and five-color Green can be explained by a combination of factors. There are probably some players who are simply drafting for a multi-color green strategy. After that, many players playing Green already have access to color fixers like Harrow or Lay of the Land, and when opening a hugely powerful card, may find that splashing in the fourth or even the fifth color isn't such a bad move. These inadvertent drafters are rewarded later on by the abundant color fixers available to them.

Black/Blue strategies were the next most common, with 33 competitors playing some version of the color combination (not counting the 4-color and 5-color strategies). Black and Blue decks ranged the gamut of traditional fully allied strategies, to the Apocalypse inspired "enemy" Green/Black/Blue. For all of these decks, the largely powerful Gold spells are the key, with Black and Blue having some of the strongest Gold cards.

Interestingly, the most popular three color strategies were all "allied" strategies. "Enemy" strategies, like Red/Blue/White, were less than half as popular with only 21 players adopting it. Whether these color combinations are less powerful, or merely less popular is something that is debated by drafters, but attentive drafters for the second draft may do well by going after these undedrafted strategies.

4cG and 5cG - 21
Red/Black/Blue - 14
Green/Black/Red - 12
Blue/Black/White - 12
Green/Blue/White - 9
Green/Red/White - 7
Blue/Red/White - 7*
Green/Blue/Black - 7*
Red/Black/White - 6*
Green/Blue/Red - 1*

4-5 Colors - 21
"Allied" Colors - 54
"Enemy Colors - 21

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