Draft 1 Color Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2002

By Ben Bleiweiss

If ever the impact of Torment was felt on limited play, it was here in Nice. A whopping 60% of all players used black cards in their decks—meaning that at any given table, an average of five players were using the color! On the flip side, barely over 100 players out of a field of 331 were using white cards. Moreover, the ONLY color combination not played during the first draft was Green/White.

Here are the decks that were played during the first draft, with all percentages rounded off to the nearest tenth of a percent. There were a total of 326 deck lists available (out of 331 competitors)

Black: 196 decks, 60% of all decks.
Blue: 178 decks, 54.6% of all decks.
Green: 159 decks, 48.7% of all decks.
Red: 144 decks, 44.2% of all decks.
White: 108 decks, 33.2% of all decks.

1) G/R-----44 Decks, 13.5%
2) B/U-----35 Decks, 10.7%
3) B/U/W---27 Decks, 8.3%
4) U/W-----26 Decks, 8.0%
4) B/R------26 Decks, 8.0%
6) B/U/G---25 Decks, 7.7%
7) B/G------22 Decks, 6.7%
8) B/G/R---20 Decks, 6.1%
9) B/W-----17 Decks, 5.2%
10) U/G-----14 Decks, 4.3%
11) B/U/R---12 Decks, 3.7%
11) U/G/R---12 Decks, 3.7%
13) U/G/W---10 Decks, 3.1%
14) U/R/W---9 Decks, 2.8%
15) U/R-------7 Decks, 2.1%
16) B/G/W----6 Decks, 1.8%
17) G/R/W---4 Decks, 1.2%
17) B/R/W---4 Decks, 1.2%
17) R/W------4 Decks, 1.2%
20) B/U/G/R---1 Deck, 0.3%
20) B/G/R/W---1 Deck, 0.3%

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