Draft 1: Franck Canu

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By Tony Tsai

The Masters Series is where the big money is. With prizes ranging from $25,000 (5-0) to $2,000 (0-1), the pressure is on for 64 of the top limited magic players in the world. Frank Canu is no stranger to winning money via playing the magical cards. With high finishes in Worlds (13th), Tokyo (16th) and New York (Top 8), this French player is looking to add a masters victory to his impressive resume.

Pack 1

Going into the draft Canu wanted to draft G/U. With this in mind, he chose a Squirrel's Nest over other worthy cards such as Syncopate, Springing Tiger, Fire Bolt, and Patriarch's Desire. The next pack offered him a choice between Elephant Ambush, Skeletal Scrying, Patriarch's Desire. Keeping to his plan, he chose the fine elephant maker. The next pack was abysmal with no playable green or blue cards, so Canu took the best card in the pack, an Embolden. The next few picks gave him solid cards for his deck, Muscle Burst, Embolden, and an Aven Archer. A 7th pick Thermal Blast was enough to convince Canu to delve into a third color.

Pack 2

Springing Tiger, Sylvan Might, Nantuko Disciple, or Shelter made this a fine pack indeed. Canu took a while to decide, but eventually settled on the growth on a stick. Not wanting to push his luck, he took a Thermal Blast from the second pack instead of possibly getting another late pick Thermal Blast. The next picks Canu took aggressive creatures such as Patrol Hound, Diligent Farmhand, and Mystic Visionary instead of higher casting cost evasion creatures such as Aven Cloudchaser, and Aven Flock. Canu didn't see much green at all in the second set of packs, but it was just a lack of green cards in general as Chris Benafel who was sitting to his left was playing B/R.


With a choice of Rabid Elephant and Flame Burst, Canu showed his preference for a solid essentially unblockable creature rather then spot removal. He followed that pick with Firebolt, Hollowed Healer, Gallantry, Refresh and Mystic Visionary, and grabbed a potential late game breaker in the form of Ashen Firebeast.

Canu's deck turned out decent, but with no real bombs. Looking at the other decks in the table, he will probably have to settle for just $2000.

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