Draft 1: Johan Sadeghpour (Sweden) and Dominik Hothow (Germany)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Kim Eikefet

Early Sunday morning, the 64 highest finishers from the first day of 2001 Grand Prix Gothenburg were back at the site to draft. Both Johan Sadeghpour from Sweden and Dominik Hothow from Germany had 18 points after making it through the first day with 6-1 records. They drafted next to each other, Dominik to Johan's right and thus feeding him twice.

Pack 1

Dominik got several choices when he opened his first pack. He opened an Assault/Battery, a Tribal Flames, a Benalish Trapper and a Trench Wurm. After considering the options for a while, he chose to take the Trench Wurm. Meanwhile, Johan went into black as well. His pack contained both a Reckless Spite and an Agonizing Demise, and he chose to take the Reckless Spite.

When Johan got the second pack though, he didn't have many black options, so he took the Assault/Battery, looking perhaps to go into black and red. Dominik's second pack had a Glimmering Angel, a Tower Drake, a Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer, a Phyrexian Slayer and a Recoil, and Dominik chose the latter, indicating that he wanted to go into blue and black.

Johan took the Slayer from the pack Dominik passed him. Dominik, on the other hand, got a pretty powerful card in his third pack - a Yawgmoth's Agenda. He then passed the remains, including a Zap, a Yavimaya Barbarian and an Obsidian Acolyte to Johan, who chose the Yavimaya Barbarian.

Dominik didn't get passed a lot of blue cards, suggesting that Svend Geertsen to his right was with blue. So when given the choice between a Halam Djinn and a Shoreline Raider, he picked the Djinn, giving Johan a Kavu Scout out of the same pack. Then, he was passed a really green pack that held an Explosive Growth, a Yavimaya Barbarian and a Blurred Mongoose in addition to the Maniacal Rage that Dominik ended up taking. Johan picked up a second Yavimaya Barbarians.

Dominik's following picks were a Nightscape Apprentice, a Crown of Flames, a ninth pick Phyrexian Reaper and, finding nothing in his own colors, he took the Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer out of his tenth pack. Johan first took a Chromatic Sphere, then he scooped up a Harrow, a Cremate, a Llanowar Cavalry and a Yavimaya Kavu. His last picks weren't very exciting, nor were Dominik's. So after the first set of boosters, both players were sort of into black and red while Johan had green in addition while Dominik had a touch of blue.

Pack 2

Johan was to pass to Dominik in the second round of Invasion packs, and he bust open a pack that held a Yavimaya Barbarian, a Scorching Lava, a Phyrexian Slayer and a Phyrexian Infiltrator. Not really into black anymore, he picked the Scorching Lava to add some removal to his deck. Dominik's first pack held a Pouncing Kavu, a Recoil and a Thornscape Apprentice, and he chose the Pouncing Kavu. He then got the Slayer out of Johan's first pack.

Johan then got the choice between a Power Armor and a Kavu Climber. The pack also held a Duskwalker and a Faerie Squadron. Eventually, the Swede chose the Power Armor, giving Dominik a Duskwalker. His next pack was really strong though. Johan sighed when he saw both a Kavu Titan and a Breath of Darigaaz. Not really sure which one to choose, he finally settled on the Kavu Titan. ("I had a lot of small creatures, so I thought maybe the Titan would be better") His choice made Dominik happy as well as he could scoop up the Breath of Darigaaz, passing on a Soul Burn and a Kavu Aggressor.

Johan's picks in the second round of boosters were generally pretty good. He picked up another Assault/Battery, an Urborg Phantom and a Serpentine Kavu. He also scooped up some red Kavus, a Savage Offensive before eventually getting a eleventh pick Nomadic Elf and a twelfth pick Aggressive Urge. Dominik's good cards dried up pretty early though. The German got a Shivan Zombie and a Zap, but other than that, his picks were rather weak.

Both players had gone deeper into red after the last Invasion packs. Dominik had tried to pursue his black as well, although he was very unlucky with the second round of boosters. On the other hand, Johan's choice of green had given him many good picks, also late ones. With removal, good creatures and good spells, things looked good for him going into the last round of boosters.

Pack 3

The Swede's luck seemed to continue. He opened a Flametongue Kavu, and happily picked it. Dominik's first Planeshift pack held a Thornscape Familiar, a Crosis's Charm, a Stormscape Battlemage and Phyrexian Bloodstock. The German thought for a long while before picking the Charm. He was then passed a rather weak second pack. It held a Cavern Harpy, a Slay, a Sinister Strength and a Morgue Toad in his colors, and Dominik sighed and picked the Sinister Strength.

Dominik's third pack wasn't much better. A Singe and a Slingshot Goblin were the only decent cards in his colors, while the pack contained a Hobble and a Confound as well. Dominik went for a Slingshot Goblin. Meanwhile, Johan had picked up a second pick Thornscape Familiar and a third pick Hunting Drake - an off-color pick, but there was nothing much for him in the third pack.

Dominik's bad luck continued. His fourth pack held a Singe, a Fleetfoot Panther, a Gainsay and a Morgue Toad, and Dominik picked the Toad and then a fifth pick Singe before finally getting a somewhat decent card - a sixth pick Caldera Kavu. Johan's picks weren't really that amazing either, but still better than Dominik's. The Swede took a third pick Planeswalker's Scorn, a fourth pick Fleetfoot Panther and a fourth pick Root Greevil.

The good cards didn't really dry up for Dominik - they simply weren't there at all. His seventh pick was a totally off-color Amphibious Kavu, and the rest of the picks were a couple of weenies and nothing very useful. Johan got a Slingshot Goblin, a Thornscape Familiar, a Singe and a Hull Breach that could find their way into his deck at some point.

Dominik basically got really screwed in the first draft. Except from a Breath of Darigaaz, his picks were nothing spectacular. With generally weak cards in the deck, Dominik's Yawgmoth's Agenda will lose its value as well. "I got bad first picks, and both my neighbors were playing my colors. I asked Svend about his color preferences, and he said green/white, so I wanted a black first pick. Then I was passed a third pick Agenda, and that was quite a sign. But Svend had taken an Annihilate over it," Dominik says. 'Bye bye, 0-3', the German thought when nothing came to him. He ended up with a deck with only a Crosis's Charm for removal and got crushed in the first round by Alex Shvartsman. "I saw the other decks, and I may win one match. But I'm really disappointed," he admits.

Johan, on the other hand, got a solid base out of the two Invasion packs and was less hurt by Planeshift. Familiars and the amazing Flametongue Kavu were good additions to his beatdown deck that in the end turned out to be pretty strong with removal, good creatures and solid spells. "The draft went okay. I took a black first pick, but then I didn't get any more black so I went into green and red. There couldn't have been a lot of green drafters because I got a lot of good cards," Johan smiles. The Umeå player was happy with the deck he ended up with, and he beat Svend Geertsen in the first match. "Maybe I'll win one more match, or if I have really good draws I might win two," he grins.

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