Draft 1: Mattias Jorstedt

Posted in Event Coverage on March 5, 2002

By Roger Dane

So the rumoured metagame choice is to draft white as it's not a popular choice in this format. But would the cards be kind to Matthias Jorstedt?

When you open your first booster it's always nice to have some quality picks in a variety of colours to give you some choice and opening Shower of Coals, Cephalid Looter, Wild Mongrel and Mystic Zealot certainly gives you that. Shower of Coals is the obvious bomb so that was chosen and followed by a Halberdier over Divine Sacrament in an attempt to cut off red and set up the future picks.

Aven Flock, Embolden, Patrol Hound, Flame Burst, Aven Archer seemed to solidify the deck and firmly place the Swede in R/W. Unbeknownst to him Sigurd Eskelund to his right was slowly drifting into white as well because his early attempts to go blue were being cut off and a seventh pick Hallowed Healer is a fair indication that there's no white being drafted to your right. Ember Beast, Thaumatog, Mad Dog and Reckless Charge were Jorstedt's only other significant picks in this booster.

For booster two Jorstedt was being fed by Gabriel Nassif whose deck ended up being W/U. The first pack gave a choice between Kirtar's Wrath and Beloved Chaplain and once again the Swede opted for the first card bomb as global resets are almost never a bad pick. The fact that there were no good white or red cards in the second pack led to a spite draft of Patriarch's Desire but the next four picks of Flame Burst, Pardic Firecat, Shelter, Reckless Charge and Barbarian Ring added to the quality of the deck. The only pick that required serious thought was the Shelter as the developing deck was looking a little light on creatures at this point and so passing a Halberdier and Aven Cloudchaser had to be considered carefully.

Opening the Torment pack there were no playable white cards to be seen which is no real surprise as white is generally considered to be the weakest colour in the set and so a first pick Fiery Temper (the madness Lightning Bolt) upped the direct damage quotient. Pack two revealed a Gurzigost and a Longhorn Firebeast. Jorstedt told me later that he really doesn't like the Firebeast as he considers it to be merely a Volcanic Hammer and so he drafted the Gurzigost to give him the option of a splash of green for a late game fatty. Balthor the Stout was chosen over another Longhorn Firebeast and the Hell Bent Raider but the good cards really dried up at that point with Flash of Defiance and Militant Monk being the only other picks that made the deck.

In building the deck the Swede produced an initial layout of playable spells giving quite a smooth mana curve but with only eleven creatures and nine spells. There was much agonizing over whether to bring in more substandard creatures or just go with the large amount of removal and he finally ended up with twelve spells and eleven creatures.

It seems that more than one person had the idea of drafting white as Jorstedt was unlucky enough to end up sitting in between two U/W drafters meaning he just didn't get the creatures he needed. It remains to be see whether he can make the deck work for him and extend the good performance he has put up so far.

Matthias Jorstedt

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