Draft 1: Miguel Folgado

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Juan Tavira

Miguel Folgado is part of a Spanish family of Magic players: his wife, his son and his daughter play Magic and they are one true play testing team.

This is the first day two for Miguel and he was a bit nervous during the draft, a format not too known to him he said, picks were too fast.

His draft was clearly influenced by opening the first Odyssey booster and finding a Psychatog. He decided to follow the route to success marked by two powerful colors without any splash: black and blue.

Being convinced that winning should be a matter of speed, he tried to catch as many cheap flyers as possible and any number of card drawing cards (that would feed the Atog twice).

From an outside perspective, his draft came out pretty strong, with the drawback of a clearly weak second booster (almost no useful black or blue but white and red). His deck seems to be consistent and he is one of the few players that counts his deck and records each color total. He will not have any deck check problems.

The draft followed this sequence:

First booster:

  1. Psychatog, clearly the first pick and the stamp on the draft
  2. Fledgling Imp
  3. Aven Fisher
  4. Gravedigger (vs. Chamber of Manipulation)
  5. Scrivener (vs. Last Rites)
  6. Cephalid Looter
  7. Seize the Day. Miguel explained that there were no good cards of his colors so he may splash red with a useful card (provided he will play with creatures having evasion abilities), it was also a good pick taking in consideration some counter drafting.
  8. Aboshan Desire
  9. Words of Wisdom
  10. Zombie Cannibal
  11. Patrol Hound
  12. Rites of Spring
  13. Mind Burst
  14. Overeager Apprentice
  15. Laquatus’s Creativity

Second booster:

  1. Dusk Imp
  2. Afflict
  3. Careful Study, still no favorable blue or black coming
  4. Frightcrawler
  5. Frightcrawler (vs. Escape Artist)
  6. Deluge
  7. Dusk Imp
  8. Sadistic Hypnotist
  9. Aboshan’s Desire
  10. Travelling Plague
  11. Anarchist
  12. Animal Boneyard
  13. Burning Sands
  14. Woodland Druid
  15. Nefarious Lich

Third booster:

  1. Ghostly Wings
  2. Faceless Butcher (vs. Crippling Fatigue)
  3. Cabal Torturer (vs. Compulsion, Deep Analysis)
  4. Mesmeric Fiend
  5. Obsessive Search
  6. Mind Sludge
  7. Gravegouger
  8. Aquamoeba
  9. Gloomdrifter
  10. Radiate
  11. Obsessive Search
  12. Restless Dreams
  13. Crazed Firecat
  14. Psychotic Haze
  15. Enslaved Dwarf

Final deck:

Miguel Folgado Sr.

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