Draft 1: Noah Boeken (Netherlands) and Mike Pustilnik (USA)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Pete Norris

Grand Prix Porto Day 2 Draft 1 Mike Pustilnik and Noah Boeken

The Pod

  1. Morgan Karlsson (Swe)
  2. David Williams (USA)
  3. Edward Fear (USA)
  4. Paco Llopis (Esp)
  5. Helder Coehlo (Por)
  6. Noah Boeken (Neth)
  7. Mike Pustilnik (USA)
  8. Antoine Ruel (Fra)

Table one of day two included some big names including European Champion, Noah Boeken, as well as Pro Tour regulars Mike Pustilnik, Antoine Ruel and David Williams. Mikey P and Noah were in solid positions, six and seven, and as Pros, would be likely to cooperate throughout the draft in order to ensure good decks.

Being late in the draft, both players were denied power cards for the first 2 boosters, with Noah picking up Jhoval Rider and Orim's cure, while Mikey picked up an Indentured Djinn and a Cateran Persuader. From the third booster Noah solidified white as his primary colour with a Nightwind Glider, while Mikey took a Sever Soul to fix in Black. Noah looked for his second colour in the next booster, taking Drake Hatchling, while Mikey took a Wild Jhoval looking to go Black Red. Noah's Rebel chain improved with a Steadfast guard and Ramosian Lieutenant in the next 2 boosters (He opened the Lieutenant) while Mikey took Cinder Elemental, Thunderclap, Battle Squadron and Lightning Hounds to secure him in Red Black. At the end of booster 1 Mikey P was Red Black, while Noah was solid white with a reasonable option on Blue for his second colour.

The Nemesis boosters started well for both players with Noah picking up a Defiant Falcon, Submerge and Defender en Vec in boosters 1-3 while Mikey managed to draft a Seal of Doom and a Rathi Intimidator. Noah's next 2 boosters didn't bring him much in the way of playable cards while Mikey drafted 2 Vicious Hunger. It was at this point when the co-operation between the 2 players faltered when Mikey P drafted a Seal of Cleansing when there were no other choices in his colours. Noah was a little disappointed at this, and made his feelings known with various European gestures. Mikey looked apologetic, but stayed firm in his decision. Noah ended Nemesis with a Wandering Eye and a Topple, while Mikey only managed to take a Spineless Thug and a Flowstone Strike. At the end of the Nemesis boosters (and a great deal of colour swapping, and Ed Fear getting royally screwed by the cards and Llopis Paco), Noah and Mikeys' decks both looked strong, but Karlsson's deck looked really good and Helder Coelho's Green Black deck looked like a surprise element to the table.

Noah was able to pick up some solid blue cards early in the Prophecy, with 2 Coastal Hornclaws, a Ribbon Snake and a Stormwatch Eagle in the first 4 boosters. Mikey picked up 2 Bog Gliders (before taking a Windscouter from Noah on the return trip), a Minotaur and a Berserker. Noah finished his draft with some solid tricks including Withdraw and Alexei's Cloak, while Mikey drafted a fourth pick Rhystic Lightning, Fault Riders and opened an Avatar of Woe to complete the draft. Noah's deck looked solid, but not broken, while Mikey's looked like a good Black Red beatdown deck with great removal. Ed Fear pulled his deck from the depths in Prophecy, collecting 10 playable cards to bolster his previously underpowered card pool.

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