Draft 1 Pods

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By Wizards of the Coast

11Rumble, Shawn18
2Mitchell, Andrew18
3Seck, Ben15
4White, James18
5Fuller, Ryan16
6Polin, Justin15
7Naidoo, Deslin18
8Shvartsman, Alex16
21Cloete, Werner15
2Klein, Peter15
3Havenga, Eugene15
4Murray, Charles15
5Wood, John15
6Gerson, Steve15
7Schmitz, Adrian15
8Marais, Ruaan15
31Van Alten, Clint13
2Campbell, Alan13
3Klein, Andrew13
4Geyser, Wynand15
5Lawrence, Tim15
6Patel, Adhil13
7Kruger, Wagner15
8Lunt, Russel15
41Donovan, Michael12
2Fish, Joy13
3Cairns, William12
4Walluschnig, Vassilo13
5Montgomery, Alex12
6Norton, Arne12
7Loubser, Pieter12
8Prinsloo, Theuns12
51Grater, Ross12
2Thompson, Robert12
3Pringle, Roelf12
4Coetzee, Emile12
5Carter, Brandon12
6matthews, simon12
7Georgiades, Byron12
8Cross, Brent12
61Stephens, Andrew12
2Prinsloo, Jaco12
3Axtell, Steve12
4Roopnah, Sanjay12
5Monteith, Andrew12
6Brandt, Konrad12
7Tanchel, Russell12
8Hsiao, Marvin12
71Capraro, Martin12
2Mays, Darryn11
3van Dyk, Grant12
4Patel, Aroon12
5Freestone, Charles12
6Bessinger, Gordon12
7Wentworth, Patrick11
8Magner, Peter12
81Mulder, Michael11
2Hendricks, Amin9
3Neale, Jason10
4Malan, Emeric9
5Chard, Alex11
6Smith, Mike9
7Paravano, Marco10
8Scholtz, Lourens10

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