Draft 1: Russell Barlow

Posted in Event Coverage on October 4, 2003

By Andrew Plinston

The first pack was heavy white with a Spikeshot Goblin, a Slith Ascendant, Skyhunter Cub and a Aether Spellbomb. After the Spikeshot Goblin was first picked and the Cub was picked second, Russell decided that he would fight for white and picked the Slith Ascendant over Aether Spellbomb. The next pack had another Spikeshot Goblin, which Russell grabbed.

Leonin Scimitar
Russell opened up a Solemn Simulacrum, Lightning Greaves and a Leonin Scimitar, Russell picked the scimitar which can make the Spikeshot a little more deadly. The 4th pack also had a Spikeshot Goblin which was first picked, which made it look like Russell was going to have to fight for both white and red. Russell wheeled a Ogre Leadfoot and a Thoughtcast and thought about moving into blue and red.

Russell picked up a Skyhunter Patrol and a Pearl Shard while Tim He, the player on Russell's right moved into White/Blue.

Russell picked a Titanium Golem over an Auriok Transfixer, and then managed to get another leadfoot.

Hematite Golem was picked over another Auriok Transfixer and an Atog. Pyrite Spellbomb was then taken by the player to Russell's left, leaving him a Lightning Greaves.

Grab the Reins
Russell opened up a Grab the Reins, Electrostatic Bolt and a Crystal Shard, after some time thinking he picked the Grab the Reigns. Russell then got a wheel of a Auriok Transfixer and a Titanium Golem.

Russell carried on picking high casting cost creatures getting a Rustmouth Ogre over a Granite Shard.

Russell managed to get a Blinding Beam and then a Shatter managed to make it into his deck after another red mage choose a Vulshok Guantlets over it.

Russell's deck ended up with a large number of high costing cast creatures with 2 Talismans and 1 Copper Myr to help get them out earlier. It has some solid cards but none on the level of the bombs that some of the other players at the table opened. Russell thought that it was worth trying to go white in the hope that Tim would of switched colors. But Tim stuck to white and there were no green cards that made it near Russell that would of made him want to go Red/Green.

Russell Barlow

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