Draft 1: Table 1

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By Andrew Johnson

The top table of the draft not surprisingly contained some familiar faces, including the ever-popular Ben Seck, overseas superstar Alex Shvartsman, local hero Andrew Mitchell, and our charismatic villain Ryan Fuller. After pods were announced the day before, there was some talk of a conspiracy between several players to end Ryan Fuller's tournament, but as the draft progressed, it seemed like this didn't exactly work out as Ryan seemed to end up with one of the better decks at the table.

The four most recognizable players at the table almost immediately settled into two colors. Ryan Fuller kept adding blue and white flyers to his pile, while two to his right The Ben Seck loaded up on black card advantage such as Morbid Hunger and Grave Digger and complimented this with a mass of blue flyers. It also didn't hurt that TBS's fellow drafters refused to stop him from getting two excellent cards while they took unplayable ones. It pays to be popular. Andrew Mitchell was busy putting together an aggressive red/green deck loaded with burn such as Flameburst, Firebolt, Scorching Missile?!, a pair of Blazing Salvos, and a Volley of Boulders that he wind milled into his pile. The only one of the four that seemed a bit wishy washy was Alex Shvartsman, though with good reason. It seemed like he was leaning toward w/g, but well into the first pack, his pile basically only contained good green cards. He decided to keep an eye on blue, but then all of a sudden he was saddled with a pair of Hallowed Healers, which anchored him firmly in white.

As far as the conspiracy to hose Ryan Fuller goes, the person whom he was feeding seemed determined to take a card of whatever color that Ryan took, but Ryan calmly ignored him. It seems like a person cannot hope to be anything but second best in this situation, since he was being fed by Ryan and not the other way around.

The draft shaped up to favor TBS. TBS acquired an excellent assortment of blue-black cards and each of the people at the table contributed to TBS' success. Alex Shvartsman has a pretty good assortment of cards, but his w/g pile doesn't pack much of a punch. The only really unknown factor in the draft was the player two to the left of Ryan Fuller who has a deck full of Firebolts and Anarchists, a synergy that could prove overwhelming. But, I expect TBS to play against Ryan Fuller when both are 2-0, and I expect Ryan to win despite having a slightly worse deck. Of course, with the way Ryan plays, the match could very well end a draw.

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