Draft 1: Table 1 Picks

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast


  Phil Freneau Eric Franz Mike Turian James Davis Matt Linde Ray Tautic Gerard Fabiano Mike McGee
Onslaught Pack 1 Sparksmith Death Pulse Daru Encampment Elvish Warrior Festering Goblin Gratuitous Violence Battlefield Medic Goblin Sledder
  Dispersing Orb Airborne Aid Break Open Demystify Crown of Ascension Grassland Crusader Disruptive Pitmage
Onslaught Pack 2 Spitting Gourna Cruel Revival Akroma's Blessing Wirewood Savage Soulless One Lavamancer's Skill Daru Cavalier Erratic Explosion
Krosan Colossus   Syphon Mind Break Open Demystify Riptide Biologist Aphetto Dredging Threaten
Onslaught Pack 3 Tranquil Thicket Crown of Suspicion Glory Seeker Elvish Warrior Death Pulse Embermage Goblin Screeching Buzzard Choking Tethers
Nosy Goblin Voidmage Prodigy   Taunting Elf Spurred Wolverine Trickery Charm Defensive Maneuvers Dispersing Orb
Onslaught Pack 4 Naturalize Haunted Cadaver Ironfist Crusher Searing Flesh Death Pulse Wave of Indifference Daru Lancer Tranquil Thicket
Elvish Pathcutter Barren Moor Renewed Faith   Crafty Pathmage Goblin Sky Raider Death Match Crown of Ascension
Onslaught Pack 5 Symbiotic Elf Gangrenous Goliath Daru Healer Flamestick Courier Cruel Revival Pinpoint Avalanche Gustcloak Harrier Spitting Gourna
Elvish Pathcutter Festering Goblin Righteous Cause Reckless One   Airborne Aid Crown of Awe Misery Charm
Onslaught Pack 6 Mythic Proportions Spined Basher Mistform Wall Snarling Undorak Venomspout Brackus Lavamancer's Skill Gravel Slinger Mistform Dreamer
Elvish Pathcutter Misery Charm Crown of Awe Skittish Valesk Wirewood Herald   Fever Charm Discombobulate
Onslaught Pack 7 Riptide Biologist Swat Pacifism Crown of Vigor Death Match Sage Aven Death Pulse Erratic Explosion
Defensive Maneuvers Righteous Cause Pearlspear Courier Skirk Prospector Shepherd of Rot Foothill Guide   Syphon Mind
Onslaught Pack 8 Wirewood Elf Swat Glory Seeker Airdrop Condor Crown of Suspicion Backslide Inspirit Snarling Undorak
Ixidor's Will Reminisce False Cure Leery Fogbeast Misery Charm Lay Waste Grassland Crusader  


  Mike McGee Gerard Fabiano Ray Tautic Matt Linde James Davis Mike Turian Eric Franz Phil Freneau
Legions Pack 1 Mistform Seaswift Daru Stinger Skirk Outrider Spectral Sliver Needleshot Gourna Celestial Gatekeeper Sootfeather Flock Totem Speaker
  Mistform Sliver Covert Operative Defiant Elf Goblin Grappler Liege of the Axe Embalmed Brawler Hundroog
Legions Pack 2 Keeneye Aven Daru Stinger Skirk Marauder Infernal Caretaker Goblin Clearcutter Wall of Deceit Goblin Turncoat Flamewave Invoker
Goblin Dynamo   Merchant of Secrets Blood Celebrant Aven Envoy Wall of Hope Brood Sliver Nantuko Vigilante
Legions Pack 3 Riptide Director Cloudreach Cavalry Ridgetop Raptor Crypt Sliver Goblin Clearcutter Wingbeat Warrior Infernal Caretaker Patron of the Wild
Shaleskin Plower Gempalm Avenger   Quick Sliver Goblin Lookout Fugitive Wizard Glintwing Invoker Bloodstoke Howler
Legions Pack 4 Mistform Seaswift Sootfeather Flock Flamewave Invoker Deathmark Prelate Stonewood Invoker Deftblade Elite Withered Wretch Enormous Baloth
Crypt Sliver Lowland tracker Skirk Alarmist   Goblin Lookout Cephalid Pathmage Merchant of Secrets Defiant Elf
Legions Pack 5 Blade Sliver Sunstrike Legionnaire Voidmage Apprentice Hundroog Timberwatch Elf Daru Stinger Gempalm Incinerator Needleshot Gourna
Whipgrass Entangler Lowland tracker Goblin Grappler Daru Sanctifier   Dripping Dead Ward Sliver Fugitive Wizard
Legions Pack 6 Echo Tracer Skinthinner Crested Craghorn Deathmark Prelate Brontetherium Gempalm Avenger Graveborn Muse Timberwatch Elf
Zombie Brute Starlight Invoker Merchant of Secrets Daru Sanctifier Macetail Hystrodon   Dripping Dead Hunter Sliver
Legions Pack 7 Mistform Seaswift Aven Warhawk Flamewave Invoker Embalmed Brawler Krosan Vorine Daru Stinger Spectral Sliver Kilnmouth Dragon
Goblin Grappler Defiant Elf Warped Researcher Sootfeather Flock Stonewood Invoker Covert Operative   Merchant of Secrets
Legions Pack 8 Needleshot Gourna Daru Stinger Voidmage Apprentice Graveborn Muse Brontotherium Lowland Tracker Zombie Brute Timberwatch Elf
Dripping Dead Vile Deacon Fugitive Wizard Hundroog Wirewood Hivemaster Whipgrass Entangler Goblin Grappler  


  Phil Freneau Eric Franz Mike Turian James Davis Matt Linde Ray Tautic Gerard Fabiano Mike McGee
Scourge Pack 1 Torrent of Fire Death's-Head Buzzard Aven Liberator Dragon Fangs Lingering Death Goblin Warchief Silver Knight Dispersal Shield
  Uncontrollable Infestation Gilded Light Sprouting Vines Force Bubble Dragon Breath Wipe Clean Scornful Egotist
Scourge Pack 2 Titanic Bulvox Clutch of Undeath Astral Steel Scattershot Proteus Machine Riptide Survivor Karona, False God Spark Spray
Fierce Empath   Guided Light Dragon Breath Temporal Fissure Dragon Wings Daru Spiritualist Dispersal Shield
Scourge Pack 3 Krosan Drover Dragon Shadow Rush of Knowledge Scattershot Lingering Death Raven Guild Initiate Aven Liberator Mischievous Quanar
Sprouting Vines Unburden   Guilty Conscience Fatal Mutation Goblin Warchief Hindering Touch Karona's Zealot
Scourge Pack 4 Fierce Empath Astral Steel Mistform Warchief Root Elemental Vengeful Dead Coast Watcher Carrion Feeder Mercurial Kite
Rock Jockey Edgewalker Guilty Conscience   Divergent Growth Goblin War Strike Skulltap Goblin Psychopath
Scourge Pack 5 Wirewood Symbiote Riptide Survivor Zealous Inquisitor Krosan Drover Lingering Death Rush of Knowledge Decree of Justice Scattershot
Bonethorn Valesk Mercurial Kite Scornful Egotist Sprouting Vines   Reward the Faithful Skulltap Recuperate
Scourge Pack 6 Forgotten Ancient Vengeful Dead Astral Steel Elvish Aberration Dragon Shadow Raven Guild Initiate Silver Knight Coast Watcher
Rock Jockey Unburden Daru Spiritualist Fierce Empath Woodcloaker   Goblin War Strike Mistform Warchief
Scourge Pack 7 Torrent of Fire Death's-Head Buzzard Dragon Scales Wirewood Guardian Bladewing Thrall Dispersal Shield Twisted Abomination Aphetto Runecaster
Dragon's Breath Dragon Fangs Force Bubble Woodcloaker Wipe Clean Riptide Survivor   Uncontrollable Infestation
Scourge Pack 8 Goblin Brigand Call to the Grave Zealous Inquisitor Alpha Status Proteus Machine Frozen Solid Unburden Zombie Cutthroat
Goblin Warstrike Dragonspeaker Shaman Daru Spiritualist Treetop Scout Woodcloaker Raven Guild Initiate Dragon Shadow  

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