Draft 1: Table 5 Picks

Posted in Event Coverage on August 7, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

  Brian Kibler Steven Wolfman Gerard Fabiano William Jensen Dirk Baberowski Daniel Quintan Brasil Wolfgang Eder Mongkol Tachasukjai
Onslaught Pack 1 Exalted Angel Lightning Rift Smother Shock Foothill Guide Spitting Gourna Battering Craghorn Mistform Wall
  Trickery Charm Defensive Maneuvers Spurred Wolverine Chain of Silence Naturalize Haunted Cadaver Imagecrafter
Onslaught Pack 2 Fallen Cleric Sparksmith Kamahl, Fist of Krosa Goblin Taskmaster Piety Charm Elven Riders Aphetto Dredging Meddle
Defensive Maneuvers   Spurred Wolverine Screaming Seahawk Trickery Charm Wirewood Herald Disruptive Pitmage Goblin Burrows
Onslaught Pack 3 Haunted Cadaver Mistform Wall Soulless One Insurrection Daru Cavalier Battering Craghorn Dirge of Dread Snapping Thragg
Aura Extraction Disruptive Pitmage   Trickery Charm Gustcloak Runner Tranquil Thicket Naturalize Crown of Fury
Onslaught Pack 4 Aphetto Dredging Slipstream Eel Wirewood Elf Lightning Rift Daru Cavalier Erratic Explosion Skirk Commando Mistform Dreamer
Chain of Silence Flamestick Courier Wellwisher   Ixidor's Will Break Open Steely Resolve Treespring Lorian
Onslaught Pack 5 Barren Moor Disciple of Grace Tranquil Thicket Serpentine Basilisk Cabal Archon Erratic Explosion Severed Legion Slipstream Eel
Daru Cavalier Renewed Faith Wirewood Herald Treespring Lorian   Spy Network Spurred Wolverine Aphetto Grifter
Onslaught Pack 6 Festering Goblin Skittish Valesk Barkhide Mauler Elvish Warrior Battlefield Medic Chain of Plasma Swat Mistform Shrieker
Gustcloak Runner Polluted Delta Birchlore Ranger Lay Waste Wretched Anurid   Leery Fogbeast Mistform Mask
Onslaught Pack 7 Swat Slipstream Eel Barkhide Mauler Wirewood Savage Shepherd of Rot Vitality Charm Boneknitter Riptide Entrancer
Piety Charm Dwarven Blastminer Wretched Anurid Wave of Indifference Starlit Sanctum Leery Fogbeast   Gustcloak Runner
Onslaught Pack 8 Screeching Buzzard Battlefield Medic Elvish Warrior Tranquil Thicket Festering Goblin Bloodline Shaman Wretched Anurid Lay Waste
Defensive Maneuvers Airborne Aid Seaside Haven Elvish Guidance Secluded Steppe Convalescent Care Shade's Breath  
  Mongkol Tachasukjai Wolfgang Eder Daniel Quintan Brasil Dirk Baberowski William Jensen Gerard Fabiano Steven Wolfman Brian Kibler
Legions Pack 1 Timberwatch Elf Havoc Demon Needleshot Gourna Smokespew Invoker Berserk Murlodont Glowering Rogon Master of the Veil Daru Sanctifier
  Fugitive Wizard Starlight Invoker Whipgrass Entangler Root Sliver Goblin Turncoat Blade Sliver Gempalm Avenger
Legions Pack 2 Berserk Murlodont Smokespew Invoker Patron of the Wild Swooping Talon Goblin Clearcutter Crypt Sliver Voidmage Apprentice Deftblade Elite
Hundroog   Aven Envoy Lowland Tracker Quick Sliver Cloudreach Cavalry Sunstrike Legionnaire Aven Redeemer
Legions Pack 3 Stonewood Invoker Gempalm Polluter Krosan Vorine Windborn Muse Crested Craghorn Skinthinner Goblin Grappler White Knight
Goblin Lookout Enormous Baloth   Earthblighter Cephalid Pathmage Quick Sliver Hunter Sliver Blood Celebrant
Legions Pack 4 Covert Operative Magma Sliver Patron of the Wild Aven Redeemer Krosan Vorine Embalmed Brawler Keeneye Aven Daru Stinger
Gempalm Sorcerer Warped Researcher Goblin Grappler   Mistform Sliver Defiant Elf Bloodstoke Howler Ward Sliver
Legions Pack 5 Nantuko Vigilante Crested Craghorn Shaleskin Plower Vile Deacon Timberwatch Elf Withered Wretch Echo Tracer Aven Redeemer
Master of the Veil Dark Supplicant Macetail Hystrodon Gempalm Polluter   Goblin Firebug Dermoplasm Plated Sliver
Legions Pack 6 Krosan Vorine Vile Deacon Needleshot Gourna Willbender Goblin Grappler Withered Wretch Goblin Dynamo Whipgrass Entangler
Wall of Hope ? Voidmage Apprentice Glintwing Invoker Synapse Sliver   Plated Sliver Blood Celebrant
Legions Pack 7 Timberwatch Elf Crested Craghorn Nantuko Vigilante Vile Deacon Blade Sliver Weaver of Lies Skirk Marauder Skinthinner
Merchant of Secrets Crookclaw Elder Goblin Turncoat Stoic Champion Glintwing Invoker Daru Stinger   Blood Celebrant
Legions Pack 8 Keeneye Aven Embalmed Brawler Branchsnap Lorian Sootfeather Flock Bloodstoke Howler Goblin Outrider Covert Operative Wingbeat Warrior
Goblin Firebug ? Defiant Elf Keeper of the Nine Gales Root Sliver Daru Stinger Goblin Grappler  
  Brian Kibler Steven Wolfman Gerard Fabiano William Jensen Dirk Baberowski Daniel Quintan Brasil Wolfgang Eder Mongkol Tachasukjai
Scourge Pack 1 Twisted Abomination Torrent of Fire Krosan Warchief Sprouting Vines Bladewing's Thrall Coast Watcher Reaping the Graves Riptide Survivor
  Divergent Growth Uncontrolled Infestation Fierce Empath Recuperate Zealous Inquisitor Decree of Annihilation Temporal Fissure
Scourge Pack 2 Silver Knight Chartooth Cougar Lingering Death Spark Spray Dragon Scales ? Clutch of Undeath Frozen Solid
Astral Steel   Misguided Rage Temple of the False God Wipe Clean Pyrostatic Pillar Death-Head Buzzard Stifle
Scourge Pack 3 Zealous Inquisitor Raven Guild Initiate Zombie Cutthroat Ancient Ooze Dragon Shadow Claws of Wirewood Goblin Brigand Frozen Solid
Daru Spiritualist Unburden   Goblin War Strike Rain of Blades Dragon Shadow Treetop Scout Woodcloaker
Scourge Pack 4 Aven Liberator Spark Spray Death's-Head Buzzard Elvish Aberration Lingering Death Primitive Etchings Rush of Knowledge Sprouting Vines
Wipe Clean Scattershot Unburden   ? ? Guided Light Break Asunder
Scourge Pack 5 Dragon Shadow Hindering Touch Fierce Empath Krosan Drover Vengeful Dead Carbonize Rock Jockey Coast Watcher
Guilty Conscience Pyrostatic Pillar Aven Farseer Raven Guild Initiate   Misguided Rage Fatal Mutation Grip of Chaos
Scourge Pack 6 Dragonstalker Torrent of Fire Death's-Head Buzzard Spark Spray Zealous Inquisitor Form of the Dragon Zombie Cutthroat Frozen Solid
One with Nature Coast Watcher Kurgadon Break Asunder Wipe Clean   Misguided Rage Treetop Scout
Scourge Pack 7 Frontline Strategist Chartooth Cougar Clutch of Undeath Alpha Status Reaping the Graves Accelerated Mutation Putrid Raptor Shoreline Ranger
Brain Freeze Hindering Touch Krosan Drover Scornful Egotist Decree of Silence Aven Farseer   Skulltap
Scourge Pack 8 Zombie Cutthroat Frozen Solid Krosan Warchief Wirewood Symbiote Death's-Head Buzzard Aphetto Runecaster Goblin Brigand Ambush Commander
Uncontrolled Infestation Scornful Egotist Astral Steel Dragon Fangs Treetop Scout Treetop Scout Dragon Fangs  

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